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Chevrolet Niva front hub bearing replacement. Replacement Tips and Tricks

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Chevrolet Niva front hub bearing replacement. Replacement Tips and Tricks
Chevrolet Niva front hub bearing replacement. Replacement Tips and Tricks

Smooth and correct rotation of the wheels on the car is directly related to the bearings. This type of bearing is called wheel bearing, and they are installed both on the rear wheels and on the front. They are needed to reduce friction. When they wear out, the wheels are warped and, as a result, the rubber is erased. And if the bearing is already crumbling while driving, then the wheels can jam. But what if the bearing is broken? This will be written below.

Replacing the front hub bearing on the Chevrolet Niva

Of course, it is very important to pay great attention to this part on the car. Especially on the Niva Chevrolet. Since SUVs are usually most often used in difficult and extreme conditions, their bearings are subject to wear the most. It is very important to timely replace the front hub bearing on the Chevrolet Niva; it is quite possible to do it yourself. Why not in the workshop? In such places, they like to put low-quality bearings, so it's better not to risk it and do everything yourself. Below will be describeddetailed bearing replacement plan.

replacement of the front hub bearing "Chevrolet Niva"

Hub design

To understand exactly how to replace a bearing, you need to know what a hub is. This is a structural part of the car that connects the wheel to the shaft. A pair of cone-shaped bearings are responsible for the operation of the hub, its rotation on the shaft. An important and most important feature of the hub is the ability to control backlash. But with prolonged use of the car, the sliding mechanism is erased, and this play increases in size. Because of this, the wheels begin to lose their original shape, they oscillate on the axle and eventually wear out. To fix this problem, you need to replace these parts. The article presents photos of replacing the front hub bearing on the Chevrolet Niva.

replacement of the front hub bearing "Chevrolet Niva" photo

Bearing design

These parts consist of outer and inner separators. They play a very important role in the design, help to reduce the friction of the wheels on the axle. Due to friction, mechanical force acts on the rollers and a very large amount of thermal energy is released. They can heat up to 250 degrees. Of course, not all metals can withstand such high temperatures, which is why the rollers are made from special steel that can withstand heating up to 440 degrees. If they are not lubricated, they can reach this temperature and break. Therefore, it is important to use only special lubricants,preventing too much heating.

replacement of the front hub bearing on the Chevrolet Niva

When should I replace?

There are only two reasons why it is necessary to replace the front hub bearing on the Chevrolet Niva. Strange sounds in the front, such as grinding or humming. Large backlash of the front wheel and, as a result, rubber abrasion. For an accurate analysis, you need to disassemble the entire mechanism and check for a malfunction.

Replacing bearings

First you need to remove the front hub mechanism, then remove the sliding mechanism and install new parts. Here is a simple diagram. Let's analyze it in more detail. Using a jack, remove the hubs. Disconnect the caliper with pads. We unscrew the adjusting nut and remove all parts from the front wheel mechanism. Now that all unnecessary parts have been removed, you can proceed to extract the bearing. It is removed using a special puller. Then the gland and the annular plate are removed. Then you need to remove the inner bearing, it is removed with a chisel. They need to work carefully so as not to damage important machine components. The outer ring is removed in the same way.

do-it-yourself replacement of the front hub bearing "Chevrolet Niva"

Installing new parts

Now you need to install new parts. To do this, we will prepare new videos. Let's grease them thoroughly. For lubrication, Litol-24 is best suited, it can withstand very high temperatures, unlike grease, whichcan only withstand 100 degrees. Replacement is carried out in a complex, you need to immediately install a pair. Before lubrication, file the part. Using a pipe, insert all parts into place and close with an oil seal. The assembly of all parts must be carried out in the same order as the removal. Once you have everything assembled, your job is done. You can enjoy your new bearings on your Chevrolet Niva. Now you need to check the rotation of the wheels.


As you can see, it is not so difficult to replace bearings on Chevrolet Niva. Therefore, you should not give the car to a car service. Bearings, although designed for long-term use, cannot withstand heavy impacts. And this happens quite often, even when falling into a small hole. True, the part is not damaged immediately, cracks form on it, which are practically invisible. Therefore, it is very important to make timely replacement of this part. Therefore, try to control the movement of your car. Get your car inspected on time. If you find any faults, fix them immediately. This will help keep you out of trouble in the future.

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