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2013 Range Rover: specifications, features and reviews

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2013 Range Rover: specifications, features and reviews
2013 Range Rover: specifications, features and reviews

Many fans of the 2013 Range Rover brand could watch the creation of the car on some blogs and user networks. Officially, the car was presented in the fall in Paris at a special motor show. Consider its features and characteristics.

Range Rover Sport 2013


If we take a closer look at the Range Rover (2013), we can note that the SUV has retained the characteristic qualities for its class. According to the designers, they managed to combine the capabilities of an all-terrain vehicle and maintain the classic differences. At the same time Range Rover 2013 received a combination of high quality and the most lightweight aluminum alloy configuration, which allowed to reduce the weight of the car by 400 kilograms compared to previous versions. Design and handling were not affected.

If you subject the novelty to a thorough examination, it can be noted that the first impression (as often happens) is not always correct. Among the most noticeable differences are the new bumper and enlarged air intakes. Biography (autobiography) Range Rover (2013) is not very open to users in terms of the dimensions of the new modification. However, it appears that the updatedSUV has grown in all respects and received an increased wheelbase.

Exterior features

The 2013 Range Rover's sloping roof and flowing body lines softened the vehicle's typical aggressive appearance, despite the emphasis on the rear window slats. The lowered roof, combined with the original glass, gives a certain resemblance to the Ranger of the sports category. The radiator grille remained virtually unchanged.

Reviews about Range Rover 2013

The lighting technology of the car has been noticeably updated. The headlights have become convex, have a rectangular shape, are equipped with xenon filling complete with LEDs. They are located in ovals and corners along the perimeter of the elements. Rear lights - vertical type, dispersed along the sidewalls. The plumb line is made too high to ensure the best cross-country ability of the vehicle. Additional protection of the bottom is guaranteed by the lower plastic panel.


The exterior of the 2013 Range Rover has undergone a significant update. The interior retains the original, pronounced features of this series, as well as classic luxury. The elegant surfaces are made with perforated white leather and precious wood inserts. Salon can be somewhat compared with the equipment of a cruise yacht. The trim pairs beautifully with the dark steering wheel inserts, while the brown trim on the door panels and console are accentuated by aluminum piping.

Not only the interior equipment has been improved, but also all interior components. Developerspreferred a different configuration for the center and front panel, saved the steering wheel from unnecessary adjustment buttons. On the dashboard, a 12.5-inch LCD screen looks beautiful. It serves to read information about all vehicle systems. At the bottom there is a climate control unit. Gearshift rotary knob copied from the Jaguar XF, located at the bottom center of the console.

2013 Land Rover SUV

2013 Land Rover Equipment

Range Rover is equipped as standard with full power accessories, a 14-speaker sound system, reinforced noise isolation, updated windshields and side windows. Comfort seats in the front row are equipped with adjustment and heating, while the adjustment can be carried out in 10 modes.

The second row of passenger seats has also become more comfortable. A distinctive feature is a pair of rear separate seats with heating, electric drive and ventilation. Passengers will be pleased with the entertainment and information system with two displays. All these innovations are aimed at making the SUV in question the most anticipated novelty of the season.

Equipment Range Rover 2013

Technical parameters

The 2013 Range Rover features new winged metal rear and front suspension components. The weight of the vehicle depends on the configuration. It should be noted that the innovative platform made of aluminum alloy can significantly increase the running parameters of the machine,including agility and dynamics. In addition, this solution saves fuel and creates a reduced level of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The developers decided to choose a course to reduce the mass of produced cars and minimize harmful mining.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2013 received a completely different suspension. Thanks to the latest generation Terrain Response system, driving has become more convenient with automatic assessment of the current road condition, as well as the selection of optimal settings when driving off-road. State-of-the-art air suspension architecture delivers a confident and smooth ride with intuitive controls.

Range Rover price


Several types of engines are offered for the updated SUV. For the North American and European market, the motors are different. In the US, consumers will get a V-shaped power unit with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Theoretically, this engine consumes no more than seven liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

For Europeans, a wider choice of engines is presented. Among them:

  • Six-cylinder petrol versions.
  • V-shaped engines with a volume of 5 liters with 8 cylinders.
  • Turbine diesel units for 4, 4 and 3.0 liters. All of them aggregate with automatic transmission for 8 ranges.

There is also information about the release of the hybrid version of the Range Rover Evoque (2013), which has not yet received much feedback. Presumably this carwill borrow some of the features of the concept car under the “E” index.

Interesting information

The manufacturer is proud to announce that it is ready to export the updated SUV to 160 automotive markets around the world. Specifics regarding the cost has not yet been determined. Given the availability of composite materials and an innovative aluminum platform, the price of a 2013 Range Rover will start at $110,000 (from RUB 6.3 million), experts say. The final figure depends on the sales market and configuration.

History of creation Range Rover 2013

Even the most voluminous photo shoot, along with theory, does not allow you to fully understand all the technical innovations of the car in question. From the manufacturing company, a wide range of users is also provided with a minimum of information. Nevertheless, some conclusions can definitely be drawn from the available information. Firstly, the fourth generation of this SUV has become much lighter than its predecessor thanks to the aluminum frame. Its weight has decreased from 2.58 tons to 2.18. Secondly, the interior filling and lighting elements have completely changed. Also, a maximum of electronics has been introduced and emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere have been reduced.

Range Rover Reviews (2013)

As consumers say, the latest generations of Range Rover SUVs provide a real sense of luxury driving. In the new car, you definitely feel like a respectable person. Also, the owners were pleased with the modern platform and the most complete “stuffing” of the car with various innovations.

However, not everyone inthe automotive world liked the SUV. A category of these users believes that the manufacturer in the new generation of vehicles is destroying the traditional presentation and style of the Range Rover brand. Judging from the outside, the company's designers were simply forced to create such a vehicle, given the huge competition in the relevant market. Experts believe that users who are dissatisfied with the updated model will soon change their minds in a positive direction.

New Range Rover


Land (Range) Rover engineers have spent a lot of time and effort to create not just an updated SUV, but a completely new modification. The car has a high cross-country ability, is equipped with all-wheel drive, an aluminum frame. Torque transmission is provided by a two-speed transfer case. Locking rear differential with the ability to switch between low and high mode at speeds up to 60 km / h is another feature of the car in question.

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