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VAZ-2106 dashboard tuning: ideas and tips

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VAZ-2106 dashboard tuning: ideas and tips
VAZ-2106 dashboard tuning: ideas and tips

The legendary "six" began to roll off the assembly line in 1975. Since that time, she has won the love of millions of motorists. Many of them even united in interest clubs. The specified model was actively modernized by amateurs externally and internally. Next, consider ways to tune the dashboard of the VAZ-2106.

Dashboard VAZ 2106
Dashboard VAZ 2106


In the interior of the "six" there are not so many details that can be modernized. Interior decoration is extremely modest, without frills. If you drive a car at night, a clear minus catches your eye regarding the insufficient lighting of the VAZ-2106 dashboard. Tuning in this direction can be done independently.

To perform manipulations to change the color and brightness of the backlight, you will need the following materials:

  • white instrument dials;
  • three LEDs for large fixtures and one element each for small fixtures;
  • cartridges for light elements;
  • special self-adhesive film;
  • wires.

Stages of work

At the initial stage of improving the illumination of VAZ-2106 instrumentsit is necessary to dismantle the panel shield, as a result of which access to the indicators appears. Next, remove all index arrows. Then a couple of small bolts are unscrewed and the scales are removed. To dismantle the speedometer pointers, unscrew the screws and turn the scale to the left. At this stage, the gauge needle will drop slightly and begin to dangle. After it fades, you need to mark the position with a marker. This is necessary for the subsequent accurate operation of the speedometer.

After dismantling all the scales, they start pasting them. New white elements are applied over standard equipment. So that the background does not merge with the arrows, they are highlighted in a different color. To improve the backlight, you will need to remove the light filter, then you can start mounting the LEDs. For these purposes, metal plinths are used, which are heated and mounted on the side parts of the panel. If there are VAZ-2106 devices in dark-colored cases, it is advisable to lighten them with a white “self-adhesive”.

At the final stage, the LEDs are connected by connecting them to the main wiring of the vehicle through wires. As a result, it will turn out to change the color of the scales and arrows, as well as improve the backlight, which is immediately noticeable when driving at night. Most representatives of the domestic "classics" will improve in a similar way.

Tuning dashboard VAZ 2106
Tuning dashboard VAZ 2106

Torpedo modernization

In most foreign cars, this part is quite functional and looks quite presentable. Alas, the same cannot be said about the interior of the VAZ-2106. Torpedo "six"made very "clumsily", which forces the owners to upgrade it.

The most popular option is to replace a regular element with a modern analogue. Installing an updated panel will not only change the external part of the car, but also add functionality. The disadvantage of such manipulation is its high cost (from 5-6 thousand rubles, taking into account all materials and components).

Economical way

If the budget for the purchase of a new torpedo is not enough, you can go the other way. Some owners simply change the color of the specified part. As a paint material, liquid rubber is used, which is used for processing car bodies in specialized workshops. This method of tuning the VAZ-2106 dashboard is very simple and does not require significant capital investments. The disadvantages include the fragility of the finish, after 5-6 months re-painting will be required.

Another method of improvement is reupholstering the surface with leatherette. This is a real option for improving the part, but not every driver will be able to handle this on their own. In workshops, such services cost at least three thousand rubles.

Parts for tuning the dashboard VAZ 2106
Parts for tuning the dashboard VAZ 2106

VAZ-2106 dashboard covers

Tuning of the specified part of the vehicle is carried out by installing a special overlay. This element acts not only as a decoration, but also carries a protective option in the cabin. The price of the issue is in the region of two thousand rubles. To install a bright lining, you will need to remove the torpedo. It's being solvedby loosening the fixing screws. The dismantled part is thoroughly wiped from dust and degreased.

The removed torpedo is treated with sandpaper and coated with adhesive. After that, carefully install the overlay and wait for the glue to dry. To avoid creaking of the new part, it is additionally fixed with self-tapping screws and another layer of glue. It must be remembered that a long stay of the car in direct sunlight has a detrimental effect on the overlay.

Tuning VAZ 2106
Tuning VAZ 2106

Electronic speedometer for VAZ

Particular attention is paid to the speed indicator on the instrument panel. It is located next to the tachometer showing engine speed. Removing this element is somewhat more difficult than other devices. To dismantle the speedometer, you need to press the panel latches and move the structure towards yourself. Then unscrew the cable of the device located in its rear part. Then the fasteners are disconnected, the cable of the mileage mechanism is carefully removed.

Modernization of the device can be done with the help of LEDs and replacement of scales with arrows. As an alternative, the standard speedometer is replaced with an electronic version. In this case, the cable will be an extra element, it is simply removed. To install a new fixture, you will need an impulse-type sensor with wiring and M-18 threads. Given the wiring diagram, additional soldering will be required. When installing the part, it is important to observe the joint connection of the pluses of the tachometer and speedometer to ensure synchronous readings.

Elements of tuning dashboard VAZ 2106
Elements of tuning dashboard VAZ 2106


Knowing how to tune the instrument panel on the Zhiguli yourself, you can save a lot. In addition, any owner approaches the processing of his cars responsibly at every stage. The cost of similar services in specialized centers is much more expensive, and the quality is not always guaranteed. The simple manipulations and recommendations given above will allow to radically change the “tidy”. In addition to improving the appearance, you will receive additional protection and some useful options that will be useful for the domestic "six".

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