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Rear axle of a car - device and purpose

Rear axle of a car - device and purpose
Rear axle of a car - device and purpose

The rear axle is a mechanism that serves to transfer forces to the wheels and their subsequent movement. The power transmission path starts with the engine. Then the power goes to the gearbox, then to the driveshaft, final drive, differential and axle shafts. Only then do the traction forces drive the wheels. It is worth noting that in this case we are considering a leading rear axle. If it becomes the front, the second mechanism will not participate in any actions related to the transmission of torque.

rear axle

Which cars have a drive axle and which don't?

Now the front axle is considered to be the leading one, but this is not entirely true. Yes, almost all modern cars, minivans and minibuses are designed in such a way that the engine forces are transmitted only to the front wheels. The rear axle serves only as a beam. This mainly applies to cars. Trucks have a drive axle at the rear. These are almost all main tractorsAmerican, European and Russian production. In addition, the rear axle (including UAZ Hunter 4x4) is directly involved in power transmission on 5- and 10-ton trucks, including light trucks. In Russia, these are KAMAZ trucks of all models and modifications, the ZIL "Bull", the 130th and 133rd ZILs, as well as the 377th Ural. GAZelles and GAZons also have a rear drive axle.

rear axle UAZ


The mechanism itself consists of the following parts:

  1. Hollow beam, including 2 stamped casings interconnected.
  2. Reducer case and axle gearbox itself.

All these devices are closely related. So, the ends of the stamped casings are welded to the flanges, which, in turn, have holes for stuffing boxes and bearings. Thanks to the presence of these parts, the risk of oil leakage from the axle is reduced. By the way, if you observe that the rear axle ("UAZ Hunter 4x4" included) began to "drip", look for the problem in these devices.

There are 4 holes for mounting bolts on the face of the flange. The latter connect a special shield in which the elements of the brake system of the wheels are attached. These are pads and brake cylinders. Also, with the help of the above-mentioned bolts, the oil deflector and the plate fixing the axle shaft bearing in the flange socket are connected. The design of these parts assumes the presence of connecting screws and a special sealing gasket. The axle shaft enters the splined hole of the gear with the inner end, and the outermounted on a ball bearing secured with a locking ring.

rear axle VAZ 2106

Another brake drum is installed on the outer end of the axle shaft. The rear axle (including the VAZ-2106), however, like the front axle, has a beam in its design. Half shaft guides are welded on its inner side, and a stamped cover on the outer side. The lid has a special oil filler hole, which is closed with a cone plug. The middle part of the beam diverges and has a small opening in which the gearbox housing is attached. There is an oil drain hole on the bottom of the part. A magnetic plug is screwed into it, which prevents sudden leakage of fluid while the car is moving.

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