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Jeep "Mercedes CLS": photos, specifications, reviews

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Jeep "Mercedes CLS": photos, specifications, reviews
Jeep "Mercedes CLS": photos, specifications, reviews

At the end of November 2017, an auto show was held in Los Angeles, where the Mercedes-Benz concern introduced the third generation of the Mercedes CLS. The new version of the car has completely changed externally, received a revised technical component and a completely new interior.

Mercedes CLS side view


Mercedes-Benz designers are raving about the look of the new model, giving the exterior the most flattering compliments, well deserved, however: the updated version looks really chic even in the photo.

The Mercedes CLS lost its muscular wheel arches, which became flatter, making the car similar to the first generation C219. Such a decision can hardly be called frankly bad, however, horizontally oriented headlights, at first glance, are significantly inferior to their teardrop-shaped counterparts on their predecessor.

The triangular head optics of the Mercedes CLS looks very controversial, since the new A-class will soon be equipped with exactly the same one. However, it should be noted right away that the new generation of CLS is incredibly charismatic and gives odds not only to the A-class, but also to the E-class, from which it receivedfront bumper shape.

A wide grille and a stunningly chic interior are the only things that cause frank admiration that car critics managed to express in their reviews of the Mercedes CLS.

mercedes cls


In the photo of the new Mercedes CLS, the incredibly ergonomic arrangement of all indicators and instruments on the instrument panel catches the eye almost immediately. The steering wheel is a multifunctional three-spoke, sporty style.

The central panel is equipped with a large color touch screen multimedia complex with a diagonal of 20.3 centimeters. The interior of the Mercedes CLS was finished with high-quality materials in a silver tone with various decorative inserts.

The front seats have a memory function, a wide range of different adjustments and stepped lumbar support. A folding armrest with two compartments with a special pocket for small items and connectors for connecting mobile devices is located between the front seats. In front of the front passenger is a roomy glove box with a cooling function and a lock.

The folding armrest is also provided for the rear row of seats: it is also equipped with a storage compartment and a cup holder area. In addition, special reading lights are installed for rear passengers. The entire interior of the Mercedes CLS Jeep is equipped with LED lighting with several color options, which also illuminates the space at the feet of passengers. The interior door handles are chrome-plated andown lighting. The equipment and interior design of the car fully correspond to its luxury class.

mercedes cls reviews


The new generation of Mercedes CLS is equipped not only with a large amount of equipment responsible for the comfort of the driver and passengers, but also with security systems. Separately, it is worth noting the Pre-Safe complex, which guarantees additional protection for passengers. The basic version of such a complex includes a special preparation of the passengers' hearing for the noise that occurs during a collision. In the extended specification, when a side collision threatens, the system generates a momentum that pushes the occupants further into the cabin and reduces the risk of serious injury. A similar system is installed on the Mercedes CLS 350 jeep.

Vehicle dimensions

In the stream of cars, the new Mercedes CLS stands out due to its size: body length is 4937 millimeters, width - 1880 millimeters, height - 1410 millimeters. The volume of the luggage compartment is 520 liters. The function of folding the rear seats allows you to increase the volume of the trunk. The fuel tank holds 66 liters of fuel.

mercedes cls specifications

Specifications of the Mercedes CLS

As the generation changed, the car was smoothly transferred to the MRA platform, equipped with a double-lever front suspension and a five-link rear. The wheelbase of the CLS is similar to the E-Class, but the increased overhangs have taken their toll on the overall length, increasing it slightly.

New Mercedes CLS as standardequipped with a classic spring suspension, but for an additional fee it can be replaced with Dynamic Body Control with adaptive dampers (operating in three modes - Comfort, Sport and Sport +) or pneumatic Air Body Control.

The powertrain line-up is represented by six engines, but initially only three of them will be available to customers, each of which will be equipped with a nine-speed automatic transmission and 4MATIC all-wheel drive system. All engines are V4 and in-line V6 diesel and gasoline types. From now on, the Mercedes-Benz concern installs V8 engines only on modifications from AMG.

The CLS 350D and 400D versions are equipped with 2.9-liter V6 diesel engines with 286 and 340 horsepower. Acceleration from zero to hundreds is carried out in 5, 7 and 5 seconds, respectively. The petrol version of the CLS 450 is equipped with an M256 engine with 376 horsepower, coupled with an EQ Boost system. This unit accelerates the car to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds.

The EQ Boost is equipped with a 48-volt starter- alternator powered by a lithium-ion battery. Such a unit allows you to briefly increase power by 22 horsepower. The electric motor assists during starting and braking by recovering energy to recharge its own battery.

In the future, the Mercedes CLS engine range will be expanded to include two-liter four-cylinder engines.

mercedes 350 cls jeep


Manufacturer offers MercedesCLS in several trim levels. The basic version is equipped with LED headlights and taillights. Not without assistance systems in driving cars, three-zone climate control in the cabin and two large displays. The front seats are equipped with electric actuators, making it easy to adjust the seat position. Heated and ventilated seats also make a big difference.

Sensors and systems responsible for the safety of the driver and passengers during the movement, refer to an additional package of options. Only high-quality leather and fine wood inlays are used as upholstery material.

The above powertrains are equipped with a seven-speed TRONIC PLUS transmission and nine-speed TRONIC in the case of the front-wheel drive version of the CLS, the all-wheel drive model will be equipped with a rear cross-wheel locking differential and 4Matic.

mercedes cls jeep

Basic CLS

The following equipment is included in the basic package of the Mercedes CLS:

  • ESP, ABS and ASR systems.
  • Front, window and side airbags.
  • A device that keeps brake discs dry.
  • Tire pressure sensor.
  • Controller for collision avoidance.
  • Satellite navigation system integrated into the multimedia complex.
  • Heated rear window.
  • Parktronic.
  • Wipers with precipitation sensors.
  • Auto adjustment systemheadlights.
  • Electrically heated all seats.
  • Lane control device.

Additional option package

Mercedes-Benz offers the following package of options for the CLS:

  • Air suspension.
  • Blind Spot Controller.
  • Parking aid.
  • Adaptive headlights.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition System.
  • Washer nozzles and electrically heated wipers
  • Remote access to the trunk lid.
  • Power sunblinds on the rear window.
  • Front seat ventilation.
  • Upholstery in two-tone high-quality leather.

Full equipment and option packages will be announced by official Mercedes dealers before the start of accepting orders for the new generation Mercedes CLS.

new mercedes cls photo

Car price

Russian official dealers of Mercedes set the minimum price for the new Mercedes CLS within 4,940,000 rubles for the basic configuration equipped with a diesel engine. For the Sport add-on, you will have to pay 250 thousand rubles. The 400D version with a more powerful engine will cost 5,600,000 rubles.

The cost of a Mercedes with a gasoline power unit starts at 5,650,000 rubles. Official dealers will receive the first cars in the spring of 2018. During the first year of sales, customers will be offered a special modification of the CLS Edition 1 with an exclusive body color, 20-inch wheelswheels, the AMG Line package as standard, special interior trim, LED headlights and IWC analog clock located on the center console.

The new version of the Mercedes CLS will be equipped with Pre-Safe security systems, adaptive cruise control, an innovative function of driving a car within the same lane without driver intervention (however, you need to keep your hands on the steering wheel), preventing accidents when driving through intersections, stopping and starting the car when driving in traffic jams.

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