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Oil 5W30 "Liquid Moli": description and reviews

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Oil 5W30 "Liquid Moli": description and reviews
Oil 5W30 "Liquid Moli": description and reviews

Motor oil "Liqui Moli" 5W30 is manufactured by the German concern Liqui Moly GmbH. This is a private company specializing in the production and production of automotive oils, additives and various lubricants.

The German brand's range includes seat belts, car care products, bicycles, gardening equipment, motorcycles and more. In the late 80s, the company created a branded canister for its motor oil, which still serves today. Liquid Moli lubricants are supplied to many countries of the world, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Japan and other countries. Liquid Moli sponsors racing events.

race car liquid moli
race car liquid moli

Liqui Moly Lubricants

Oil fluids from a German manufacturer are distinguished by high quality workmanship, a balanced structural basis and universal properties. The use of this product in automobile engines guarantees a safe and easy start-up of the power unit at any time of the year and under any temperature conditions. Oil "Liquid"Moli" 5W30 is a traditional German quality that extends the life of an internal combustion engine on any vehicle.

In addition to standard types of oils, in the early 2000s, the company is launching a new line of lubricating fluids and specialized Tor Tes lubricants. The latest achievement of Liqui Moly was the improvement of the oil product - Molygen NG, which was developed based on MFC technologies.

For the past 7 years, Liqui Moly has been recognized as the best manufacturer in its homeland and has been awarded the "Best Brand in the category of lubricants".

Liquid Moli logo
Liquid Moli logo

General Features

Liquid Moli 5W30 oils successfully resist the formation of slag deposits inside the power unit, stop oxidative processes leading to corrosive damage to engine parts and assemblies. A balanced structural base and properly selected additives have a positive effect on the life of the parts individually and the entire device as a whole. The constant use of Liquid Moli lubricant is guaranteed to increase the wear resistance of the engine and its components, which is the main feature of the ICE performance.

In addition to the positive qualities of the oil, the parameters of the versatility of the lubricant are attached. The product can equally well be operated by an engine that uses gasoline as a fuel, as well as an engine with a diesel fuel option. It is also allowed to use oil in diesel engines equipped withturbines.

Types of Liqui Moly oils

Liquid Moli 5W30 oil is produced for engines of modern production. Lubrication is suitable for used motors with low output. The products of the German brand can be used in various car brands not only of domestic production, but also of foreign ones. This is proven by testimonials from automotive engineers, industry experts, and approvals from many automotive giants such as Ford, Honda, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, and many more.

range of oils
range of oils

Liqui Moli produces the following lines of lubricants:

  • Specialized oils - focused on use in modern types of internal combustion engines. Representatives of this group are Special Tec and Tor Tes lubricants. Operation is allowed with the direct recommendations of the manufacturer.
  • Liquid Moli universal synthetic oil 5W30 - produced for used engines and new units. Popular brands of the line are oils called Optimal, Synthoil, Nachfull Oil and others.
  • Branded products - designed and manufactured for drivers with professional skills that maximize and reasonably load the engine. In this case, the power unit requires special care, which is provided by Liquid Moly's Molygen New Generation oil.

Specialized oils

German oil "Liquid Moli" 5W30of this category is intended for use in engines of a certain brand. Orientation allows you to achieve the optimal level of application in various working conditions. Speci alty oils include Special Tec grease and the Tor Tes range.

oil change
oil change

Tor Tes group oils are made from heavy oil fractions using hydrocracking technology. The final product is commonly called HC-synthetics. The properties of the resulting lubricant are as close as possible to synthetic oil fluids.

Lubricating oil "Liqui Moli" 5W30 Tor Tes series are characterized by a low content of phosphorus, sulfur, zinc and sulfate ash. Designed for use in modern engines with particulate filters and a multi-level system for removing combustion gases. Complies with Euro 4 and 5 environmental regulations.

The Tor Tes product is not distinguished by high wear-resistant abilities due to the absence of harmful additives. The company solved this problem by introducing a friction modifier developed using its own Molecular Friction Control technology into the structural base.

Thor Tes Family

This group includes such modifications of Tor Tes 4200/4300/4400/4500/4600/4700 oil.

Liquid Moli Oil 5W30 4200 Tor Tes is a lubricant with an average content of harmful substances (phosphorus, zinc, etc.), corresponding to Euro 4. Recommended for use in engines with 2-level catalysts and particulate filters. Has the approval of "BMW", "Porsche",Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz. The American Petroleum Institute gave the API SN/CF specification. ACEA has allocated a C3 quality level. The product has a high cleaning power.

Liquid Moli top tech 4200
Liquid Moli top tech 4200

Thor Tes 4300 is a low sulphated ash product targeted at premium vehicles.

Tor Tes 4400 is an energy-saving oil for all types of engines, including those using gas as fuel.

Tor Tes 4500 - best suited for diesel units and trucks.

Tor Tes 4600 - the content of harmful substances is at an average level, suitable for gasoline and diesel engines with a turbocharger and an intercooler. API Specification SN/CF.

Tor Tes 4700 - the production of this line has been stopped, the rest are being sold. The company recommends replacing this product with a previous version.

In-house development

Branded oil "Liquid Moli" 5W30 "Moligen" is produced using a unique technology - MFC (Molecular Friction Control). The essence of this process is the addition of tungsten and molybdenum ions to the molecular basis of the lubricant. As a result, the product has the ability to coat the metal parts of the engine with an especially strong oil film.

Liquid Moli Moligen
Liquid Moli Moligen

"Liqui Moli Moligen" is characterized by an increased margin of safety of the oil structure, which allows you to increase the interval between oil change points. The product contributes to saving fuel consumption.

Reviews aboutLiqui Moly oil

Reviews of Liquid Moli 5W30 engine oil are not always positive. Car owners note that there are lubricants of better quality and less high cost. Many users believe that Liquid Moli failed to achieve a balance at the price-quality level.

But still motorists and professionals do not reject such necessary qualities as:

  • optimum viscosity under various conditions;
  • versatility of operation;
  • good penetration;
  • presence of unique additives.

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