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Aral, engine oil: characteristics, analogues and reviews
Aral, engine oil: characteristics, analogues and reviews

The service life of the power plant depends on the choice of engine oil. High-quality lubricant can not only push back the date of the overhaul, but also significantly reduce fuel consumption. Aral oils are very popular among drivers. What are their benefits?

A little about the brand

Aral is unique in many ways. It is one of the oldest manufacturers of automotive chemicals in Germany. Over its centuries-old history, the company has managed to prove its superiority over its competitors. For example, it was this brand that released the first fully synthetic motor oil in the world in 1939. According to opinion polls, about 90% of German motorists completely trust this company.

oil High Tronic SAE 5w-40

Now the company belongs to the BP concern. But this in no way affected the quality of the product. Aral oils are produced in just two factories. One of them is located in Salzburg, the other in Hamburg. The brand does not sell licenses to other companies.

BP brand logo

Another fact is also unique. The point is that the companythere is no separate production for export products. All ingredients are the same in terms of quality. At the same time, only certain types of lubricants are manufactured at one plant. That is, the probability of getting into the sale of marriage due to the notorious human factor is excluded in this case as well.

Lubricants of this brand are recommended for warranty and post-warranty service by major European and Asian car manufacturers. This fact alone speaks volumes.


Aral engine oil

The brand has focused exclusively on the production of synthetic motor oils. In this case, various hydrocarbon hydrocracking products are used as a base. Additionally, various chemical additives are used in Aral motor oils. They allow you to expand the area of ​​​​use of lubricants, reduce the load that is carried out on the moving parts of the power plant. The only disadvantage of synthetic oils is their price. A quality compound costs significantly more than a mineral or semi-synthetic lubricant.

For the ordeal

One of the main criteria for engine oil is its viscosity. The American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has proposed its own classification of lubricants based on viscosity parameters.

frozen car

Aral 5W30 oil is an all-weather oil. It can be used on new power plants. In this case, the composition is pumped at a temperatureat -35 degrees Celsius, and a completely safe engine start can be carried out at -25 degrees. The composition will not withstand more severe tests. The oil will thicken. The battery power is not enough for the first rotation of the crankshaft. At the same time, the required viscosity of Aral 5W 30 oils is maintained up to a temperature of +35 degrees. This lubricant is excellent for machines operating in cold winters and hot summers.

It was possible to achieve the desired flow rates with the help of viscosity additives. They are ordinary polymer macromolecules that coil as the temperature drops and unfold as the temperature rises. It is thanks to this that the viscosity is adjusted.

Polymer macromolecules

For milder winters

In regions where winter temperatures do not drop below -25 degrees Celsius, it is better to use Aral 10W 40 engine oil. With these thermometer readings, oil can be pumped through the system, while starting is safe at -20 degrees.

What to choose in the end

Many motorists are wondering what type of oil to choose in the end. The fact is that in this case it is necessary to look not only at the climatic conditions of the region, but also at the age of the engine. During operation, the motor parts wear out, the gap between them increases. Highly fluid 5W30 oils can no longer create a reliable film on the surface of the units. It's just not strong enough for large gaps. Therefore, in such cases it is better to use more viscousformulations. This reduces the risk of burning, as it eliminates the possibility of oil entering the combustion chamber of the engine.

About fuel economy and engine power

In reviews of Aral engine oils, many motorists note that these types of auto chemicals can increase engine power and reduce fuel consumption. This can be achieved thanks to detergent additives. Gasoline and diesel fuel contain sulfur compounds. When burned, they form ash, which can settle on the walls of the engine. As a result, the volume of the combustion chamber decreases, part of the fuel is discharged into the exhaust system. The reduction in the effective dimensions of the chamber also negatively affects the power of the power plant. To remove carbon deposits, various compounds of alkaline earth metals with organic acids are used. For example, calcium and magnesium s alts are actively used.

Polyesters also allow to increase the dispersion of solid particles. In this case, the principle of operation is slightly different. The charged part of the molecule sticks to the suspension, and the hydrocarbon radical keeps it in solution, preventing precipitation. In reviews of Aral oils, drivers also note the fact that these compounds allow you to get rid of noise and increased vibration of the motor.

Oil life

Engine oil is exposed to atmospheric oxygen radicals, unstable peroxides and high temperatures. As a result, the chemical composition of the lubricant may change. Naturally, this adversely affects the protection of the engine. To capture air oxygen radicals and prevent the oxidation of other componentslubricants use phenols and amines. These connections allow you to extend the final replacement interval. For example, Aral oils are able to withstand even 14 thousand kilometers in harsh operating conditions (constant starts and stops of the car).

Friction protection

Synthetic engine oil provides better protection of engine components from friction. In this case, special anti-wear additives are introduced into the composition. They prevent the formation of scoring on the metal surface of the parts of the power plant. Aral chemists use compounds of sulfur, halogens and zinc as antiwear additives.

Corrosion protection

Aral oils help reduce corrosion damage to metal engine parts. Protection against oxidation is provided by phosphates and compounds containing bound sulfide sulfur. These substances form the thinnest films on the metal surface, which inhibit further oxidative processes.

Motorists' opinions

Drivers appreciated the performance characteristics of Aral oils. Lubricant reviews of this brand claim that the lubricant reduces engine noise, prevents jamming, and facilitates cold starting of the engine.

car engine

At the same time, the oils of the presented brand are suitable for both gasoline and diesel power plants.

What to replace

The only problem with this brand oils is the price. The fact is that the compositions are produced only in Germany, so they are very, very expensive. As alternatives are Castrol and Mobil oils. The only thing to consider when choosing is the viscosity and nature of the product. For example, it is impossible to add oil of a different viscosity class to the engine in any case. It is highly discouraged to mix compositions of different nature, for example, synthetics with semi-synthetics.

oil bottles

How to choose

The high cost of Aral oils and their popularity in Europe played a cruel joke on the manufacturer. The fact is that lubricants from this brand have often been counterfeited in the CIS. Only the attentiveness of the motorist will eliminate the risks of acquiring counterfeit goods. For example, it is mandatory to request from the seller certificates of conformity of the lubricant. It is advisable to analyze the packaging in which the oil is sold.

All compositions of the Aral brand are produced in plastic containers. The stitching is even. The packaging has a special protective hologram.

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