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KAMAZ-53212: description and specifications

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KAMAZ-53212: description and specifications
KAMAZ-53212: description and specifications

KamAZ is perhaps the most famous plant in Russia for the production of heavy trucks. One of the first models is KAMAZ-5320. This truck is the most massive. Even now it can be found on the roads of Russia. But there were still a lot of modifications built on its basis. One of these is KamAZ-53212. Specifications, photos and features of this car - later in our article.


So, what kind of car is this? KAMAZ-53212 is an onboard large-capacity truck with a 6 x 4 wheel formula. The car is an elongated modification of 5320 and was created on its basis. For the first time this truck rolled off the assembly line in 1979. Remarkably, the serial production of the car did not stop after the collapse of the USSR, but continued until 2002. This model is able to work at extremely low and high temperatures, be used in conditions of high humidity, as well as at an altitude of up to three kilometers above sea level. In view of this, a military vehicle was also created on the basis of the KamAZ-53212 truck,intended for the transport of goods and personnel.


How this car looks like, the reader can see in the photo in our article. At one glance at the exterior, it becomes clear that the truck has a minimum of differences from the base model 5320. If you look closely, you can see a longer base. Otherwise, these are two identical cars. Note that model 53212 is universal. Not only side bodies were installed on it. Also, KamAZ trucks came with all-metal vans, there were also fuel trucks. You can often find KamAZ-53212-grain carrier. And some carriers install tilt bodies from foreign trucks here (one of the examples can be seen in the photo below).

kamaz with awning

Basically, KamAZ-53212 was used with a GKB trailer, which had the same size. The flooring of the truck and trailer is wooden. The hitch has folding sides with the possibility of installing a frame for an awning.

In the mid-90s, the truck underwent minor changes. So, a new cab was used at the Kama Automobile Plant. She had a "blind" grille. And the head optics is located in a metal bumper. The cab still uses a two-piece windshield with a central baffle. Also, the shape of the doors and roof has not changed.

KAMAZ 53212 grain truck

The first sample cabs were well protected from corrosion. However, the models of the last years of production are very rusty, the owners say. The radiator grille and the lower part of the cab are especially corroded.

Dimensions, clearance

The total length of the truck is 8.53 meters. Width - 2.5, height - 3.8 meters. Ground clearance - 28 centimeters. The track width is 1.85 and 2.02 meters for the rear and front axles, respectively. Tire size - 9.00R20. High ground clearance is one of the main advantages of this truck. The machine can be used on different types of road surface. Also, the car is well suited for transporting grain.


The cab design is identical to the 5320, meaning it hasn't changed since the early 1970s. The salon is designed for three people, including two passengers. KamAZ-53212 was also equipped with a sleeping bag. The driver's seat is sprung, adjustable in length and inclination of the back. Compared to other trucks, the KamAZ cab in those years was one of the most comfortable and safe (even equipped with seat belts). But by modern standards, the interior can be called uncomfortable and non-ergonomic.

Kamaz 53212 cabin

Two-spoke steering wheel, without adjustments. The front panel is made of metal. On the shield - a pair of pointer instruments and an air pressure sensor in the system. By the way, there was a sound detector on the last one. When there was little air left in the system, a characteristic sound was heard in the cab.


KamAZ-53212 was equipped with one engine during all years of production. It is a diesel atmospheric eight-cylinder unit KAMAZ-740.10. This is a V-shaped engine with a mechanical injection pump. With a volume of 10,857 cubic centimeters, it developed 210 horsepower.power. The diameter and stroke of the pistons were the same and amounted to 120 millimeters. The motor has a 16-valve layout, that is, there were two valves for each cylinder (one intake and exhaust). To date, many of the units have already exhausted their resource. Therefore, it is not surprising that such KamAZ trucks have high oil consumption. As for fuel consumption, there is no stable figure here. It all depends on the correct setting of the high pressure fuel pump, as well as on the workload of the car itself and the presence of a trailer. So, the consumption can be from 30 to 45 liters per 100 kilometers. The resource of the power unit before overhaul is 200 thousand kilometers. The engine can be overhauled up to four times.

kamaz 1987 engine

The cooling system at KamAZ worked automatically. There is a viscous coupling here, which independently activates the cooling fan if necessary. Antifreeze A-40 is used in SOD. The system operates in a closed type and has several circuits with two thermostats. Regarding SOD, the owners do not express any complaints. She works without problems. The machine does not boil and feels good at low temperatures.


This car was equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox with a two-stage divider. Remote control, by means of a mechanical drive. A separate pneumatic drive was responsible for shifting gears. The box, like the engine on KamAZ-53212, is not always in good condition. Today's copies have problems with the checkpoint.This is the wear of synchronizers, intermediate and other shafts.

kamaz photo

Cardan transmission on KamAZ includes 2 tubular shafts. The hinges are on needle bearings. The latter must be lubricated with a margin to extend the service life. The transmission of the main bridges is also double. However, gears differ in the types of teeth. The middle axle is equipped with an interaxle locking differential.


The front of the car is equipped with dependent suspension. This is a pivot beam with telescopic shock absorbers and semi-elliptical springs. There is a suspension on the balancers at the back.

Model 53212: photo, characteristics

The ends of the springs are made according to the sliding type. The car was equipped with chamber 20-inch radial tires with a standard tread pattern. The wheels on KamAZ do not have disks and are not balanced. And as a stopper, side and lock rings are used.

Brakes and steering

The brake system includes several mechanisms:

  • Working.
  • Auxiliary.
  • Parking.
  • Spare.

All wheels have drum mechanisms with a diameter of 420 millimeters. The brake drive is pneumatic. When the parking brake was activated, spring-loaded energy accumulators were switched on. They blocked the pads on the middle and rear axles of the car. The auxiliary brake system is activated using a special button. Air is pumped by a compressor and stored in receivers, previouslyclearing the condensate.

53212 description, characteristics

The steering mechanism is a gearbox with hydraulic booster. The design is very reliable and rarely fails. The wheel turns without much effort. But due to age, these KamAZ trucks have to be taxied regularly. The car is constantly “looking for a way.”


At the moment, KAMAZ-53212 can be purchased on the secondary market. The cost is different, as each model is equipped with different bodies, and sometimes with additional equipment (we are talking about loader cranes).

kamaz 1987 front view

So, the simplest versions with an onboard body are available at a price of 200-350 thousand rubles. KamAZ trucks with containers or bodies from foreign trucks cost about 400-500 thousand. But versions with manipulators can be bought for one million rubles.

In closing

So, we found out what KamAZ-53212 is. Despite the cessation of production, this machine is still in demand. Basically, it is bought for the transportation of grain crops, using it together with a trailer. For these purposes, the machine is ideal. The truck has a simple device and is very maintainable. However, reliability remains questionable as the average age of a car is around 30 years old.

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