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Car "Dodge Nitro": photos, specifications, reviews

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Car "Dodge Nitro": photos, specifications, reviews
Car "Dodge Nitro": photos, specifications, reviews

The Dodge Nitro model from Chrysler was revolutionary in its time, regarding the external design. Based on the famous Cherokee Liberty Jeep, the developers adapted the body with unique outlines. They made consumers admire the car almost at first sight. It is worth noting that the manufacturers have achieved the desired result. Consider the characteristics and features of this vehicle.

Diesel "Dodge Nitro"


The Dodge Nitro car, the photo of which is shown above, is distinguished by a peculiar aggressive frontal configuration, like a bulldog face. In many ways, this is influenced by a strict vertically mounted grille, as well as an instructive protruding front bumper. This design, combined with powerful wheel arches, makes it possible to give this part of the vehicle an undisguised vulgarity and aggression.

Many buyers have the illusion that the quality of the car in question will be transferred to the owner. Such a decision is not without meaning, since many copies were bought simply on the go. The person instantly fell under the “hypnosis” of the car. Moreover, this situation is relevant forappearance, and for the interior of the car.

Design Features

The design of the rear of the Dodge Nitro car can be attributed to the classic design of this kind of car, without any pretensions to chic and good quality. The wide connector of the fifth tailgate is combined with medium-sized rear light glazing. The side entry has a classic configuration with large, comfortable grips and unique volumetric pushbutton switches.

Reviews about the car "Dodge Nitro"

The front fenders of the Dodge Nitro car are equipped with false air intakes that do not provide proper air flow, but are designed more for aesthetic design. Wheel sizes for the models in question range from 16 to 20 inches.

Internal stuffing

As evidenced by reviews of the Dodge Nitro, its interior is comfortable, simple and efficient. The seats are trimmed with high-quality leather, lateral support is combined with plastic panels. They represent the basic configuration in interior decoration. All equipment can be called quite practical and of high quality, despite the statements of some experts who attribute the interior of this car to the lowest category.

Americans have their own idea of ​​finishing priorities. In this regard, the Dodge Nitro, the photo of which is shown below, is equipped with materials that seem effective and original, but, in fact, they quickly lose their gloss and deform.

The cabin can comfortably accommodate four passengers, not counting the driver.The design feature of the cabin allows obese and tall people to sit with maximum comfort in the cabin. With a car length of 4.5 meters, the interior is maximized due to the luggage compartment, the volume of which is less than the standard for cars of the same class. The capacity of the compartment is 390 liters, when the rear seats are folded, this figure increases to 2 thousand liters.

Interior of the car "Dodge Nitro"


The characteristics of the Dodge Nitro allow for maximum driver comfort. This is due to the presence of an electric seat and steering wheel. The main devices are recessed into several deep niches, which makes it possible to read information from them as quickly as possible, without being distracted by extraneous factors.

Good visibility is ensured by the driver's high seating position. Instrument marks are designed in soft and loyal tones, which does not tire you during long trips along dark sections of the road. Seat upholstery is of high quality, does not collect dust and is easy to clean.

For passengers in the back row, the seatbacks can be adjusted according to individual parameters. The front seat can be transformed into a horizontal position, which makes it possible to transport long loads in the cabin.

In the aisle of the front "seats" there is a compartment for small things and accessories. The same niche is available in the facing of the front doors. There are also compartments under the bottom of the trunk to accommodate some tools. At the same time, the floor itself can be extended by 50 centimeters, providing convenience.unloading or loading heavy objects.


The Dodge Nitro car can be bought in one of three modifications: SE, SLT, R/T. On the SE and SLT versions, as a rule, a six-cylinder petrol power unit with a volume of 3.7 liters is mounted. Motor power is 210 horsepower. The gearbox on the SE is a mechanical type with six ranges. On the SLT model, they put an automatic transmission in four modes, while the interior is complemented by a shiny finish.

Exterior "Dodge Nitro"

The R/T modification is equipped with a 4-liter gasoline power unit, which is aggregated with an automatic transmission in five ranges, with the ability to activate manual mode.

With the correct operation of these systems, the car is almost impossible to take into a ditch or turn over on a turn, even if you try very hard. Belts with pretensioners provide additional security.

Specifications "Dodge Nitro"

The main parameters of the car in question are given below:

  • Two power units presented on the domestic market (a diesel version of 2.7 liters and a gasoline equivalent of 3.6 liters).
  • Power (diesel/gasoline) - 177/205 horsepower.
  • RPM – 205/314 Nm.
  • Length/width/height - 4, 58/1, 91/1, 77 m.
  • Curb weight - 1.97 t.
  • Trunk capacity to the maximum - 1994 l.

In the USA, a version with a four-liter "engine" with a capacity of 260 "horses" was produced, but in serialproduction in other markets, these models did not go.

Characteristics of "Dodge Nitro"


The Dodge Nitro is equipped with a four-speed, four-band automatic transmission. In Europe, a model with a mechanical variation was positioned. The model is based on the legendary Jeep Cherokee.

To move away from the usual standards, marketers decided to make the stuffing of the new car completely different, so as not to compete with their main "brainchild". Therefore, the car in question was predominantly introduced with a manual gearbox with all-wheel drive.

As standard, torque is distributed to the rear wheels using a classic design. If necessary, the driver himself can activate all-wheel drive. In connection with this decision, the modifications do not provide for electronic filling and blocking. The designers also decided not to add a reduction gear and a differential to the front axle.

Photo of a car "Dodge Nitro"

Test drive

In terms of running parameters, the Dodge Nitro (diesel) proved to be ambiguous. It would seem that more than 200 “horses” should do an excellent job of driving a two-ton car on various types of road surface. However, consumer reviews indicate that the car can exceed the speed limit of 160 km / h, but the fuel consumption is about 18 liters per "hundred".

The optimal speed that does not affect the quality of control and additional noise effect is 100 km / h. Similarfeatures are especially noticeable on roads with bumps and potholes. When cornering, the car also often “floats” and sways, which does not indicate good vehicle handling.

But on a flat road, the car shows excellent results, accelerates well and keeps the track. Experts and owners advise not to turn off the stabilizing system to get the most complete feeling from driving a car whose speed characteristics are not its strong point.

Tuning car "Dodge Nitro"

Reviews from Dodge Nitro owners

Consumer feedback confirms the fact that the car in question can only be called a real SUV at a stretch. Even its predecessor, the Cherokee, puts out much more potential. By and large, this vehicle is more suitable for maintaining a certain status than for practical use, despite all its aggressiveness in the exterior and body kit.

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