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Chevrolet Silverado: review, specifications, reviews

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Chevrolet Silverado: review, specifications, reviews
Chevrolet Silverado: review, specifications, reviews

At the next motor show, Chevrolet managed to surprise the venerable audience by presenting a new Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. Exactly a century has passed since the release of the first truck by the concern: the first Chevrolet pickup truck was assembled in 1918.

The new version of the Silverado pickup almost immediately set the course for the next Chevy Trucks century with full-size truck functionality with reduced weight, increased performance, a rich powertrain lineup and a wide range of interior trims, as will be discussed in the Chevrolet Silverado review.

chevrolet silverado
chevrolet silverado


Chevrolet Silverado has been redesigned with a longer wheelbase, increased payload capacity, more seating capacity and 40kg less weight due to a clever material strategy.

The new Silverado will go into series production in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which will be North America's largest J. D. Power and Associates.

Representatives of the auto concern note thatsignificantly worked on the new Chevrolet Silverado, making it much better than the previous model. The updated version of the pickup truck received a stylish and modern body design, which is emphasized by an upgraded grille and three-level LED headlights.

new pickup chevrolet silverado
new pickup chevrolet silverado


Reviews left by motorists on the Chevrolet Silverado prompted the company's designers to develop a new pickup interior. Since trucks are used both for transporting goods and for transporting people, the main tasks of the company were to create comfortable and comfortable seats, free up interior space and place ergonomic and functional vehicle controls. In this regard, it was decided to expand the cabin by 8 centimeters and add 113 centimeters of free space in the back row.

Behind the backs of the second row seats there are special trays for storing small items and a large tray with a volume of 24 liters for storing larger items. Interior surfaces were designed to be as ergonomic and comfortable to use as possible. The changes even affected the luxurious High Country pickup truck.

Chevrolet Silverado has been restyled to provide Wi-Fi connectivity, Android Auto, Apple Car, OnStar security features and wireless charging for mobile devices. Next year, the company plans to significantly improve these systems with security features and additionaloptions to be shown at the end of 2018.

chevrolet silverado reviews
chevrolet silverado reviews

Pickup dimensions

Chevrolet Silverado body length increased by 41 millimeters, wheelbase - by 100 millimeters. Despite the fact that the dimensions of the car have increased, the designers managed to reduce its weight by 40 kilograms due to the use of high-quality aluminum in the creation of doors, hood and tailgate.

The new suspension is highly efficient and reliable, thanks to the use of a variety of advanced materials.

Chevrolet has completely redesigned the active axle rear suspension with new second-generation carbon composite springs. They allow you to save about 5 kilograms on each side.

chevrolet silverado test drive
chevrolet silverado test drive

Chevrolet Silverado specifications

Silverado's engine line-up includes six powertrains with improved efficiency, performance and economy to meet customer needs. The range of engines includes new 5.3 and 6.2 liter V8 engines equipped with Dynamic FM, which disables the required number of cylinders in different combinations depending on the optimization of fuel consumption and the needs of a particular situation. This technology is the first to be used in the industry and allows you to increase the power of the car if necessary, while differing in good efficiency. Dynamic FM performance has been verifiedcar critics and specialists during a test drive of the Chevrolet Silverado, where it showed all its functionality and available options for reducing fuel consumption.

Also, the pickup will be equipped with a completely new Duramax 3.0L inline-six turbodiesel engine. The Chevrolet concern initially offered a wide range of diesel powertrains of any models and segments: Cruze, Colorado, Equinox, Express, Silverado HD, Silverado 1500 and others. All engines offered are equipped with a 10-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission.

Pickup prices

The new version of the Chevrolet Silverado in the North American market will have a minimum cost of 28 thousand dollars (1.59 million rubles). The price of the 2019 generation is not yet known, but it is assumed that the estimated cost will be over 30 thousand dollars (1.7 million rubles). The final price set by official dealers will vary depending on the selected engine and specific configuration.

chevrolet silverado specifications
chevrolet silverado specifications

Silverado packages

The basic version of the pickup is equipped with airbags, ABS, parking sensors, blind spot monitoring and other useful options. For an additional fee, you can equip the Chevrolet Silverado with an eight-inch touchscreen multimedia complex, navigation system, satellite radio and Bluetooth support.

The manufacturer also offers exclusive options: active safety seats, collision warning system, automaticnotification of rescue services in case of an emergency. The top-of-the-line Chevrolet Silverado will feature a bull-shaped logo on the grille.

Pickup Benefits

  • A range of powerful and dynamic engines.
  • Multifunctionality and high level of installed equipment.
  • Plenty of torque.
  • A huge amount of free space in the cabin.
  • High quality build.
  • Good reliability of individual units and assemblies.

Chevrolet Disadvantages

  • Fuel consumption too high.
  • Quite stiff suspension.
  • No official dealer in Russia.
  • Braking automatic transmission.
  • High price.
chevrolet silverado review
chevrolet silverado review

Date of entering the domestic market

The past premiere became a kind of springboard for the Chevrolet auto concern, which made it possible to track the reaction of potential buyers and main competitors. The serial assembly of the Chevrolet Silverado will most likely start by the fall of 2018, and the pickup truck will be on sale at dealers by October-November. The approximate cost of the new model will be 28 thousand dollars (1.59 million rubles). Only one plant, located in Fort Wayne, will be producing the car, while the remaining assembly plants of the automaker will continue to produce the previous version of pickups until demand drops.

Wait for the Chevrolet Silverado in the assortment of Russian dealers is still not worth it, howeverthe new generation of a pickup truck is very interesting and attractive to the domestic consumer. This is explained by the fact that the new platform that debuted on this car will later migrate to the popular Chevrolet Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade in the Russian car market, and therefore it can be reasonably expected that in the next few years new versions of these cars will appear, which so loved by most motorists.

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