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Suzuki Djebel 200 motorcycle review: description, specifications and reviews

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Suzuki Djebel 200 motorcycle review: description, specifications and reviews
Suzuki Djebel 200 motorcycle review: description, specifications and reviews

The Suzuki Djebel 250 motorcycle was created in the fall of 1992. Its predecessor is the Suzuki DR, from which the new model inherited the old engine with air-oil circulation cooling and an inverted front fork, also used on the DR-250S. In addition to the existing attributes, a large headlight with a protective clip was added. The fuel tank remained unchanged. The bike was produced until 1994. An overview of the Suzuki Djebel 200 motorcycle is presented below.

suzuki djebel 200

Begin production

The bike made its debut in mid-1993, after its successor, the SX-2000R, was discontinued. The motorcycle became popular almost immediately and, given the high demand, was produced intermittently until 2005.

At first, the Suzuki Djebel 200 enduro model was sold only in the domestic Japanese market, then small batches were sent to Europe, where, after a short test, the motorcycle becamebe quite active. Low cost and quality affected.

In addition, the 200 model was designed for dual use - for rural areas and for urban highways. It should be noted that the motorcycle coped with both tasks with honor. The model is reliable, easy to operate and relatively inexpensive to maintain.

suzuki djebel 200 motorcycle review

Service as it is

The popularity of the car was facilitated by Suzuki's extensive maintenance network, which it deployed throughout Europe. The question of spare parts was thus not raised, any parts could be received within an hour, and repairs and replacements were no problem, since qualified specialists were everywhere ready to work. Among other things, the motorcycle was structurally simple, without any frills. Many of the actions associated with minor repairs, the owners could easily perform on their own without much difficulty, if the simplest tool, a hammer, a set of keys and other devices were at hand.

Suzuki Djebel 200 was modified in 1997. The landing was made lower, but the ground clearance remained the same. The coloring was varied. Several combinations of camouflage, silver color tank with black trim. Mudguards on both fenders, oil cooler for more efficient engine cooling. Export name - "Troyan-200". Some skeptics doubted the word "Trojan", because everyone knows the story of the Trojan horse. And isn't there anywhat a catch, buyers asked each other. However, the very first kilometers behind the wheel of a comfortable dynamic motorcycle dispelled all doubts.

introduction to suzuki df200e

Does color matter

At first, the motorcycle was in demand mainly among the rural population, then they began to paint it in brighter colors and the situation leveled off, "Jebel 200" was now also purchased by urban residents. Of course, each buyer had his own stereotypical approach, someone liked the orange camouflage, and someone preferred a more modest color scheme. However, everyone agreed on one thing - both villagers and city dwellers would like to buy a reliable, trouble-free motorcycle, and what color, this can be discussed later.

The bike was produced for some time as "Jebel 250", but soon the production switched completely to "Jebel 200", as fuel savings were significant. And this option turned out to be the most successful, the production of the "200" continued for quite a long time, and not only for reasons of low gas consumption - there were a number of arguments in favor of the "200", one of which was the reliability of the design.

The bike was not intended for racing either on the ring or on rough terrain. It was a simple machine for simple operation under normal conditions. However, it was difficult to keep from jerking along a good highway, especially for a young motorcyclist. The speed of the "Jebel 200" was decent and amounted to about 180 km per hour. Some owners even hosted mini-competitions betweenyourself, just to check the technical capabilities of the machine. And the bike has never failed.

specifications motorcycle suzuki djebel 250

Opinion and customer reviews

Motorcycle "Suzuki Jebel 200" refers to semi-sport bikes with good speed characteristics. Owners primarily note reliability, good maintainability and inexpensive maintenance. And only after that they speak about speed qualities. However, customer reviews are not divided into categories, but are taken into account without exception.

Suzuki Djebel 250 specifications

Weight and dimensions:

  • bike length - 2150 mm;
  • height - 1150 mm;
  • width - 820 mm;
  • height along the saddle line - 810 mm;
  • wheelbase - 1412 mm;
  • gas tank capacity - 13 liters;
  • motorcycle dry weight 108kg;
  • fuel consumption - 3.6 liters per 100 km.

Dynamic indicators:

maximum power - 24 hp s

suzuki djebel suzuki djebel 200

Model "Suzuki Jebel 200"

Introducing the Suzuki DF200E should start with the engine. The DR200SE brand motor is worth exploring in all its details. He proved himself from the best side even at a time when the era of compact single-cylinder engines was just beginning.

The motorcycle engine Suzuki Djebel ("Suzuki Djebel 200") is distinguished primarily by good dynamics, which, inin principle, all motors of the enduro class own:

  • engine type - SOHS, four-stroke, single-cylinder;
  • working cylinder capacity - 198 cu. see;
  • cooling system - air;
  • cylinder, diameter - 66mm;
  • stroke - 58.2mm;
  • compression - 9, 4;
  • food - carbureted, "Mikuni" BST31;
  • ignition - contactless, electronic, brand CDI;
  • maximum power - 20 HP. With. at 8500 rpm;
  • max torque - 18.6 Nm at 7000 rpm;
  • transmission - five-speed manual.


Here the characteristics are as follows:

  • front suspension - telescopic fork, damper;
  • rear suspension - swingarm, with monoshock and adjustable pretensioner;
  • front brake - ventilated disc, medium perforation;
  • rear brake - drum, self-adjusting;
  • frame - steel, welded, multi-profile;
  • drive to drive wheel - chain.

Small clarifications

  1. In 1993, the production of the Suzuki Djebel 200 was launched. Until 1996, the first generation of the motorcycle was produced, the difference was the SE-1 nameplate and square headlight protection.
  2. In 1996, the assembly of the second generation Suzuki Djebel 200 began. The difference is the SE-II nameplate and a round headlight protection.
  3. The last batch of the Suzuki Djebel 200 was released in 2005.

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