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Correct shifting - why do you need to learn this?

Correct shifting - why do you need to learn this?
Correct shifting - why do you need to learn this?

The 90s were marked by the massive spread of automatic transmissions, which removed such a responsibility from the driver as shifting gears. Even then, such "miracles of technology" had many opponents. Some of them went over to the other side, and some remained with their own. In any case, to this day, companies offer not only automatic transmissions, but also mechanical ones, since many drivers prefer not to dedicate such an important function to automation.

In addition to the appearance of "automatic machines", the sp

Gear shift

shift specials, because it was still necessary to switch from neutral. Shifting gears throughout the history of the automotive industry was possible through a lever called the "selector", a joystick (in some BMW and Audi models), a lever behind the steering wheel (as in GM SUVs), as well as using paddle shifters or buttons on the steering wheel. The latter were generally only used in sports cars where you couldn't be distracted by things like shifting gears, and it was faster than using a lever.

Now a little about the mechanics. Most driversthey choose such a box because it is cheaper for many, and also, whatever one may say, many cannot get used to it and prefer the classics. In addition, proper gear shifting inevitably leads to a reduction in fuel consumption, since manual shifting allows you to shift into a lower gear in case of overload, and up into higher gear when high engine speeds are reached. And this, in turn, allows you to optimally select driving modes and enjoy it. Shifting gears on a car equipped with a manual transmission allows you to make driving both more dynamic and calm, smooth.

Correct gear shifting

Many tests, as well as just results, show that manual shifting is more efficient and gives better results, since cars with the same engines, but different gearboxes with the same number of gears, have drastically different shifts. Sometimes the advantage of mechanics reaches a second when accelerating to 100 km / h, and in this test this is quite a lot.

Much has been said about how much more driving pleasure a driver gets from a manual transmission. But let's look at the other side of the coin. City, big city, with a huge number of cars. For example, a person does not spend much time on a straight road and often turns. To do this, he needs to slow down, squeeze the clutch, engage the desired gear, having previously selected it, and then select the appropriate engine speed so as not to feel uncomfortable jerks orshocks. There are no such problems with the "automatic" and it's hard to argue with this, this is its main advantage, because for this it was created to make it easier for the driver to "fate".

Gear shifting on a car

Thus, an automatic transmission does not only perform such a task as shifting gears, but also takes into account many other little things that can be somewhat tiring.

Of course, this choice is offered exclusively to the driver. Since there is no dispute about tastes, and also each person leads his own way of life and has his own addictions and temperament, therefore, today you can still buy both automatic and manual transmission.

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