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Oil "Liquid Moli 5w30", synthetics: customer reviews

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Oil "Liquid Moli 5w30", synthetics: customer reviews
Oil "Liquid Moli 5w30", synthetics: customer reviews

The durability and efficiency of the engine is directly related to the quality of the selection of oil. A reliable lubricant is able to postpone the overhaul of the power plant, reduce consumption, and prevent the appearance of noise and engine knock. During searches, many motorists focus on the opinions of other drivers and their reviews. Liquid Moli 5w30 oil (synthetics) has managed to win a lot of flattering ratings. What caused such popular love?

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Liquid Moli was founded in 1957. At first, this German concern was engaged only in the manufacture and sale of various additives for the engine. Somewhat later, the company's management decided to increase the range. As a result, the brand began to produce motor oils. In reviews of "Liquid Moli 5w30" (synthetics), drivers note, first of all, the incredible reliability of the composition. This was achieved due to the fact that the concern pays great attention to quality control of finished products.products. This is confirmed by a number of international certificates from ISO and some other organizations.

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Engine type

In reviews of Liquid Moli 5w30 oil (synthetics), drivers point out, first of all, that this composition is highly versatile. This lubricant can be used in diesel and gasoline engines. Moreover, the oil is applicable to both old and new engines. The reliability of the lubricant and the stability of its properties are additionally indicated by the fact that the presented product is recommended by some car manufacturers. For example, this oil is advised to use VW, BMW, Renault.


The classification proposed by SAE classifies the specified lubricant as an all-weather lubricant. Stable viscosity is maintained over a wide temperature range. For example, it is possible to pump oil through the system and provide it with access to various parts and assemblies of the engine at a temperature of -35 degrees. Completely safe cold start of the motor is possible at -25 degrees. That is why many residents of regions with very severe and cold winters leave reviews about Liquid Moli 5w30 oil (synthetics).

Lubrication type

The specified composition belongs to the category of synthetic. As a basis, manufacturers use different products of oil hydrocracking. To improve reliability and performance, an additional package of alloying additives was added to polyalphaolefins. It is they who expand the properties of the lubricant.


Breviews of Liquid Moli 4600 5w30 oil (synthetics), motorists note that the composition provides reliable engine protection in the widest temperature range. This was made possible through the use of various viscosity modifiers. The presented compounds regulate the fluidity of the composition, reducing or increasing it depending on external conditions. Various polymeric macromolecules are used as viscosity additives. Substances change their shape depending on the level of heat. When cold, they curl up into a ball, which dramatically reduces the viscosity of the oil. When the temperature rises, the reverse process is initiated. Macromolecules unwind from the coil, fluidity becomes slightly higher.

Polymer macromolecules

Cleaning the engine

Oil "Liqui Moli 5w30" (synthetics) for diesel (according to drivers) fits almost perfectly. Due to what the manufacturer managed to achieve such flattering ratings? The fact is that the proportion of detergent additives was increased in the composition of the lubricant. In this case, various compounds of magnesium, barium and calcium are actively used.

Barium in the periodic table

Diesel fuel differs from conventional gasoline primarily in its large ash content. The composition of this type of fuel contains many sulfur compounds. During combustion, small particles of soot are formed from them. They can stick to each other and precipitate. Naturally, this negatively affects the operation of the motor. Nagar reduces the effective volume of the engine, as a result, power dropsmachine and reduce its environmental friendliness. Part of the fuel does not burn in the inner chamber, but immediately enters the exhaust system. There are other negatives as well. For example, dirty engines often knock during start-up, vibrate heavily when changing the number of revolutions.

Compounds of alkaline earth metals destroy the formed soot. They simply convert it into a colloidal state and prevent the soot particles from sticking together again.

Fight against frost

The low crystallization temperature is also considered an advantage of this oil. The composition hardens at -45 degrees. Especially for this, methacrylic acid copolymers were added to the oil. They prevent the higher paraffins from forming large crystals.

Fuel efficiency

In reviews of the oil "Liquid Moli 4200 5w30" (synthetics), motorists also note that the specified composition allows you to save on fuel. Fuel consumption is reduced by 5%. Yes, the figure does not look impressive, but the constant increase in the cost of fuel increases its significance. To increase the efficiency of the power plant, manufacturers have introduced friction modifiers into the composition. The peculiarity of these substances is that they create a thin inseparable film on the surfaces in contact with each other. Waste of energy for friction is completely eliminated. Molybdenum compounds also help prevent premature wear of parts. As a result, it is possible to increase the resource of the motor, extend its service life.

Refueling guns


In reviews of the oil "LiquidMoli Moligen 5w30 "(synthetics), car owners also indicate that the presented composition differs from the rest in a long service life. The replacement interval is 10 thousand km. Of course, these data are averaged. The driver needs to periodically carry out visual control throughout the entire period of oil use. If particles of metal chips or black inclusions are found in a drop of lubricant, you must immediately go to a service station.

In this case, it was possible to increase the resource of the oil itself thanks to aromatic hydrocarbons (phenols and amines). Substances have pronounced antioxidant properties. These compounds trap atmospheric oxygen radicals and prevent them from oxidizing other lubricant components. The stability of the chemical composition has a positive effect on the constancy of physical properties.

Behavior in difficult operating conditions

Riding around the city is accompanied by a constant difference in the number of engine revolutions. As a result, the oil is whipped into foam. This process is aggravated by the abundance of detergent additives introduced into the lubricant. As a result, the efficiency of oil redistribution over engine parts is reduced and some elements lose their protection from friction. It is possible to prevent this effect due to the particles of silicon dioxide that are part of the lubricant. These substances increase the surface tension of the oil, destroy the formed air bubbles.

Rust Prevention

This oil is great for older engines primarily because it helps protectrusty details. A thin sulfide and phosphate film is formed on the metal surface, which neutralizes the risks of metal contact with organic acids.

How not to buy a fake

This composition is incredibly popular. However, this led to an increase in the number of fakes. Yes, positive reviews about Liquid Moli 5w30 oil (synthetics) also played a role. The photo of the original composition shows that the connecting seam on the canister is very even, without any external defects.

Engine oil Liqui Moly 5W30

You can also identify a fake by the quality of printing. Often counterfeit product labels are blurred and difficult to read.

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