"Renault Logan" 2013 release: description, specifications and reviews

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"Renault Logan" 2013 release: description, specifications and reviews
"Renault Logan" 2013 release: description, specifications and reviews

The appearance of the second generation Renault Logan in 2013 became resonant in the global automotive community. The model received an updated exterior, interior and an expanded line of powertrains.

Renault Logan 2013
Renault Logan 2013


The new generation of Renault Logan in 2013 received a radical change in body design while maintaining the main brand features. The updated front bumper has become more original and memorable, setting a fairly modern and presentable tone for the entire exterior.

The result of the restyling was a change in the dimensions of the car "Renault Logan" (2013):

  • body length - 4346 millimeters;
  • height - 1517 millimeters;
  • width - 1733 mm;
  • clearance - 155 millimeters;
  • wheelbase - 2634 mm.

Changing the dimensions of the car had a positive effect on the aerodynamic parameters. The updated grille and optics look more expressive compared to the previous version. In profile, the design of Renault Logan (2013) has not changed much, but the rear optics indicatereverse.

Renault Logan 2013
Renault Logan 2013


The main changes in the interior of the car affected the dashboard: it has become more expressive and ergonomic, which is also noted by the owners of Renault Logan (2013) in the reviews. The second row seats can be folded 60:40, which was not possible in the previous version.

The volume of the luggage compartment with the seats folded is 510 liters, which is a good indicator for a car in this class.

Test drive

According to the results of the test drives, we can say that the most economical of all the 2013 Renault Logan engine line is the 1.6-liter power unit. It is difficult to call Renault Logan dynamic, but it is worth considering that it was originally created as a budget car. The new generation is equipped with a retuned suspension, which made the car more stable on uneven sections of the track, cornering. The chassis is quite reliable, which was confirmed by the results of the test drive.

"Renault Logan" (2013) has good directional stability, including when entering sharp turns. However, for a long time Logan is not able to go at high speed: there is a high risk of overheating and failure undercarriage.

review renault logan 2013
review renault logan 2013

Powertrain line

For Russian motorists, the manufacturer offers only one type of engine, but in two versions: eight- and sixteen-valve. The working volume of the power unit 1,6 liters, power - 82 or 102 horsepower, depending on the specific version. The engine does not differ in particular dynamism, but you should not expect more from the budget Renault Logan of 2013. A five-speed manual transmission is installed with the engine.

Acceleration to the first hundred takes the car 11.9 seconds in the V8 version and 10.5 seconds in the V16 version. The maximum speed is 172 km/h, the average fuel consumption is 7.2 liters.

Prices and specifications

The basic modification of Renault Logan (2013) includes an airbag for the driver, high-quality fabric trim, crankcase protection and other classic options. The average cost of a car in the basic configuration is 480 thousand rubles, in the top one - 600 thousand rubles.

renault logan 2013 engine
renault logan 2013 engine


Renault engineers in the new 2013 Logan models have finally brought to mind the anti-roll bar, which is installed on all cars, regardless of the chosen configuration. It is worth noting that the basic version of the car includes all of the above systems and options.

ABS system with electronic brake force distribution is included in the equipment package for all Renault Logan trim levels (2013), starting with the Comfort version.

The basic modification of the car is equipped with one airbag for the driver, and the top version is equipped with four: for the driver and passenger in the front seat, two for the rear seats (side). According to the results of the crash tests "Renault Logan" 2013received four stars from EuroNCAP, which is a very good result in comparison with similar cars on the market and major competitors.

Reviews and possible malfunctions

The owners of Renault Logan (2013) note in the reviews that the fuel filter and mudguards most often fail. The latter break due to a weak and unreliable design. The fuel filter is quite durable, but despite this, it still fails more often than other elements.

However, such shortcomings are easy to fix either on your own or by visiting any official Renault service.