Car "Ural 43203": the strength and power of the domestic auto industry

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Car "Ural 43203": the strength and power of the domestic auto industry
Car "Ural 43203": the strength and power of the domestic auto industry

Since the start of production of the base model, November 17, 1977, the truck has been significantly modernized, but is still being produced today. These vehicles are intended mainly for special units. They are popular in the military and riot police structures. Also found application in the domestic police. A distinctive feature of the Ural 43203 model is an economical diesel engine. The latest generation of equipment is equipped with motors assembled in Yaroslavl, with a capacity of 230-312 horsepower.

Assignment of the model

The car "Ural 43203" at the heart of the design has a high-strength bearing frame. The unique cross-country ability of the vehicle is provided by all-wheel drive and single tires. The truck is designed to transport people and goods in off-road conditions at any ambient temperature. The all-wheel drive design makes it easy to negotiate ravines up to 60° in areas with snowdrifts and marshy swamps.

"Ural 43203" successfullyused in the commercial industry, the service sector and housing and communal services, the mining industry. Most of all, the equipment is in demand for army needs, due to its high practicality and durability. A cross-country vehicle is used to transport heavy military equipment over long distances.

Truck device

Auto models Ural 20343
Auto models Ural 20343

At the heart of the car is a reinforced rigid load-bearing structure made of high-strength steel. The total length of the truck reaches 8 m, width - 2.5 m, height - more than 2.7 m. The front suspension is mounted on a pair of semi-elliptical springs with a hydraulic damping system. The rear is balanced by jet rods. The motor unit is located at the front of the machine. To facilitate access to the engine, a hinged hood cover is provided. Such characteristics make "Ural" unique.

Truck cab

Car model Ural 43203
Car model Ural 43203

The cab is equipped on the sides with wide protruding wings to protect against potential mechanical damage. The all-metal housing is equipped with additional systems to improve comfort: ventilation, thermal and sound insulation and heating. The instrument panel is located at a convenient distance from the driver, the data is easy to read. The seat is adjustable according to the individual parameters of the driver. Good overview data is provided by enlarged rear-view mirrors and a large panoramicglass. Vehicle control (TC) steering with hydraulic booster.

Internal stuffing

Synchronized gearbox operates at 5 speeds, transfer two-stage, has a center differential lock. The brake system of the truck is thought out to the smallest detail and works flawlessly in any situation, it is adjusted depending on external reasons:

  • working - drum type with pneumatic hydraulic drive;
  • has an auxiliary engine brake retarder;
  • equipped with a drum-type parking brake.
Car model Ural 43203
Car model Ural 43203

Frictional single plate clutch provides instantaneous one-touch shifting.

Fuel consumption

The total diesel fuel capacity is 300 liters. Consumption depends on the terrain of movement. The average speed requires about 40 liters of diesel fuel, with a decrease to 40 km / h, the volume is reduced to 35 liters. On average, a full tank of fuel is enough to cover a distance of 1,000 kilometers. The maximum possible chassis speed is 85 km/h.

Auto models Ural 20343
Auto models Ural 20343

The air regulation system provides the ability to automatically control tire pressure and continue driving when the tube is punctured. Tires of all wheels are closed in a single system with closed taps, pressure adjustment occurs simultaneously on all wheels.

Car body

"Ural 43203" is classified as a "chassis" with a reinforced front suspension and the ability tointegration of a strong metal van or complex technical installations. Depending on the destination on the carrier platform, install:

  • Van body with folding seats and metal armored bars on the windows (for OMON fighters).
  • A unit for dewaxing, as on the model "Ural 43203 ADPM-12/150", designed to pump oil under pressure or hot water for technical needs.

The maximum allowable weight of the transported cargo reaches 7 tons while maintaining speed capabilities.

In the "Ural 43203" model, technical characteristics are improved due to powerful towing devices on the frame and a hard bumper. The towing system and hooks are made of high-quality steel and have an increased margin of safety.

In general, the model differs from the standard modification in improved power characteristics. Truck "Ural 43203" has a more reliable and durable design and extended wheelbase. The cab has received a design and technical update with driver comfort in mind.