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Automotive oil "Hyundai 5w30": description, specifications

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Automotive oil "Hyundai 5w30": description, specifications
Automotive oil "Hyundai 5w30": description, specifications

Motor oil is used to protect the car engine from premature wear of parts. One of the brightest representatives of this category is Hyundai 5w30 oil. The company of the same name, Hyundai, is engaged in the manufacture and sale of this product. The manufacturer "Hyundai" has been on the automotive market for quite a long time and during this time has established itself as "excellent". The Korean company produces reliable and high-quality cars that have earned popularity around the world, as well as components and lubricants for them.

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Hyundai oil review

The concern produces not only for its own cars, but also for the brand "Kia" oil "Hyundai 5w30". This lubricant is ideally compatible with Kia products. Today, the manufacturer "Hyundai" boasts a wide range of products necessary for the effective functioning of various engines in a variety of conditions and situations.

BThe Hyundai Auto Concern includes the Hyundai Oilbank company, which is responsible for the extraction and processing of petroleum products, from which lubricants are subsequently made. In addition to Hyundai 5w30 oil, the line of these products includes transmission oils, lubricants for automatic and manual transmissions, brake fluids, power steering oils and some other materials.

Hyundai motor oils are produced synthetic and semi-synthetic. The use of one or another oil in the engine directly depends on the mileage of the vehicle. Most often, in practice, synthetic or semi-synthetic oil is poured into the engine.

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5w30 oil specifications

Engine oil "Hyundai 5w30" has the characteristic of all-weather use. This implies a justified use of it both in the cold season and in the hot season.

The first digit in the marking determines the viscosity of the oil. When using oil with a factor of 5 during low temperatures, the first (cold) start of the engine is easier, it is easier for the lubricant to spread through the parts. The higher the coefficient, the greater the percentage of viscosity of the lubricating oil at high temperatures. These types of oils are most in demand and popular among car owners.

Specifically, parameter 5w allows the initial start of the motor at a temperature of minus 35 ℃ without undesirable damage to rubbing nodes.This is determined by subtracting the first number before W from 40. The result will give the temperature minimum during which the engine can be started and the oil pump's working function will be performed with proper efficiency.

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Temperature mode of use

The minimum temperature for applying Hyundai 5w30 oil is at least 30 ℃. It should be understood and taken into account that the marking data give approximate values. Specific characteristics will depend directly on the vehicle's engine itself. Therefore, the strong recommendations of lubricant manufacturers should be taken into account when changing the oil. A large number of products are limited to use within the limits not exceeding minus 20 ℃. Therefore, operation in these climatic conditions does not make any difference in the use of oils marked 15W40 and 5W30. Such lubricants can be used in very severe frosts.

But it should be borne in mind that having a "weak" battery charge or a worn starter, it is best to use Hyundai 5w30 synthetic oil. Its low viscosity coefficient will provide a greater share of the probability of starting a cold engine in adverse climatic realities. This will save the motor from premature breakdowns, and the car owner from losing unnecessary nerves and finances.

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High temperature viscosity

It is worth paying attention to such an important factor,as the viscosity of the product at high temperatures. This coefficient is placed after W. In a lubricant marked 5w30, it corresponds to 30 and indicates critical viscosity indicators at operating conditions of 100-150 ℃. An increase in the coefficient will characterize the increase in viscosity under operating conditions with increased temperature.

When choosing engine oil, you must be guided by the manufacturer's recommended parameters. The principle "more is better" in this case will only harm the motor unit. Therefore, oil with a certain level of viscosity should have a reasonable use.

Variety of 5w30 products

Hyundai 5w30 oil is multigrade and is used in both conventional engines and turbocharged units. This product is gentle on the car's exhaust gas purification system.

In the 5w30 product line, diesel engine oils are represented by the Hyundai brand Prem LS Diesel. It is used in light truck models of vehicles, minibuses and SUVs. It is characterized by reliable lubrication of rubbing engine parts under high loads, has maximum detergent properties that allow maintaining the internal cleanliness of the engine. The period for changing the oil in the next service maintenance has been extended.

For gasoline engines, Hyundai Super Extra Gasoline 5w30 engine oil is produced. It has highly effective anti-friction properties, significantly reduces the friction of rotating units and, last but not least, affects consumptionfuel down.

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Reviews of Hyundai 5w30 oil are mostly positive. This has been achieved through carefully selected additives that prevent the buildup of soot and carbon deposits inside the engine block. Car owners noted that Hyundai oil helps to keep the unit relatively clean, provides extended oil seal life, guarantees easy start-up and lubrication of engine parts in cold weather.

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