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Ford Escort is one of Ford's most popular cars

Ford Escort is one of Ford's most popular cars
Ford Escort is one of Ford's most popular cars

The first Ford Escort went on sale in 1967. It was he who was destined to go down in history as the most popular and best-selling Ford car after the Ford T. The 1st generation Escort was represented only by rear-wheel drive sedans - in four and two-door versions, and was equipped with only two gasoline ICEs of the Kent family:- volume 1, 100 liters, 45 or 39 hp;

- volume 1, 300 liters, 72 or 52 hp

Ford Escort

Super, Deluxe, Standard were offered with Saloon (four seats, two doors) and Estate (four seats, four doors) body styles. There were many sports modifications, which were equipped with more powerful engines up to two liters.In 1975, the Ford Escort was slightly improved, and already in 1976, the second generation of this car went on sale, which differed from the previous one with rectangular headlights. forms.

ford escort rs cosworth

In 1980, the third generation Ford Escort was released, which differed transverselylocated engine and front-wheel drive. Ford specialists did not forget about the station wagon, which had a trunk volume of up to 1200 liters. A year later, the Ford Escort III pickup truck was created and put on sale. These cars were equipped with not only gasoline, but also diesel engines.

In 1982, a sports Ford Escort with a three-door body went on sale. This model was equipped with an injection engine with a volume of 1,600 liters, as well as additional spoilers.

In 1984, a modification of the Ford Escort III RS Turbo was released. And in 1986, the company underwent modernization, as a result of which the 4th generation of the Escort appeared. The main changes affected the bumpers, which became a little wider, the interior and the hood. The sedan version was called "Orion". The range of engines has also changed - gasoline carburetor and gasoline injection engines, as well as diesel engines, were installed on the car. Sports versions continued to be released. Since 1987, cars began to be equipped with a catalytic exhaust gas converter.Production of the fourth generation continued until 1990, then it was replaced by the fifth. Now the car had an updated body and improved engines. On the basis of the fifth generation Escort, a pickup truck, a sedan and a convertible were produced. In 1991, a sports version of the Ford Escort RS2000 appeared with a two-liter engine.

ford escort 1997

The sixth generation of the car was released in 1993. The sedan was significantly updated, and it was no longer called Orion. The modernization almost did not touch the mechanical part. In the same year, Escort came out with a bodycabriolet. But the most powerful modification was the all-wheel drive three-door Ford Escort RS Cosworth, which accelerated to one hundred kilometers per hour in 6.1 seconds.

In 1995, the last generation of the Ford Escort was created. The design of the interior and body was improved, the car acquired smoother features and “inflated” bumpers. The list of standard equipment has been significantly expanded - airbags and power steering, air conditioning, ABS and much more have appeared. The Ford Escort 1997 was equipped with gasoline internal combustion engines with a volume of 1,300 to 1,800 liters, as well as diesel engines with a volume of 1,800 liters. and with a capacity of 90, 70 and 60 hp. In addition to the hatchback, modifications were produced with sedan, pickup, station wagon and convertible bodies.And already in 1998, in connection with the launch of the new Focus model, the production of the Ford Escort began to wane. The creation of new modifications gradually ceased, and in 2000 the last European Ford Escort rolled off the Ford assembly line.

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