GAS A21R22: specifications, photos and reviews

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GAS A21R22: specifications, photos and reviews
GAS A21R22: specifications, photos and reviews

Gazelle is the most popular light truck in Russia. This car first appeared in the distant 1994. Of course, today the Gazelle is produced in a different guise. A few years ago, the classic Gazelle was replaced by a new generation of "Next", which means "next" in translation. The car received a different design, as well as other technical stuffing. In our article, we will pay attention to the GAZ Gazelle Next A21R22 model. This is a short-wheelbase low-tonnage vehicle, which is produced with an onboard platform or with an all-metal van.


gas next a21r22
gas next a21r22

The appearance of the car has changed significantly compared to the "Business". This is a completely new generation of trucks. Of the positive aspects of the GAZ Next A21R22 car, in their reviews, people note a wide cabin. Due to this, there was an order of magnitude more space inside. What the GAZ "Next" A21R22 looks like externally, the reader can see in our article.

The cabin received newcontours, was replaced by optics and bumper. The radiator grill is still large. Of the benefits - plastic wings. I must say that, unlike the old cabins, the new ones do not rust. The quality of painting has improved markedly, reviews say. Aluminum sides also appeared. The use of aluminum fundamentally solved the problem of ever-rusting bodies in the gazelle. But it was not without drawbacks. According to reviews, the frame of the GAZ A21R22 (Gazelle) truck is poorly protected from corrosion. It still rusts a lot, especially in winter.

Owners have to regularly tint it and carry out anti-corrosion treatment.

Dimensions, clearance, load capacity

gas a21r22
gas a21r22

As we said earlier, GAZ A21R22 is a short wheelbase version of trucks. So, the total length of the car is 5.63 meters. Wheelbase - 3, 15 meters. The length of the front and rear overhang is 0, 85 and 2 meters, respectively. Width excluding mirrors - 2.07 meters. Height - 2, 14 meters. At the same time, the car has a good ground clearance (17 centimeters). Thanks to this, the car can be safely operated both in the city and in the countryside. At the same time, the car is quite maneuverable. The turning radius of the car is 5.6 meters. As for the load capacity, it remains unchanged at 1500 kg.

Car interior

gazelle gas a21r22
gazelle gas a21r22

Let's move inside Next. The salon has many differences compared to the previous generation of Gazelles. First of all, it is necessary to note the updated front panel. She isreceived a modern design. There are a lot of niches and a roomy glove compartment. There are electric windows. A two-din radio appeared on the center console.

The dashboard has changed. In the center of the shield is the on-board computer. The steering wheel has become more comfortable. The shape of the seats has also changed. Now the chair has more pronounced lateral support, and in expensive trim levels there is an armrest. Unfortunately, the location of the gearshift lever has not changed. The handle is still in the floor, which greatly hides the salon space.

Among other shortcomings is the poor quality of the plastic. It is stiff and rattles over bumps, just like the old gazelles. Also the soundproofing quality is poor. Many owners take apart some parts of the cabin and glue it additionally. Nevertheless, the salon turned out to be quite successful. The car has become more comfortable than the "Business".


gas next
gas next

One of the main features of Next series trucks is a new diesel engine. This is a Chinese Cummins turbodiesel engine with a displacement of 2.8 liters. The motor has an in-line four-cylinder layout. The compression ratio of the power unit is 16.5.

Maximum power - 120 horsepower. At first glance, this may not seem enough, since the gasoline ZMZ-405 produced up to 150 horses. But since the diesel engine has a much lower torque shelf, it feels like the Cummins is more high-torque than the gasoline ZMZ. By the way, the latter was no longer installed on "Nexts". Instead, GAZinstalls "Ecotech" from UMP. However, the last power unit did not receive such positive reviews. Compared to Cummins, it is more voracious, while less powerful. The only way to save on consumption is to install gas-balloon equipment on the car (propane-butane).

What do the reviews say about the diesel engine? At first, many had doubts about the resource, since the motor was produced in China. But as practice has shown, the engine is very tenacious and runs about half a million kilometers without problems. For light commercial vehicles, this is a very good indicator.

Now it is appropriate to sort out the main issues regarding fuel consumption. According to passport data, GAZ A21R22 consumes 10.3 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers in a combined cycle. But as practice shows, the consumption is slightly different. The owners give the following figures: from 11 to 12.5 liters. It is worth saying that the consumption largely depends on the height of the booth and the presence of a spoiler.

Gearbox - standard, five-speed. In the new year, the manufacturer promises to install a six-speed gearbox. And the gearshift lever is already proposed to be placed on the panel, as on foreign cars.

Prices and equipment levels

At the moment, a short-wheelbase GAZ A21R22 with a Cummins diesel engine can be purchased for 1,250,000 rubles. This will be the onboard version as standard. An extended modification will cost from 1 million 280 thousand rubles. For an additional fee, the buyer is offered the following set of options:

  • ABS system - 15thousand rubles.
  • Air conditioner - 50 thousand.
  • Locking rear differential - 30 thousand.
  • Cargo platform with plywood coating and aluminum sides - 90 thousand rubles.

Also, the buyer is offered a package of options "Comfort". It includes:

  • Luxury driver's seat with armrest.
  • Fog lights.
  • Electric rear mirrors.
  • Two din radio with USB support.
  • Multi steering wheel.
  • Navigation system.
  • Heater.


gas a21r22 next
gas a21r22 next

GAZ A21R22 is one of the most affordable trucks in its class at the moment. The car has a good margin of safety, but still inferior to foreign competitors in terms of comfort. But the main indicator when buying commercial vehicles is the cost of the car. In this regard, "Next" remains out of competition, for which it has become so widespread.