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What to do if you need to change wheels

What to do if you need to change wheels
What to do if you need to change wheels

In the life of any car owner, there can always come a moment when you have to replace a punctured wheel. And often it is necessary to do it right on the road. It should be understood that only a serviceable car can be the key to safe driving. And the wheel, which was pierced while driving, in most cases contributes to the occurrence of emergencies. In order to talk about how the wheels are changed on the road, this review was written.

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How to change a wheel on a car

Situations on the roads are not always completely safe. And if you are well aware of how to change one wheel to another, then the number of uncertain road moments will be reduced. At present, the number of special stations where wheels can be changed under the guidance of specialists is quite large. But believe me, this knowledge will not be superfluous for you either.

First of all, you should make sure that you always have a jack and a wheelbrace in your car. With the help of the first, you will need to raise the car in order to repair the wheel.After all, as you know, it is much easier to remove and install it when the car is raised. Using a wheel wrench, you can unscrew the bolts and nuts that hold the wheel. This tool should also always be available. You will also need a pump, wheel locks, a pressure gauge and gloves to ensure a quick and efficient wheel change.

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So, if you have a tire punctured while driving, then you first need to maintain your composure and park your car at the curb. After that, turn off the engine, put the car in any gear and tighten the handbrake. Under the wheels you will need to install special clamps. Using a wrench, slightly loosen all the nuts that hold the disc. Then the jack should begin to raise the vehicle. It must be installed in the part of the car in which the punched wheel is located. After lifting is completed, you will need to finally remove the nuts. Having changed the damaged wheel to a spare one, you should fasten it. After the jack is removed, the fasteners will need to be carefully tightened.

After that, you need to check the tire pressure with a pressure gauge. If it is low, then you need to pump up. Also, replacing wheels involves checking the nipple for air passage. To do this, it is enough to splash water on it. If there are no bubbles, then everything is fine. After that, you should remove all the tools and continue moving.

What to do if you need to replace the wheel withrollerblading?

roller wheel replacement

But not only on cars, wheels can fail. This very often happens on roller skates. What to do in such situations? Roller wheels should be replaced as soon as the first signs of wear are noticed. If they are rearranged among themselves, then the service life of this equipment will increase by about thirty percent. You will need a 4mm hex key to make the adjustment. The entire replacement takes place in the following order: the first wheel on the left roller can be changed with the third wheel on the right roller. The second wheel on the left roller will fit perfectly in place of the fourth wheel on the right roller. Accordingly, and vice versa.

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