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Diesel fuel separator filter: design
Diesel fuel separator filter: design

Diesel fuel, which is sold at gas stations in our country, contains a lot of heavy and harmful impurities for the engine. Also in diesel fuel there are necessarily particles of paraffin and water. If the car is driven for a long time on such fuel, this will lead to a serious deterioration in engine performance. Each owner of a diesel engine faced difficulties when starting the engine, a drop in power in winter. The water contained in diesel fuel will turn into crystals in winter. Fuel will be less liquid. These changes negatively affect the quality of the power unit and reduce its resource.

filter separator for diesel fuel with heating
filter separator for diesel fuel with heating

To protect the engine from low-quality fuel, it is worth using a diesel fuel separator filter (there is a photo in our article). In Russian conditions, they are simply necessary. Fine and coarse filters are not enough. In addition, they often fail, and their price is quite high.

How does a separator filter work?

This item is acombined system. So, one part performs the function of a sump. Here, solid impurities gradually accumulate at the bottom. In the second part, the diesel filter-separator retains water, paraffins and other substances dissolved in diesel fuel. Additionally, the housing can have a heating system, as well as elements for mechanical cleaning of diesel fuel.

Functions and operation principle

How does this item work? Most motorists often confuse mechanical separation equipment with sediment filters or coarse cleaning mechanisms. The filter-separator for diesel fuel performs mechanical cleaning. It allows you to remove various foreign particles from the fuel and protects the fuel system from the accumulation of dirt.

Among the main tasks that these products perform, two can be distinguished:

  • Foreign impurities detection process.
  • Water release.

With the help of these filters, up to 99% of water and up to 95% of mechanical particles can be removed from a diesel engine. And this despite the fact that the fuel has a very high concentration of both impurities. If a heated diesel filter-separator is used, this prevents water crystallization processes, as well as diesel fuel waxing at low air temperatures.

filter separator for diesel fuel heated separator 2000 reviews
filter separator for diesel fuel heated separator 2000 reviews

Fuel flows in a certain pattern. So, at the first stage, the emulsion is processed by centrifugal cleaning. For this, the device is equipped with a fixed centrifuge. At this stage in the sumpsolid impurities and water get in.

Next, intermediate coalescing processes take place by changing flow directions. What is the essence of this cleaning step? Even smaller particles of impurities are separated from the fuel. In the final phase, the fuel is cleaned of microscopic particles using a cartridge - a filter element. Then the diesel fuel is fed to the pump.

Also, a heating element can be used in the device. It contributes to a successful launch in winter. So, paraffins will not crystallize, but simply dissolve. Due to this, the components of the diesel engine fuel system will work for a long time and properly, in conditions that are comfortable for them. On vehicles with this system, drivers have not observed problems with starting in cold weather.

Filter elements: device and features

Next, consider what the filter design is. Diesel fuel separators are equipped with a cartridge. This element is an ordinary plate, but small holes have been made in it. The smaller their size, the more effective the cleaning of the fuel will be. However, when choosing, do not chase numbers. The filter element, whose opening diameter is the smallest - only 2 microns, clogs very quickly. And due to blockage, the hydraulic resistance of the system increases. The motor will start to run unstable.

filter design diesel fuel purification separators
filter design diesel fuel purification separators

Filters with large openings (from 30 microns or more) are designed for cars that are equipped with old engines. This filter separatordiesel fine cleaning can be used to work with very dirty diesel fuel. A device of this type will last longer and will not create any problems with the fuel supply to the owner. Naturally, after some time it will have to be replaced.

Specialists recommend choosing a filter that will have the smallest possible hole size, but it is important to take into account the type of engine and its operating conditions. For example, modern common rail fuel systems are very demanding on fuel quality. Therefore, with such motors, you should not save on filters.

How to choose a diesel engine cleaner?

In order for the diesel filter separator to perform its functions optimally, several key factors must be taken into account. So, experts recommend paying attention to the average fuel consumption, supply voltage and heater power. Also, a water sensor and a heating control system can be installed in the device. Additionally, the design has an additional pump for pumping diesel fuel. And finally, when choosing, the fineness of cleaning and overall dimensions are important.

filter separator for diesel fuel KAMAZ
filter separator for diesel fuel KAMAZ

Naturally, a large number of additional options make the diesel filter separator more expensive. However, due to the same options, the process of servicing the product is facilitated. In stores, sellers often try to sell an expensive device and motivate this by the fact that the model is of high quality. At the same time, the seller does not even try to find out about fuel consumption.specific vehicle. But when the fuel consumption is small, and the working section is large, the necessary centrifugal effect will not be created. As a result, an expensive device will turn into just an ordinary sump.

Separator filters in Russia: models, prices

Over the past 10 years, the range of parts for cleaning heavy grades of fuel has expanded significantly in Russian stores. The modern market offers a lot of products from well-known manufacturers. There are plenty to choose from.

It is necessary to replace that even the domestic auto industry began to introduce separator fuel purification devices. For example, now KamAZ installs a filter-separator for diesel fuel directly at the factory. This is a Separ-2000 model and Mann-Filter products.

stanadyne diesel fuel separator filter
stanadyne diesel fuel separator filter

Let's consider several models that are quite popular among motorists, which have long been able to prove their high efficiency on different cars.

Heated Separ-2000

This is a product of the German manufacturer Willibrord Lösing. These filters have long been known and used by professional drivers. "Separ-2000" is a fundamentally new centrifugal cleaning system. Processing is carried out in several stages. The filter is suitable for operation on a variety of automotive vehicles. Most car manufacturers already install this equipment as standard filters.

diesel fuel fine separator filter
diesel fuel fine separator filter

This separator is a guaranteeensure that the fuel is as free of dirt, water and paraffin as possible. The cleaning process is carried out in three stages. If you install this device, then the service life of the equipment in the diesel fuel system will increase by 4-5 times. At the same time, equipment repair and maintenance costs are reduced.

Features of "Separ-2000"

The action algorithm is based on the principle of the centrifuge, although it is not in the filter device. All particles heavier than DF are separated from the liquid at different stages of the treatment process and accumulate in the sump. The filter has elements with a mesh size of 2, 10 and 30 microns. One of the significant advantages of this element is the self-cleaning function. The element cleans well from water and dirt.

Many car owners of domestic and imported cars choose the filter-separator for diesel fuel with heating "Separ-2000". Reviews about them are more than positive. The cleaning quality is really good, as motorists say. The heating function is very helpful in winter.


This company is from the USA. It produces various products for cars.

filter separator for diesel fuel
filter separator for diesel fuel

The range also includes separator filters. So, the company offers the Fuel-Manager system. This is a modular solution that includes a separator for water separation, a filtration system. This is a real innovation for diesel engines.


The Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Separator is available in two versions. So, there is a version designed to work withmotors with flow rates up to 300 l/h and a model for motors operating under heavy loads with high flow rates.

The main component is the head, which is then completed with various modules. So, there are three types of filter elements. These are 150 microns, 30 microns, as well as a fine filter for 2 or 5 microns. There are also heaters - side and top. There is a sump, water level sensor, the possibility of manual or electric pumping. Reviews say that the device does an excellent job with its function. The cost of such a filter-separator is about 2-3 thousand rubles. The device can be used on all diesel engines up to 350 horsepower in both cars and trucks.


So, we found out what a separator filter is. As you can see, this is a very useful device that cleans the DS from dirt, water and harmful impurities. Using a filter separator, you will extend the life of the fuel system.

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