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Engine oil "Liqui Moli Moligen 5W30": description, characteristics

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Engine oil "Liqui Moli Moligen 5W30": description, characteristics
Engine oil "Liqui Moli Moligen 5W30": description, characteristics

Engine oil "Liqui Moli Moligen 5W30" is very popular among car owners. The quality of the lubricant is guaranteed by the German manufacturer, Liqui Moly GmbH. The company produces a large number of types of automotive oils. The company has been operating in this area of production for more than 60 years and during this time has taken a leading position. In addition to the line of motor oils, Liquid Moli produces specialized equipment for cars (seat belts, child car seats), car chemicals for car care and much more. The manufacturer has many awards and prizes in various categories, one way or another related to the world of automotive technology.

racing car
racing car

Oil review

"Liqui Moly Moligen 5W30" is a product of HC-synthesis. The characteristics of the oil correspond to high-quality synthetics, but the lubricant is a semi-mineral substance obtained by deep oil refining - hydrocracking.

In the molecular structure of the oil there are unique elements, tungsten and molybdenum ions. This manufacturing technology is called MFC. Thanks to it, the oil is able to form a fairly strong oil film, which will provide reliable protection to engine parts and assemblies.

Liqui Moli Moligen 5W30 oil protects the engine from premature wear. Having high quality characteristics, the grease has a stable viscosity and retains its properties over a very long period of operation. The lubricant has a low volatility and very little consumption of carbon deposits. This has a positive effect on the oil change interval, which can be extended up to certain limits.

This Liquid Moli oil is cost-effective. According to the manufacturer, the product is able to save fuel up to 5%.

german grease
german grease

Operating area

Liqui Moli Moligen 5W30 oil (synthetic) is designed for use in modern engines running on gasoline or diesel fuel. Suitable for engines equipped with a turbocharger and with an exhaust aftertreatment system.

The oil has been subjected to many tests and trials. The product can be used at any time of the year. It will provide a smooth and trouble-free start-up of a "cold" engine at sub-zero ambient temperatures.

The lubricant was targeted primarily at American and Asian car brands. So,Approval for use was obtained from Ford, Chrysler, Honda, KIA, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Subaru and some others. At the same time, the list of cars can not be limited if the power units meet the lubricant specification.

The oil supports any driving style and any power load.

moligen oil
moligen oil

Technical info

Specifications "Liqui Moli Moligen 5W30" have the following parameters:

  • the product is characterized by all-weather use and meets all SAE requirements, which is why it is a full-fledged 5W30;
  • Kinematic viscosity at 40℃ is 61.4mm²/s;
  • Kinematic viscosity at 100℃ will be 10.7mm²/s;
  • Consistency density at 15 ℃ - 0.850g/cm³;
  • viscosity index is 166;
  • base number, which characterizes the washing properties of the oil, is 7.1 mg KOH/g;
  • flame temperature is within the normal range for this type of oil - 230 ℃;
  • minus lubricant crystallization threshold - 42 ℃.

The oily liquid has a greenish tint, sometimes fluorescent.

Specifications and packaging

"Liqui Moli Moligen 5W30", being a quality product of German manufacture, meets all the regulations and standards that are required by relevant organizations.

Yes, bythe requirements of the American Petroleum Institute, the product has been assigned quality indices SN / CF. The SN class involves the use of lubricants in modern gasoline engines that can run on biofuels. Motors can be multi-valve, operating under heavy load conditions. The CF license implies the use of oil in diesel units equipped with split injection systems and a high sulfur content in the fuel.

Japan-American Joint Standards Committee ILSAC provided the opportunity to meet the GF-5 indicator. The oil is defined as energy-saving, enhanced anti-wear and works in tandem with emission control systems.

Oil is poured into plastic canisters of 1, 4, 5 or 60 liters and metal containers with a capacity of 205 liters.

fluid replacement
fluid replacement


There are many reviews and tests of this product. Reviews about "Liquid Moli Moligen 5W30" are mostly positive. Of the features, car owners and professionals note a good oil density, excellent detergent properties, easy engine start in the winter season, and an acceptable price. Due to the unique protection against fakes, counterfeit products are almost never found.

Many drivers, pouring this lubricating fluid into the engine, noted more stable engine operation, without extraneous noise and oil operation over a longer mileage interval than regulated.

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