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Motorcycle "Suzuki-Intruder": specifications and reviews

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Motorcycle "Suzuki-Intruder": specifications and reviews
Motorcycle "Suzuki-Intruder": specifications and reviews

The Suzuki Intruder series has been developed and produced in response to the growing demand for cruising motorcycles. Created in Japan, it has absorbed many features that are more typical of the American motorcycle industry.

It includes several models, most of which are full-blooded cruisers designed for long-distance travel. But it also has some typical urban bikes crafted in chopper style.

suzuki intruder
suzuki intruder

Japanese invasion

The manufacturer chose the name "Intruder" for a reason. It does not have a literal translation into Russian, but its meaning is reduced to such definitions as: "Conqueror", "Occupier", "Invader". In these words, the manufacturer's ambitious plans to win back the market segment are easily read. Sales experience in the US and Europe confirms the old story that the name of the ship determines its future fate. The "invader" coped with the task: he successfully invaded the territory entrusted to him, won many fans and is not going to give up.

Family history

The first-born in the series - the motorcycle "Suzuki-Intruder 750". He appearedin 1985. This unit was planned for the US market, but at about the same time a new law came out in the States, according to which, the supply of motorcycles with a volume of 750 or more "cubes" was accompanied by rather big duties. The manufacturer reacted quickly - and the Intruder model appeared with a 699 cm motor 3.

Two years later, Suzuki introduced the world to another model from the series - Intruder 1400. Outwardly, it was similar to its predecessors, but very different from them in terms of characteristics. In 1992, on the basis of the Intruder 750, another version was built with an engine capacity of 800 "cubes". Later, this model became the prototype for two "younger brothers" - with engines of 400 and 600 cm3.

The series was produced until 2005. Subsequently, the manufacturer combined the Intruder, Marauder and Desperado series into one - Boulevard. Today, it is under this name that models are produced that were once developed for the Suzuki Intruder family.

Common features

Feature of this series - almost the same appearance of all models. Distinctive features are reduced only to the power unit. Frankly speaking, it is quite difficult to distinguish the models from this series from each other by external signs.

The appearance of the "Intruders" is very bright, memorable. It looks like a typical tourist-cruiser, endowed with some custom features.

Features of the Intruder 400

One could take this model for a typical cruiser, but Forbes magazine once gave it the first place innomination "The best motorcycle for the city". And this is well deserved: the bike has excellent maneuverability, compact dimensions, and is economical in maintenance.

suzuki intruder 400
suzuki intruder 400

Series "Suzuki-Intruder 400" has two modifications:

  • VS 400 (1994-1999);
  • 400 Classic (2000 - present).

Their differences are in the external structure. Motorcycles of the first generation have exhaust pipes located on the sides, larger wheels, and smaller fenders. The "classic" version has large wheel fenders, both right-hand exhaust pipes and 17' wheels, 2 inches smaller than its predecessor.

Both modifications are equipped with two-cylinder engines of 399 cm each3 and have a capacity of 33 and 32 hp. With. respectively.

750 and 800

Virtually identical devices, which differ only in a small difference in volume. Both motorcycles have a maximum power of 55 "horses", weighing 200 kg each. Owner reviews indicate that the "eight hundred" has a greater appetite for fuel. A comfortable cruising speed for these models is considered to be 100-110 km / h. "Suzuki-Intruder 800" can be dispersed even more, but for this you need to have considerable driving experience. The engine can handle it, but the pilot must be sure that he can handle it too.

suzuki intruder 800
suzuki intruder 800

As for appearance, the platform of both models is the same. Over the years of production, certain series were produced,differing from each other in minor features. For example, the EL marking indicates that the motorcycle is equipped with an additional chrome body kit.

1400 "cubes"

The second bike in the line is a powerful unit equipped with a four-stroke engine with a volume of 1360 cm3. The Suzuki Intruder 1400 is a typical cruiser endowed with a distinctive appearance. It is built on a steel frame, endowed with spoked wheels and a high windshield. A simple telescopic fork suspension and dual rear shock absorbers provide a smooth ride even on poor highway surfaces.

suzuki intruder 1400
suzuki intruder 1400

The engine is capable of delivering power up to 72 hp. With. The dry weight of the motorcycle is 243 kg. The motorcycle was produced in several versions, focused on the Canadian and US markets. Since 2008, the model has been produced as part of the Bolivar line, although this has not brought any significant changes.

Giant with 1.8 liter heart

"Suzuki-Intruder 1800" is a true flagship. And not only among the manufacturer's products, but also in the class of tourist cruisers. It was produced in several versions:

  • M1800R2 - with naked headlight and without front fairing;
  • C109RT - classic version with touring accessories;
  • M109R B. O. S. S. - premium two-tone paint job with black instead of chrome parts.

The last two modifications have already been released as part of the Bolivar family. But recognizable"Suzuki-Intruder" was completely preserved. The main differences between the modifications were again reduced to appearance, and not at all to technical features. Basically, these differences come down to the organization of the headlight. It can be naked, integrated into the fairing, or built into the high windshield.

suzuki intruder 1800
suzuki intruder 1800

The technical features of this model deserve close attention, because the motorcycle has not so many analogues, in a sense, even today, remaining special.

The cylinders of the traditional V-shaped engine family are spaced from each other at an angle of 54o. This engine is capable of delivering 115 hp. With. at 6200 rpm. Fuel is supplied by an injector. The braking system is also particularly reliable. It is represented by a double disc brake with a 3-piston caliper on the front wheel and a single disc on the rear. The motorcycle is equipped with a cardan drive and a 5-speed gearbox.

"Intruder" on a distant journey

Reviews from owners eloquently indicate that this bike has simply superpowers. Even those who are heavy on their feet and prefer to travel around their hometown, to the greater pleasure of local ladies, over time, a long road begins to beckon. The real touring soul of the bike manifests itself, taking the owner along with it.

motorcycle suzuki intruder
motorcycle suzuki intruder

It is gratifying to know that the geography of travel of our compatriots covers the entire mainland. Comfortable routes in Europe andThe Far Eastern countries are not afraid of those who have been tested on the legendary Russian roads. "Intruder" easily conquers both. A powerful suspension, which even the youngest in the family can boast of - "four hundred" - easily copes with all potholes and depressions.

In the reviews, the topic of an additional body kit often flashes. First of all, this concerns wardrobe trunks, because on a long journey you should take everything you need.

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