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Jeep SRT8: description, specifications, photos, reviews

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Jeep SRT8: description, specifications, photos, reviews
Jeep SRT8: description, specifications, photos, reviews

Jeep Cherokee is a rather rare car in Russia. And in general, American cars are not often found in the vastness of our country. Most are afraid to buy them because of the lack of spare parts and expensive maintenance. In addition, Americans do not take measures to make their cars use less fuel. So it happened with the Jeep SRT8. However, this is not just an SUV, but its “charged” modification. It is also rare, but with its appearance it definitely catches the eye and is remembered for a long time. What is the Jeep SRT8? Characteristics, photos and review of the machine are presented in our article.


The Jeep Cherokee SRT8 is a sporty premium mid-size SUV. Developed by Street & Racing Technology. According to the manufacturer, the Jeep Cherokee SRT8 is one of the most affordable sports cars in its class. The car will be great.an option for those who want to emphasize their special status and at the same time love high speed. This car was first presented at the New York International Auto Show in 2011.


American cars have always been distinguished by their brutal design. This is what happened with CPT8. In general, the "Jeep Cherokee" in the factory shape already looks very solid and attractive. But this version is a little different. Thanks to powerful aerodynamic body kits, the SUV looks aggressive and dynamic. Ahead is a huge bumper with a wide air intake at the bottom and chrome inserts. Already in the database there are strips of running lights. The radiator grill has not changed much. It is also a set of vertical rectangles with a chrome border. The optics have become more "squinted". According to reviews, the headlights on the Jeep SRT8 shine very well.

srt8 specifications

Square wheel arches, which protrude noticeably beyond the edges of the body, also give massiveness to the car. Stylish 20-inch alloy wheels, under which huge red calipers are hidden, successfully emphasize the look. The car shows with all its appearance that it is able to compete with any "charged" sedan and instantly overtake it from a traffic light.

Dimensions, clearance

Although the Cherokee belongs to the class of full-size SUVs, its dimensions are quite compact. So, the length of the car is 4.85 meters, width - 1.95, height - 1.75 meters. The wheelbase is 2.9 meters. The ground clearance of the Jeep SRT8 is 20 centimeters. But because oflow overhangs to take full advantage of it will not work. As noted by the reviews, the Jeep SRT8 is a purely city car. In addition, you need to be careful when approaching the curbs, otherwise there is a risk of hitting the bumper.


The interior of the SUV is fundamentally different from conventional American jeeps. It's more lightweight. There are no rough lines and rough plastic. Finishing is made at the highest level. The interior design is reminiscent of "Audi". Here are the same seats with leather and Alcantara, with pronounced lateral support, as well as a sports steering wheel with a cut at the bottom. The handlebar has notches for a comfortable grip.

Dashboard - digital. Moreover, the main scale is a tachometer. The speedometer is integrated into the center of the large scale. Near the steering wheel there are petals, like on full-fledged sports cars. The center console is stylish and rich. There are no old-fashioned wood trim here: the interior is decorated with glossy black inserts, and the door handles are made of chrome. There is a nice white stitching throughout - on the door cards, steering wheel, seats and even on the armrest. The salon is ergonomic, which is noted by the reviews. Landing is high, there are no complaints about visibility. There is enough space both above the head and in the knees. The stove works great in winter.

jeep cherokee srt8 specs

In general, the interior of the Jeep SRT8 looks respectable and beautiful. The American is well equipped (various heating, electrical adjustments, climate control as standard) and has high-quality sound insulation. In terms of build quality, the Jeep Cherokee SRT8 is in no way inferiorBritish Range Rover.


Potential buyers of such "charged" cars are rarely interested in this issue, but still consider the trunk. Its design is very well thought out. In the five-seat version, the luggage compartment volume is 457 liters. If necessary, you can fold the back of the rear row. A flat floor and a cargo area of ​​1555 liters are formed. Under the floor is a full-size spare.

Jeep SRT8 - Specifications

Now let's move on to the main "highlight", namely the motor. Under the hood is a naturally aspirated eight-cylinder V-shaped Chemi engine. The Americans did not take steps to install a turbine or upgraded injection systems. In keeping with the classic belief that "nothing replaces volume," the engineers installed a 6.4-liter engine in the Cherokee. The motor has a simple timing scheme, where there are two valves for each cylinder. Due to such a large volume, the Americans managed to spin this engine up to an incredible 468 horsepower. Torque - 642 Nm.

jeep srt8 specs

Some people compare Jeep Cherokee SRT8 to BMW X5M. The latter has a turbocharged engine, which even has a little more horsepower. But why do Americans love atmospherics? In these motors there are no failures and the so-called "turbo lag". Such engines pull almost from the bottom and have a wide torque shelf. "Jeep Cherokee SRT8" gives a feeling of huge power reserve. The car accelerates confidently from a standstill.


The manufacturer does not provide widetransmission selection. Paired with a 6.4-liter unit is an eight-speed automatic transmission. It also has a manual control function. The driver can downshift at any time using the convenient paddle shifter.

jeep cherokee specs

We also note that the Jeep Cherokee SRT8 is equipped with the Quad-Track all-wheel drive system with the ability to distribute traction along the axles. However, there is no downshift in the transfer case. In civilian conditions, all the torque goes to the rear axle. But if necessary, the system can "transfer" up to half of the torque to the front axle.

Dynamics, consumption

The Jeep Cherokee SRT8 is a very fast car. Up to a hundred the car accelerates in five seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 257 kilometers per hour. The car covers the quarter in 12.7 seconds.

cherokee srt8 specs

But you have to pay for speed. So, "Jeep Cherokee SRT8" is not distinguished by high fuel efficiency. According to passport data, the car spends 14.1 liters of fuel. But in practice, such an expense is possible only when driving on the highway. If you drive around the city, the consumption will be from 20 to 25 liters, depending on the driving style. But it is very difficult to calmly manage such a “tank”, knowing that there are almost 500 horsepower under the hood. Therefore, the consumption is always high and the power reserve is enough for 350-400 kilometers.


The car is built on a similar platform with the M-class Mercedes. Front and rear - independent suspension.Steering - rack with hydraulic booster. The car is surprisingly easy to operate.

jeep srt8 specifications

And this despite the fact that the curb weight of the SUV is more than two tons. Brakes - Brembo disc brakes, ventilated.

In closing

So, we found out what features the Jeep Cherokee SRT8 has. A car can be bought at a price of 5 million 200 thousand rubles. It will be a new SUV in the minimum configuration. But it is worth noting that the Jeep is equipped quite well. Already in the basic version, there is a dual-zone climate, high-quality acoustics with 19 speakers, a subwoofer, ventilation, heating and power seats, heated steering wheel, mirrors and windows, parking sensors, a rear-view camera and many other options.

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