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The most reliable car brand. Rating of cars and characteristics

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The most reliable car brand. Rating of cars and characteristics
The most reliable car brand. Rating of cars and characteristics

Planning to buy a car, many people ask themselves: what is the most reliable car brand? The first thing that comes to mind is that the Germans are unsurpassed producers. However, life and practice have proven that this is a somewhat controversial statement.

What is the most reliable car brand?

If you look at the reliability ratings of different brands, then here we can expect a big surprise: all the options considered are strictly subjective and very often contradict each other. In this case, everyone needs to independently analyze the situation, considering the existing views of the majority, form their own opinion and determine their own priorities regarding each of the brands.

Humble Japanese

Currently, the situation in the auto market is such that the models produced in Japan have seriously pressed such confident and eminent car manufacturers as Germany and the United States of America. The owners of Japanese cars know what the most reliable car brand is, and it’s not even worth trying to convince them otherwise. In addition to the reviews of the direct owners, about the quality performanceratings based on independent expert findings also testify.

Japanese cars prove their reliability in practice. And if we take into account that they are more affordable in terms of price category, they are bought more often, then the percentage of satisfied purchasers is higher. Hence the statistics look more convincing.

most reliable car brand

Take, for example, a brand such as Toyota Scion. This model was created for implementation in the USA. For its beauty, reliability, efficiency, the car has gained immense popularity and has become a sales favorite not only in America, but also in European countries, as well as here in Russia.

This "Japanese horse" has been loved since the first issue. Then the famous concern created a new model - with a coupe body. And again success. Today "Toyota Scion" in the leaders of sales worldwide. The engine does not require visits to service centers for a long time, and it is difficult to find equals in terms of comfort and safety.

Worthy compatriot rivals

Japanese cars constantly amaze with their luxury, comfort and reliability. In many rankings, they occupy a leading position. However, the opinion of experts in determining the most reliable Japanese car brand is probably sometimes "engaged" by interested parties. Nevertheless, by combining the results, it is safe to say which is the most reliable car brand among Japanese cars. This is a Lexus. Some experts even call him the undisputed leader, since over the past five years he has been ranked number one in many ratings.

Why is he so good? If we talk about reliability, then this particular brand showed the lowest level of breakdowns over the past year. Many other well-known brands were almost twice as bad in this indicator.

toyota scion

The Lexus lineup is wide enough. Lexus ES is considered a reliable passenger option. SUV enthusiasts are thrilled with the performance of the Lexus GX. Dreaming of buying a crossover, you should carefully look at the RX brand. However, the manufacturer does not stop there, confirming that there is no limit to perfection. The Lexus range is constantly updated with new products. And every time the quality of the cars gets better.

And again the Japanese is ahead

Studying the ratings for reliability, you can always find a Japanese car Honda in the top ten cars. Determining the quality of the machine, experts compare the performance with the average. So, the reliability indicator of this Japanese brand is 25 points higher than the average level. The Honda car was in the first lines of the ratings for a long time, until other manufacturers slightly pressed it. But the Japanese do not give up: the course is taken to improve the quality of the assembly and refuse to cooperate with unreliable component suppliers.

lexus lineup

And as a result, reliability has become higher. The facts testify to this. The Japanese concern once again proved its competitiveness and pleased the supporters of this brand of car. Today the Honda car issales leader. There is no doubt about its reliability.

Reliability at an affordable price

Of course, not every buyer can afford an expensive and reliable car. But in each class of car you can find the best value for money. Moreover, both among Russian manufacturers and foreign ones.

Traditionally, many motorists prefer foreign cars. But it's time to reconsider your views. For example, a car like the Niva is very popular with the same Germans in Germany, thanks to its reliability, reliability and a very good price.

honda car

But if you really want to buy a foreign car, then you can buy an inexpensive reliable car from Japanese concerns. Breaks the sales record for Kia Ceed. You can often see Honda Civic, Peugeot 408, Hyudai i30 on the roads. In the compact plus class, the Germans take the lead. There is no equal AUDI A3 in terms of reliability, comfort and technical characteristics. Among the middle class sedans, there are several cars. But, perhaps, the sales championship is won by Toyota Camry.

What motorists say

Mitsubishi is another car that is in great demand on the Russian market. For its price and quality is quite the best option. The Japanese company dates back to 1917 and sells its cars in 160 countries around the world. She cooperates with many foreign companies.

Since 2010, this car has been created at a plant in Russia, which is located near Kaluga. The company successfully cooperateswith a French car manufacturing company. Of course, such a tandem made it possible to reduce the cost of the car, making it more affordable for Russians.

inexpensive reliable car

Mitsubishi car reviews are very different, but mostly positive. Motorists note the comfort in the cabin, the stylish appearance of the car, good handling. This car is not picky about the quality of the road surface, which is also important for our conditions.

You can safely drive on the dirt road, there is an emergency braking necessary in difficult and unforeseen situations. Among the minuses are called a harsh suspension, an insufficiently large trunk (not very convenient for summer residents), poor sound insulation.

Long road to success

Subaru cars are one of the most demanded on the market today. They are compact, consume little gasoline, and are very convenient in urban environments. Their reliability, combined with a reasonable price, has gained popularity in all countries of the world, primarily in the USA.

mitsubishi reviews

And Russian motorists respect this brand. And the Japanese company began with the production of budget cars with the funny name "Rabbit". Improving its products, the automobile concern for a long time could not seriously move into the market. But improving the quality of cars, the company has achieved great success since 1974. America became the main importer of the brand.

In 1992, the company offered customers a new car called Impreza. This car won five prizes in the rally on variousinternational competitions. Of the novelties of recent years, the Subaru HM-01 is popular with motorists. Another interesting development of Japanese designers is the Forester model. It is considered an off-road vehicle.

It also depends on the driver

Every car enthusiast has their own opinion about what is the most reliable brand of car today. For example, Mercedes-Benz owners say they are proud of their purchase and would not trade this car for any other brand.

Advertising this brand with confidence guarantees that this car is one and for life. The way it is. Other car enthusiasts will praise BMW or Lexus. And they will be right too.

subaru cars

But any, even the most modern, reliable and safe car requires a respectful and careful attitude. An inadequate driver of a cool foreign car will be a frequent customer of car dealerships. Of course, the manufacturers in this case are not to blame.

In good and caring hands, even an inexpensive car can serve for a long time and reliably. When deciding on a purchase, this human factor must also be taken into account.

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