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Do-it-yourself replacement of the thermostat on Lanos

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Do-it-yourself replacement of the thermostat on Lanos
Do-it-yourself replacement of the thermostat on Lanos

In the article we will talk about replacing the thermostat on Lanos. This is a very important element of the cooling system, it allows you to direct the liquid into various pipes. There are two cooling circuits - large and small. And the thermostat allows you to direct the liquid along these circuits (or they are called circles). The element consists of a bimetallic plate, a housing and a spring. Installed behind the timing gear.

What replacement tools do I need?

In order to replace the thermostat on a Chevrolet Lanos, you need to get the following set of tools:

  1. Pliers.
  2. Medium Phillips screwdriver.
  3. Open-end wrenches for "13" and "16".
  4. Crank for socket heads.
  5. Sockets for "10" and "12".
  6. Ring key for "17".

What supplies do you need?

Chevrolet Lanos thermostat replacement
Chevrolet Lanos thermostat replacement

Forin order to quickly and efficiently replace the thermostat on a Chevrolet Lanos, you will need the following set of materials:

  1. Bar of wood.
  2. Plastic zip ties.
  3. A capacity of about 10 liters.
  4. Clean rags.
  5. Silicone sealant.
  6. Marker.
  7. Antifreeze (or antifreeze, depending on your preference).
  8. Directly a thermostat for a Chevrolet Lanos car (part number GM96143939).
  9. Thermostat Gasket (P/N GM94580530).

When to change the thermostat?

The need to replace the thermostat on Lanos 1.5 occurs during scheduled repairs or breakdowns. So, the engine can keep the temperature unstable. It either does not warm up enough, or the temperature rises. To check the device without dismantling, you need to start the engine and touch the pipe that goes to the radiator from above. In this case, it should be cold.

Replacing the thermostat Lanos 1, 5
Replacing the thermostat Lanos 1, 5

As soon as you notice that the engine temperature has increased to 85 degrees, the upper pipe will start to warm up. This suggests that the liquid went in a large circle. In the event that the pipe does not heat up, then we can talk about a breakdown of the thermostat. But if it is out of order, it is useless to repair it, you will have to completely change it.

Thermostat replacement procedure

When working, you will have to remove the timing belt. But you can replace the thermostat on the Lanos without removing the timing. BUTmore precisely, with partial dismantling. You will have to fix the belt on the pulleys so that it does not move.

Replacing the thermostat Lanos
Replacing the thermostat Lanos

The repair procedure is as follows:

  1. First you need to drain all the liquid from the cooling system.
  2. Now you need to release the clamp that secures the air inlet sleeve to the air filter housing.
  3. Unscrew the nut and bolts securing the filter housing and remove it.
  4. Pull out the clamp that secures the pipe to the thermostat unit. Remove the tube.
  5. If all belts are tight, they must be loosened. To do this, first unscrew the three bolts that secure the power steering pump housing. Then loosen the alternator belt.
  6. Now you can remove the power steering pump drive belt and pulley.
  7. Loosen the two bolts securing the pump housing to move it aside.
  8. Remove the two bolts securing the timing case guard. After that, you can completely remove the front part of the protection, to do this, gently pull it up.
  9. Design the position of all points. First, using the key to "17", you need to turn the camshaft gear. This must be done until the points on the protective cover and the gear coincide.

If you do not want to remove the pulley from the crankshaft, you need to make a few marks. Then release the bolt that secures the gear to the camshaft. The belt must be fixed on it with 4-5 plastic ties.

Thermostat replacement
Thermostat replacement

Do not need before removalloosen the timing belt tension. Then unscrew the two bolts that secure the protection, take it aside away. The bar must be installed between the protection and the engine. Now you can unscrew the bolts that secure the thermostat housing and remove it. Be sure all seats must be cleaned of traces of the old gasket or sealant. Install in reverse order.

This completes the replacement of the thermostat on the Lanos. It remains only to fill the liquid into the system and check the performance of the new thermostat. But it is better to do it before installation. Immerse the thermostat in cold water and let it heat up. As soon as the temperature rises, the valve of the device should open. If this does not happen, then the device is defective.

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