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Ravenol 5W30 engine oil: types, descriptions, reviews

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Ravenol 5W30 engine oil: types, descriptions, reviews
Ravenol 5W30 engine oil: types, descriptions, reviews

Ravenol 5w30 engine oil is produced by a company that appeared in Germany in the mid-90s. Originally a private company founded by Hans Triebel, it produced seasonal lubricants and glass cleaners. But, by 1974, the improvement of production facilities was prepared and carried out, where the production of all-weather lubricants with 10w30 and 20w50 standards was mastered. By the end of the 90s, the company began to produce synthetic and semi-synthetic oils, which significantly expanded its range and allowed it to enter the international automotive lubricants market.

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Product Description

To date, the German company has received many positive reviews for Ravenol 5w30 oil. This spurred her to increase the production of machine lubricants and the development of unique formulation technologies. One such know-how was the specially developed CleanSynto additive technology. The basis for its mixing was a special combination of base oil substances, purified by hydrocracking withaddition of polyalphaolefins and esters.

The resulting products have an extended replacement interval for used oil, giving an absolute guarantee of the cleanliness of the internal environment of the cylinder block. Properties function flawlessly in any driving mode and with any load on the engine. Having a low-ash formula in its structure, the lubricant reduces the release of toxic waste into the atmosphere. For the same reason, diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters will last much longer than their normal life.

The Ravenol 5w30 line of oils includes a small number of brands. Here are some of them.

Universal Ravenol

The Ravenol FDS brand is a prepared wagon for all weather conditions. It has very wide operating temperature limits and a wide range of applications. In the winter season, it allows you to start the engine without much resistance from the viscosity of the lubricant.

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Ravenol 5w30 of this type is positioned by the manufacturer as the purest PAO synthetics. It is characterized by good penetration, in which all parts and nodal connections receive the required amount of lubricant. The stable flowing density of the consistency provides constant protection to the motor, this is especially important at sub-zero temperatures. With such properties, the oil does not thicken even in severe frosts.

The lubrication product minimizes the coefficient of friction, which helps to extend the life cycle of the unit. Maintains its performance at the maximum availableeffective level.

Grease is suitable for all models of internal combustion engines with gasoline and diesel power types. Recommended for car brands such as Toyota, Renault, Ford, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai and many others. Has specification approvals from Jaguar, Land Rover and Fiat.

Affordable Ravenol

Synthetic Ravenol 5w30 brand FO has a full set of excellent qualities that are inherent in this viscosity category. This product boasts a special popularity, so it can be found in any dealer service network, at repair stations or simply in retail outlets. Such an affordable product has excellent protective properties. Contributes to fuel economy, facilitates easy starting in winter with the ability to operate at very low temperatures.

This brand is compatible with any gasoline or diesel engine, including those equipped with turbocharging and direct fuel injection. Officially licensed by the American Petroleum Institute, complies with the specifications of the International Society of Automotive Engineers and the worldwide Committee for Standardization and Certification of Motor Oils.

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Iron Ravenol

The DXG brand of Ravenol 5w30 lubricant is characterized as one of the most reliable protectors in its oil product rangeGerman company. This property is present due to unique additive additives. They contain molybdenum based on three cores, chemical compounds of tungsten and a friction modifier of organic origin. The combination of these components provides a strong and reliable oil film that is resistant to breakage in its molecular composition.

Oil is a low-ash product of oil refining, the so-called Low SAPS. This is due to the small amount of negative chemical elements such as phosphorus, sulfur and sulfate ash. They affect the environmental friendliness of the exhaust gases into the atmosphere. Suitable for all types of engines.

"Ravenol" for all occasions

Ravenol 5w30 VMP is designed for any modern passenger car with a diesel or gasoline engine. It has a beneficial effect on the operation of particulate filter elements. Works in tandem with engines equipped with direct fuel injection systems, turbocharging or without it.

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This medium ash lubricant is pure synthetic with stable performance. It has twice the operating time of the lubricant before its subsequent replacement. Perfectly washes away carbon accumulations and prevents the deposition of new ones. Participates in fuel economy.

Recommended for use by BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz.


Since the oil is produced in Germany, and the Germanpedantry and attention to detail, then Ravenol 5w30 reviews are mostly positive.

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Oil products correspond to the declared characteristics and, as professional car owners and drivers note, will become an indispensable assistant in the struggle for the longevity of the life path of the "heart" of the car. Permanent protection in both winter and summer will save any vehicle owner from the headache of repair operations in the field of internal combustion engine.

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