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Models "Lada" - the history of the domestic auto industry

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Models "Lada" - the history of the domestic auto industry
Models "Lada" - the history of the domestic auto industry

The Lada models, photos of which can be seen in the article, are a whole automotive family that has been produced for half a century. Cars of this brand have two names. "Zhiguli" was intended for the domestic market, "Lada" was produced for export. This line belongs to the AvtoVAZ automobile concern. This family included seven models, which, in turn, had several modifications. They differed not only externally, but also internally "filling".

The first model - VAZ-2101 - has been produced since 1970, and the last model of this car line was removed from the production line in 2012. It was from that time that a new era of Lada began in AvtoVAZ, which is assembled on the Renault Logan platform.


The new, at that time still Soviet, automobile plant VAZ signed a contract with the Italian concern Fiat. This was the impetus for the appearance of the Lada 2101 model. This concern gave AvtoVAZ a license, according to which it could producea copy of the car number 124. Actually, this was the first Zhiguli model. The main differences between the VAZ-2101 and the Italian car were minor improvements. Production began in 1970.

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This model is a rear wheel drive sedan. The car belonged to a small class. She had four doors, five people fit in the cabin. The motor of these machines, like the transmission, was located longitudinally to the body. The engine was in-line and four-cylinder, had a volume of 1200 liters, and its power was 64 liters. With. Transmission in four gears. The suspension was of a semi-independent type, built according to the classical system. "Kopeyka" was removed from the assembly line of the plant in 1988.


A year after the VAZ-2101, in 1971, the production of the second Lada model with the index 2102 began. This car was the same as the "penny" in all respects, with the exception of the modification, since it was a wagon. This model was discontinued in 1986.


In 1972, the third model was launched under the name VAZ-2103. This car had design differences from the first two versions. In particular, there was a different lining, the instrument panel has changed. The suspension of the car remained identical, and the engine was installed more modernized. It had a volume of 1450 liters and gave out 77 liters. With. The transmission was no different. This model was discontinued in 1984.


fret models

In 1976, a modernized variation of the Lada model with the index 2103 appeared, called the VAZ-2106. The car hadslight differences in design, but the body as a whole was unchanged. The car was equipped with an improved engine. It had a volume of up to 1600 liters, and the power was 76 liters. With. The transmission was originally a four-speed and later a five-speed. This model has been in production for a long time and was discontinued in 2005.


In 1979, AvtoVAZ developed a modification of the Lada model, which was assigned a working index of 2105. The new car was released in a sedan body. The car had rectangular front and rear lights. And it was these elements that significantly distinguished it from its predecessors. It was equipped with engines that were originally with a carburetor, and then with an injector.

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Power ranged from 64 to 80 hp. with., and volumes - from 1200 to 1600 liters. Further, on the basis of this variation, other Lada models were created: the VAZ-2104 station wagon, as well as the sedan with the 2107 index. The cars were produced for quite a long time. "Five" was discontinued in 2010, and "four" and "seven" - in 2012.

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