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Gazelle 2705 - dead workhorse

Gazelle 2705 - dead workhorse
Gazelle 2705 - dead workhorse

GAZelle 2705 began its life on July 20, 1994, when it was introduced in Moscow by the Gorky Automobile Plant. This car has become truly popular for 16 years of its production, but, as sad as it may sound, it was discontinued in mid-2010. It was replaced by the GAZelle Business, which has now become a full-fledged truck, but this is not about it.

gazelle 2705

The first version in 1994 made a splash. She had good traction characteristics, since the 100-horsepower ZMZ 402 engine coped well with its own weight of 1850 kg. In addition, taking into account the load, the maximum weight of which was 1350 kilograms, the car retained throttle response and good handling.

GAZelle 2705 had engines of 2.5 liters throughout the history of production. At first, a mechanism was used in the lower location of the camshaft, but this design cannot ensure fast movement of the valves, in addition, it significantly reduces accuracy, since four parts are involved in the drive of one valve, each of them has its own gap, the violation of which is simply inevitable.

Therefore, it was decided to modernize the GAZelle 2705 somewhat.In 2003, a new cab and a ZMZ 406 engine were installed on the car. Naturally, this had a positive effect on the dynamics of the car, but the load capacity remained the same. The former popularity of the GAZelle 2705 has remained.

Technical characteristics and the maximum permitted weight of 3200 kg allowed driving a car with a category “B” driver's license. Thus, the contingent of owners remained unchanged, and driving became more pleasant and clear. This was helped by a new steering mechanism and a change in the gear ratio of the gearbox.

2705 ​​specifications

The apotheosis of design thought was the installation of the ZMZ 405 engine on GAZ 2705 cars. GAZelle seriously benefited from this, because 140 horsepower is much better than 100 or 128. Here, such novelties as the camshaft drive chain tensioner were used. The latter, by the way, since 406 began to be placed in the cylinder head, it’s probably not worth talking about the results. Many owners believe that when designing the ZMZ 405, GAZ designers took into account almost all the shortcomings of past years and corrected them. So, for example, since 406, an oil seal has been used on the rear bearing.

gas 2705 gazelle

Among the owners of the GAZ 2705 model of 1994, there was a saying: “If oil does not flow from the 402nd engine, then it simply is not there!”. This was partly true, since the camshaft cover on the side was made of thin sheet iron, which bent under the force of the tighteningnuts. Hence the leak. But this is far from the only point. For example, there is also an oil pump, packing on the rear crankshaft bearing, as well as many other little things. So, in the latest models of GAZ engines, all these problems have been solved one way or another, so there are practically no shortcomings.

From here we can conclude that it is possible to operate the GAZelle 2705, thanks to its good technical component, with virtually no hassle. The car has a good resource of work, so the repair will not be so frequent, and if it does, it will not break a hole in the budget.

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