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Replacing a seat belt on a car
Replacing a seat belt on a car

Good pavement, beautiful summer day, speed up to 300 km/h, stylish car rushing like clockwork – don't think about accidents! But the suspension, brakes fail, the car no longer obeys steering commands - nothing will save you from a collision with an obstacle. How to protect yourself in such moments? This is where the driver will remember with gratitude the developer of the seat belt, Nils Bohlin, a Swedish engineer. According to statistics, in 75% of cases out of 100, it is the seat belt that saves lives in emergency situations, the replacement of which is important when it is worn out. What to do if this part fails? Let's turn to expert opinion.

Common problem

seat belt replacement vaz 2110
seat belt replacement vaz 2110

It is often necessary to talk about replacing the seat belt if it does not pull out of the landing slot. But first you need to understand the basis of its functioning. When the belt is jammed, we can safely say: the locking mechanism has broken. This happens as a result of traffic accidents, so after such events you need to carefully check eachdetail in the car, even belts.

About the working principle

Seat belts are divided by the number of attachment points into two-, three- and five-point. The latter are considered the most reliable, since they do not injure passengers in the event of a collision. To understand how to fix a broken part, you first need to understand how it works. The seat belt consists of the following parts:

  • Fasteners that are installed directly on the car frame.
  • The lock provides the detachable part of the mechanism. It is arranged very simply - there is a pin on the metal tongue, which, getting into the internal mechanism, is threaded into a special hole and securely fixed in it.
  • Inertial coils. They allow you to adjust the length of the belt to suit your needs.
  • Stoppers allow you to fix the tape in the event of a sharp blow. They consist of a torsion bar that acts as a coil.
Belt won't pull out of seat
Belt won't pull out of seat

What causes problems?

There are many reasons why the defense mechanism refuses to fulfill its main purpose.

  1. Basic wear causes the safety latch to fail. The locking system or any one of its components becomes obsolete from frequent use. A wedged strap indicates a high percentage of wear on the mechanism. It is especially difficult for the owner of the vehicle, whom the problem took by surprise on the way.
  2. Seat belt replacement may be required in case of low temperatures.
  3. Post-Accident Blocking: If the squibs are triggered on impact, the entire system will need to be replaced.
seat belt pretensioner replacement
seat belt pretensioner replacement

How does a motorist understand that the lock is stuck?

Ways to recognize the problem:

  • On different brands of cars, the manufacturer has provided a variety of options to warn the driver about the presence of a defect. In some situations, an audible alarm will sound.
  • In vehicles equipped with on-board computers, the indicator on the on-board computer lights up.
  • There are models on the market that will hear a click that is not typical for a security system. This can also serve as a malfunction signal.

The prudent motorist always carries diagnostic tools with him. In particular, a scanner will help to recognize breakdowns of various etiologies.

Difficulty of repair

Inertial seat belt can be found in VAZ cars of the 10th family. It has a strap lock and return mechanism. Fasteners can be different: in the form of a screw, a pin. There is also a built-in ball mechanism. The strap automatically returns to its original position. Almost all cars of domestic and foreign production are equipped with just such belts. Inertial models themselves adjust to the structure of a person, depending on his height and configuration.

Reinertia and back straps

The nuances of replacing belts on a VAZ
The nuances of replacing belts on a VAZ

Non-inertial belts differ from the previous ones in that they do not return tostarting point, like previous models. A person independently selects a certain length of the strap. The ideal position is considered to be such a size that there is a palm-sized distance between the fastened strap and the chest.

Replacement of the rear seat belt will be helped by the advice of service specialists.

  • Rear seat cushion and backrest are removable.
  • Similar actions are carried out with the lining of the rear shelf. The decorative overlay comes unfastened.
  • First, the screw of the upper latch is unscrewed. Next, you need to remove the plug from the bottom bolt.
  • The coil is disconnected. The protective tape is passed through the hole in the rear shelf and removed.

Repair process at Skoda Octavia

It takes some skill to fix. In this regard, it is necessary to figure out what tasks the master will have to solve. "Stops latching the device" - drivers usually characterize the incorrect operation of the part in this way. How is the seat belt buckle replaced on a car?

Use a flat screwdriver to try to remove the case. Next, you need to disassemble the body into two parts. After that, you will see two contacts. The first is responsible for blocking the mechanism, and the second is for disconnecting it. The first one needs to be slightly bent, having previously been cleaned of dirt and dust. Assembly is carried out in the opposite direction. This may solve the problem of a loose belt.

Toyota Repair Tricks

toyota seat belt replacement
toyota seat belt replacement

How to replace a seat belt on a Toyota? Notit is imperative to immediately proceed to a complete analysis of the mechanism, sometimes it is enough to tighten the spring. To do this, the plastic panel on the stand is removed, the strap block is unscrewed. The spring is located under the plastic casing of the body, where the squib is located. The casing is removed by unscrewing the screws, for this you need an asterisk screwdriver. The spring in the "snail" must be tightened. In some models of machines in the body of the "snail" there is a hole into which it is necessary to insert an awl in order to fix the position of the finished spring. Next, the part is put back.

The nuances of replacing belts on VAZ

On VAZ-2110 cars, the seat belt can be replaced using the right tools. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • The safety coil needs to be removed. Dismantling of seats is optional.
  • Disassembly from the oil spring side requires care, you can cut yourself.
  • Having removed the cover in a horizontal position, you need to get 4 pistons.
  • Without much effort, you should start disassembling the coil and find the ratchet mechanism.
  • When you get to the elements subject to constant friction, you have to remove clots of grease, as this interferes with normal functioning.

Mechanical parts are best lubricated with non-freezing compounds. Reliability and efficiency of the working condition of the belts are achieved by bending the copper foot. Under the weight of the ball, it unbends and ceases to act. in this case, the block with the ball must not be removed in any case.

belt replacementsecurity
belt replacementsecurity

The process of replacing the seat belt pretensioner is somewhat more complicated: you have to move the seat to the extreme position and remove it completely. The power must be turned off and the battery disconnected. First you need to disconnect all the fastenings of the belts, and then the power block from the mechanism. Usually this part is painted in a bright color - yellow or red. After that, you can completely remove the belt and replace it with a new one.

If you experience difficulties, it is recommended to stop by the service station and order an inexpensive service to perform repair procedures and replace this vital part.

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