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Tires "Safari Forward 510" (Forvard Safari): review, reviews

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Tires "Safari Forward 510" (Forvard Safari): review, reviews
Tires "Safari Forward 510" (Forvard Safari): review, reviews

Among extreme riders, tires from Nitto, BF GoodRich and Goodyear are in the greatest demand. These tires provide excellent performance. They are able to withstand the test of any off-road. The only problem is the price. The problem is that these tires are very expensive. Therefore, many owners of passable cars are increasingly looking at tires of domestic production. In this segment, Forward Safari 510 tires stand out.

A few words about the manufacturer

The presented rubber is made at the Altai Tire Plant. The construction of the first production facilities was started in 1956. In 2012, the management of the concern carried out a major modernization of the equipment. This made it possible to improve the quality of the rubber compound, which had a positive effect on all brand products.

For which vehicles

Car "UAZ Hunter"
Car "UAZ Hunter"

Tires "Forward Safari 510" are intended for use on vehicles with all-wheel drive. Moreover, these tires come out only in one version of the size withlanding diameter of 15 inches. The Forward Safari 510 model is great for domestic cars: Niva, UAZ. Often, these tires are also installed on foreign-made vehicles.

Season of applicability

These tires are suitable for year round use. The tires of the Forward Safari 510 are unique in many ways. The fact is that the tire compound can withstand even a serious cold snap. The main operational properties are maintained down to a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius. In more severe frost, it is not recommended to drive on the road in these tires. Tires will quickly harden and the grip quality will decrease significantly.

Forward Safari tires are also suitable for summer use. The manufacturer managed to maintain the rigidity of the rubber at the desired parameters even at high temperatures. The effect of increasing the swath is not observed.


The tread pattern of these tires is unique. It was designed with the main operating modes in mind.

Tire tread "Forward Safari 510"
Tire tread "Forward Safari 510"

The central part is represented by two rows of massive blocks of complex shape. Under dynamic loads that occur during straight-line driving, the wheel geometry remains stable only up to a speed of 110 km/h. If this parameter is exceeded, tire vibration increases, which adversely affects handling. The car begins to drift to the side, the given trajectory is lost.

Shoulder zones consist of massive blocks extended to the sidewall. By usingSuch a solution makes it possible to increase the stability of tires when driving on a rut. These blocks carry the main load during braking or cornering. When performing these maneuvers, the tires "Forward Safari 510" showed themselves only from the best side. Demolitions to the side are excluded. But the presented tires do not like sudden stops and turns. This increases the risk of the vehicle skidding.


In reviews of the "Forward Safari 510" drivers positively noted the durability of these tires. The main performance properties remain unchanged even after 40 thousand kilometers.

To reduce the wear rate of the tread, carbon black was included in the rubber compound. With its help, it was possible to reduce abrasive wear at times. Tread depth remains consistently high.

The structure of carbon black
The structure of carbon black

The presented tire model is intended for severe tests. To increase the load, the manufacturer reinforced the metal frame with additional polymer compounds. Nylon perfectly dampens and redistributes impact energy. As a result, the risk of deformation of steel threads is reduced. Reduced tread bulges and bumps to zero.

An example of a herniated tire
An example of a herniated tire

Tires "Forward Safari 510" were equipped with an additional layer of rubber on the sidewalls. This technique helps protect the rim from impacts. Even when driving onto a curb, the probability of deformation tends to zero.

Symmetrical tread designis characterized by a more complete distribution of the external load over the contact patch. Tires wear evenly. Emphasis on any one part of the wheel is excluded.

Riding in rain and mud

Forward Safari 510 tires are perfect for mud and rain. The effect of hydroplaning is excluded in principle.

hydroplaning effect
hydroplaning effect

The drainage grooves of this model are oversized. They are very wide. This allows more water to be removed from the contact patch. Dirt that adheres to the tread falls off under its own weight.

It was also possible to improve the behavior of tires on wet pavement thanks to the silica in the compound. In reviews of the Forward Safari 510, motorists note that these tires practically stick to the roadway. Increased slip risk reduced to zero.

On-ice management

Although these tires are suitable for year-round use, on ice their handling performance is quite poor. Without spikes, it is simply impossible to ensure the proper quality of grip with this type of surface. When entering an icy road, the car may lose control, go into a skid.


Rubber is very soft. Excess impact energy is damped by the compound and elastic materials in the carcass. As a result, the tires themselves eliminate shaking in the car. Moreover, this quality of tires has a positive effect on the suspension elements of the vehicle.

In the reviews of the presented model, drivers also note high rates of acoustic comfort. There is basically no noise in the cabin. The test results of the domestic magazine "Behind the wheel" showed that tires create a sound wave that does not exceed 2 dB.

A few words about cost

Prices for "Forward Safari 510" are affordable. The cost starts from 3.7 thousand rubles per wheel. For this money, it is simply impossible to find similar tires from other brands. The tires of large international companies are significantly more expensive.

Expert evaluation

During the tests carried out by "Behind the wheel" this model managed to win the most flattering mark. Tires showed their off-road character. Moreover, the testers were also satisfied with the quality of braking on asph alt during straight-line movement.


JSC "Altai Tire Plant" in the Forward Safari line offers only 5 tire models: 500, 510, 520, 530 and 540. All tires of this type are intended for vehicles with all-wheel drive. Rubber suitable for year-round use.

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