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The story of a legend and the revival of the iconic Volkswagen Hippie

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The story of a legend and the revival of the iconic Volkswagen Hippie
The story of a legend and the revival of the iconic Volkswagen Hippie

The car, which can be safely called a symbol of the era, is still of great value to the older generation. As soon as they did not call the "Volkswagen Hippie" for the entire time of its existence, but in history it will forever remain as a car symbolizing freedom, love and travel. However, everything that characterized the hippie subculture. Read about the history of the legendary car in our today's article.


In fact, a car for travelers has quite a real name and model. "Volkswagen Hippie" is called VW Type 2 Transporter. However, his "real name" was rarely called. More often he got the names "bull", "hippie bus" or "van".

The first car models were born in 1950 in Germany. And almost immediately it became clear that Volkswagen had made a huge leap in auto-production. The demand for minivans has been overwhelming. This was also because the Volkswagen Hippie was one of the first such models in the world.

volkswagen bull

The van was distinguished by the ability to transport a large number of people at the same time, up to eight people. At the same time, the dimensions of the Volkswagen were quite compact. A little later, the manufacturer, realizing the excitement that hovered around the new car, began to improve it. A few years later, even more comfortable Volkswagens with removable seats appeared. It was extremely convenient for those who were engaged in transportation.

Car for travelers

The Volkswagen minivan was most liked by people who prefer an active lifestyle and travel. It was they who truly appreciated all the charms of this model. Firstly, the dimensions of the car made it possible to build a house on wheels inside. By removing the rear seats, it was possible to build an impromptu sleeping place. A large number of windows also became a plus for travelers who could observe all the delights of nature and architecture without leaving the car.

travelling by car

Somewhat later, models with camping equipment appeared. As well as models with a folding roof and a tent inside.

Perfect hippie vehicle

What exactly attracted representatives of the hippie subculture in this model, probably, we can not say. However, in addition to its spaciousness and ease of travel,"Volkswagen Hippie" was also not expensive. And this, of course, attracted those segments of the population who preferred to lead a free lifestyle. Free, as you understand, including from work.

sunset by car

Volkswagen cars were painted by hippies in all the colors of the rainbow, depicting bright flowers, a rainbow, butterflies and other positive pictures on it. There was a feeling of some kind of unreality and magic.

Especially if by magic you mean the crazy parties that were held in the Hippie Volkswagen. Young people listened to the rock of that time, fell in love, danced and used drugs. And as a result, at that crazy time, a huge number of babies were born, who now tell the story of the legendary hippies already to their children and grandchildren.

Volkswagen car

End of story

In 1967, the last Volkswagen was produced. This happened because the manufacturers decided to improve the model and released a follower of the "bull" - "Volkswagen T2". But, unfortunately, the new car model had a completely different look than the first vans.

And although production was discontinued, one of the factories in Brazil was engaged in the production of the Volkswagen hippie van until 1975. But this model was no longer supplied to the world market. Over the entire period of production of the T1, about 1.8 million vehicles were produced worldwide.

In the first decades after the end of production, there were those who wanted toto purchase exactly "Volkswagen Hippie".

hippie car

Collectors and just lovers of the first minivan model bought used cars and invested a lot of money in repairs and painting. Unfortunately, every year it becomes more and more difficult to find the famous van in good condition.

The hippie mobile is back

However, to the general joy of connoisseurs of the 50-60s, bulls and the style of hippie culture, the Volkswagen company on its official website made a sensational announcement about the return of the legend. True, as expected, and she has undergone some changes. The most important thing is that the minivan will become electric, the control will be semi-automatic. And the driver's seat will rotate around its axis for the convenience of communicating with those who are sitting behind.

Also, the updated version will surprise you with even more capacity than its predecessor. Appearance will be only slightly different from the usual version of the van. But in general, manufacturers have tried to achieve the maximum similarity of the models.

First cars expected for sale in 2022 (USA, China and Europe). Date of delivery to Russia is unknown. In the meantime, we can only look at the photo of an improved version of the hippie van and imagine that soon he will get to us. Indeed, in Russia there are no fewer connoisseurs of it than anywhere else.

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