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The most reliable cars in the world: review, rating and features

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The most reliable cars in the world: review, rating and features
The most reliable cars in the world: review, rating and features

It is necessary to evaluate the reliability of a car according to several criteria at once. Some brands have a practically unkillable suspension, while others are famous for high-quality engines. But the most reliable car is the one that will be highly rated on several criteria at once.

first place

What is reliability?

First of all, you need to deal with this issue, and only then move on. Reliability must combine a number of qualities and characteristics, among which the following should be highlighted:

  • durability - the ability to use the vehicle with regular and high-quality maintenance;
  • Car uptime - the time during which vehicle repairs are not required;
  • workability shows the actual service life, which is compared with the data given in the technical documentation for the vehicle.

Based on these parameters, and we can draw conclusions about which car is the most reliable. But alsothat's not all, but first things first.

Japanese auto industry quality

According to the results of many studies, Lexus takes the first place in the ranking. This brand is considered one of the most reliable. If a few years ago there were certain problems with electronics, they were eliminated. Currently, even on a run of 300-400 thousand kilometers, the electronic systems of the engine, gearboxes and suspensions work stably and predictably.

Chassis "Lexus", this is a separate topic for conversation. Suspension parts have a safety margin of 25-30%. This suggests that even with untimely maintenance, unforeseen breakdowns do not occur. This plays into the hands of the driver, since the vehicle remains in service for some time, but it is still not worth using it regularly.

audi a6

Mazda and Toyota

The second place is deservedly occupied by the Japanese car Mazda. Experts highlight the almost flawless operation of the electronics and Skyactiv technology, which significantly increased the reliability of gasoline and diesel engines by stabilizing the compression ratio. The engineers managed to increase the resource, power, as well as the mileage before the overhaul of the internal combustion engine. Therefore, if we consider the most reliable used cars, then this is definitely Mazda SkyAktiv.

Third place goes to another Japanese company Toyota. True, in this case, the opinions of experts and motorists themselves are not so unambiguous. One side transmission"Toyota" deserves respect, and it does not matter at all what kind of box, automatic, robot or mechanic is worth. All of them go for a long time, and are repaired, as a rule, without significant costs. At the same time, there are some problems with the chassis and electronics. But the third place in terms of points is still for Toyota.

third place Toyota

About German quality

Oddly enough, we are not talking about Mercedes or BMW at all. "Audi takes the fourth place. The last time the Germans got the title of" most reliable car of the year "was in 2015. This year they managed to take only 4th step.The main advantage is the use of an aluminum body.This material has significantly reduced the weight of the car, provide almost complete protection against corrosion.True, here you need to understand that any body repair will be very expensive.This is due to the increased melting temperature of aluminum and the need to use a special Audi owners note the reliability of the gearbox and electronics.There are some problems with the chassis, and repairs are not cheap, but such is the price for comfort.

The most reliable cars for Russia

Operating a vehicle in Europe is one thing, quite another in Russia, where the roads are not in perfect condition and the weather conditions are quite severe. It is for these reasons that more attention should be paid to the suspension and clearance. The ideal option, according to the absolute majority, is the Nissan X-Trail.The running car is just designed for off-road driving, and a ground clearance of 21 cm makes it easy to overcome various obstacles. The most popular engine is 2.0 liters, whose power is 141 horsepower. This is a completely reliable and easy-to-maintain engine, the power reserve of which is enough for a comfortable ride.

honda insignia

Another extremely popular model in Russia is Renault Duster. Spring independent suspension is simple and very reliable. Along with a ground clearance of 20 cm, this car handles rough terrain very well. The buyer is offered several engines to choose from: diesel (1.5 liters), gasoline internal combustion engine (1.6 and 2.0 liters). The interior does not have the luxury that can be found in German cars, everything is concise and extremely simple. But this is not surprising, because the model is budget, but reliable, which is quite enough for many Russians.

Porsche: reliability and price

This brand is gradually rising in the rating, but it is still difficult to call these cars reliable. Although over the past few years a positive trend has been noticed, which is due to the installation of power units from SUVs to sedans. For example, Panamera or Cayenne received high marks, but such cars Boxter and Cayman love attention. These cars have capricious engines that require regular expensive maintenance. Of course, the owner of a Porsche will not save on maintenance, but manufacturers can somewhat optimize the operation of the internal combustion engine. If we talk about the most reliable models, then this is Macanand Panamera. Moreover, the latter is considered exclusively with rear-wheel drive. In general, for such a price, you can make a more reliable car, almost all experts agreed on this.

kia sportage

Honda's i-VTEC system

If a few years ago this brand would not have got into the rating for anything, now these are really the most reliable and economical cars. The thing is that the company back in 1998 developed an electronic system for changing the valve stroke time. But the first models were not the most successful. Sometimes it came to the failure of the executive hydraulics. Only 15 years later, engineers managed to achieve the ideal operation of the system. This allowed not only to increase the efficiency of the engine, but also to increase power. Another move from the Honda company is the rejection of the multi-link suspension. Sacrificing comfort, it was possible to achieve increased reliability. This was highly appreciated by experts.

Besides this, there is something else to be proud of. It is worth paying attention at least to the interior trim. Even in the basic configuration, high-quality plastic is used, there are no extraneous sounds, which in general had a positive effect on sales. The best model is considered to be the Honda Civic Si, which has a highly accelerated engine.

Best budget option

The Korean brand "Kia" still managed to bypass its rival "Hyundai". It was possible to break into the lead due to the high reliability of the power unit. With proper maintenance, the engine runs for a long time and does not cause trouble to the owner. Many repairs cost relativelyinexpensive. If you use high-quality oils and consumables, then a major overhaul will not be needed soon. Developers are constantly improving their cars and eliminating minor flaws that can seriously damage the reputation. The most popular model is the Kia Sportage. The gearbox has lost its "failures" during operation, while maintaining the same reliability. This also applies to electronics, which were not designed for increased loads and often failed during operation in bad weather conditions.

toyota rav 4

All this allowed the company to significantly rise in the rankings. Yes, and motorists note the high build quality of Kia, an affordable price segment and a durable body. True, there are also disadvantages here - the chassis. It has yet to be brought to the proper quality. Nevertheless, considering the most reliable inexpensive cars, it is worth remembering Kia first of all.


Of course, many would like to know what are the most reliable used cars. But this question is almost impossible to answer. After all, too much depends on the maintenance and operating conditions of the vehicle. But among others, it is worth highlighting such brands as Nissan. The first problems with the chassis begin after a run of 100 thousand kilometers. Therefore, when buying, you should definitely pay attention to the condition of ball joints, silent blocks and shock absorbers.

not ranked

As for BVM and Mercedes,then everything is ambiguous. The fact is that there may be problems with the electronics and engine systems. Therefore, it is still better to save a little money and buy a new car or buy simpler and cheaper cars to maintain. Moreover, you should not buy famous brands with powerful motors for the last money, because you still have to service this beast.

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