Eni engine oil: reviews and characteristics
Eni engine oil: reviews and characteristics

Every year, the requirements for the components of the engine system are becoming more stringent, which spurs companies to develop innovations in the production of motor oil. Eni is at the forefront of innovation in this topic. Factories are located on all continents, and products are used all over the world. Vehicles for various purposes have already experienced the effect of Eni lubricant: truck diesels, high-speed motorcycles, racing cars, agricultural machinery and urban vehicles.

Brand story

Eni symbol - six-toed dog
Eni symbol - six-toed dog

Our review of reviews on Eni oil showed that most car owners do not know why a six-legged dog spewing fire is drawn on the emblem of this brand. As conceived by Luigi Brogini (the founder of the company), 4 legs symbolize the wheels of an iron horse, and 2 more - a person sitting behind the wheel. Strong, symbolic and simple at the same time, isn't it?

Italian brand Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi has over 50 years of success in the petrochemical industry. By the way, this is one of those brands that are engaged infull cycle: the development of special formulas, the investigation and extraction of minerals, their processing and the creation of a packaged product.

Motor and transmission - what's the difference?

Several packages of Eni oil
Several packages of Eni oil

Eni car care products are very diverse. Newcomers to the car business often cannot understand the difference between Eni engine and transmission oils. So let's talk a little about it.

  1. Destiny. To lubricate the engine and to extend its life, only engine oil is used. But the gearbox, steering mechanisms, gearboxes cannot exist without the transmission.
  2. Temperature modes of operation. The engine, unlike its counterpart, is ready to perform its functions both at radically low temperatures and at the highest possible temperatures up to 250 ° C. This is a normal environment for him. The other lubricant, when the threshold of 150 ° C is exceeded, burns out, forms scale and settles in flakes on metal parts. Due to accidental substitution, the engine will have to be repaired or replaced.
  3. Viscosity. Gear oil must be more fluid so as not to interfere with operation. Motor, on the contrary, retains the viscosity properties, so necessary for high-quality protection of the engine from friction and wear. If a more viscous fluid is accidentally placed in the transmission system, it can stall or shut down at the most inopportune moment.
  4. The smell of steering grease is very sharp and unpleasant due to the frequent use of sulfur in the composition.
  5. Viscosity can be checked with a two-finger test. They are placed in a liquid, and then diluted,if the film stretches for some time - this is engine oil, when it breaks - another
  6. Interaction with water. A rainbow film on the surface of the water is formed by the transmission, and a drop in the form of a lens floating from edge to edge of the bowl is engine oil.

Be careful, use petroleum products for their intended purpose.

Special composition: base and additives

The team in the Eni emblem
The team in the Eni emblem

Motor oil always consists of a base and additives that correct or supplement it. The Eni brand has a wide sector of bases: mineral (oil products), synthetic (processed raw materials with the addition of chemicals) or semi-synthetic (a mixture of the two previous types in different proportions). Depending on the engine model and financial capabilities, the user selects his own.

In consumer reviews of Eni oil, you can find information about a professional or super-technological group of products. A special scientific and technical department, which in Milan works on the creation of new mixtures and the improvement of the properties of the lubricant, has made it possible to invent such effective additives that the petrochemical product is popular for commercial use. In conditions of constant movement, temperature changes, active consumption, the lubricant retains its properties.

The innovative composition is not disclosed by the manufacturers, but it can be judged by the characteristics obtained as a result:

  • reduce fuel consumption;
  • change intervals can be up to 15,000 km;
  • sparing exhaust for nature;
  • wide temperature rangeuse.

Engine oils eni 5w40

5w40 eni i-sint
5w40 eni i-sint

When talking about temperature conditions, one cannot but mention the SAE indicators on bottles of oil. They regulate at what degrees the original qualities of the mixture are preserved.

So, the 5w40 liquid in question is good to use at temperatures from -35 C °. But it is worth mentioning that this pumping temperature. The rotation of the cylinder group with such lubrication is possible only from -25 ° C. The highest temperature overboard should not exceed +35…+40 С°.

The range of oils with this SAE indicator is represented by the following series:

  1. Eni i-Ride racing for motorcycle engines and scooters. SL, A3, MA/MA2 approved.
  2. Eni i-Sint for all types of synthetic engines. Specifications SM/SF, A3/B4.
  3. Eni i-Sint MS - synthetics. Suitable for the lubrication of gasoline and diesel engines requiring high quality material. Helps reduce harmful emissions into the air. Passed approvals for SM/CF, C3, A3/B4, 502, 505 tests. Since the tests are carried out by the creators of different engines, they have corresponding indicators.
  4. Eni i-Sint TD - for diesel engines, including those with direct injection and turbocharging. Viscosity stability in winter and summer conditions is guaranteed by an innovative composition of additives mixed with a synthetic base. High anti-foam, detergent, anti-wear properties are guaranteed for the diesel engine. Complies with tolerances - CF, B3/B4, 505.
  5. Eni i-Sint Professional for all types of engines. Prepared using the latest developments. Guarantees low ash content and waste against the background of increased dispersing properties, which has a beneficial effect on fuel economy and extended oil change periods.

Engine oil Eni 10w50

Eni 10w60 engine oil packaging
Eni 10w60 engine oil packaging

According to SAE-characteristics, it can be said that such an oil is safe to use in the temperature range from -25 to +50 °C. That is, in cold weather, the oil will be moderately viscous, the engine will be able to crank it without effort. In the heat, it will not spread, and thanks to the viscosity, it will keep its shape.

As an all-weather lubricant, it performs the main functions:

  • reduces dry friction wear in summer;
  • conditions the motor;
  • increases car heart life;
  • cuts fuel consumption;
  • removes combustion products from the metal surface.

The composition gives the oil special viscosity properties. At the molecular level, it is represented by elongated particles that retain their shape under significant stretching. 10w50 engine oil is poured into powerful power units that operate in difficult climatic conditions or with extreme driving style.

Among brands of motorcycle oils, owner reviews of Eni-i-Ride moto 10w50 emphasize such qualities as reliability, lack of smoke and burning even in the realities of racing, this particular manufacturer is popular. The approximate price of lubricant is 400-500 rubles per liter.

Conditions for choosing by car

racing motorcycle
racing motorcycle

We have already mentioned that the range of petrochemicals for Eni cars is very diverse. In addition to the fact that the owner needs to distinguish transmission oil from engine oil, he also needs to know which heart is under the hood and under what conditions it will work. Agree, agricultural machinery, motorcycle, racing car, mining equipment have slightly different applications and characteristics.

To select Eni oil for a car, it is better to use Internet services. Knowing the following parameters, you can easily narrow down the choice to viscosities:

  1. Destination category. These can be cars or trucks, for personal or commercial use, motorcycles, mopeds or classic cars.
  2. Brand.
  3. Model.
  4. Engine type.

The main task of the motorist is to get to know his engine better, read the manufacturer's recommendations. After all, he tests the motor in various conditions and will tell you the optimal ratio of viscosity and fluidity of the necessary lubricants.

What do car owners say?

Eni packaging and oil
Eni packaging and oil

After collecting information from mechanics, maintenance specialists, people who leave reviews of Eni oil, we have identified the main advantages:

  1. Increased oil change interval. In addition, even after 100 thousand km of work on such a lubricant, the engine remains crystal clear, does not smoke, does not need to be replaced or overhauled.
  2. Sounds of chugging, thumping, rattling disappear. The move is verysmooth. The engine starts and picks up speed, and even with a sharp pressure on the gas pedal, it works without vibrations.
  3. Gasoline consumption drops by 5-6%.
  4. In the engine, oil does not linger, that is, when draining, almost everything comes out - there is no zhor. Very economical consumption.
  5. It is not forged, as it is not very popular among car owners.
  6. Flexible pricing policy allows it to be used by a wider range of car owners. At the same time, the quality does not suffer, even if the cost fluctuates around 200 rubles per liter.

Pro Tips

Due to its viscosity-flowing properties, Eni engine oil is suitable for use in summer conditions like no other. The engine starts smoothly and even in city traffic jams due to air conditioning does not puff or smoke. It is important to choose a model based on the nature of the ride, the power of the power unit, and operating conditions. Manufacturers of different brands of cars recommend it for use, which means that the declared characteristics have been experimentally verified.

Automotive professionals recommend using Eni synthetic or 10w60 engine oil in the summer. By the way, it is definitely not forged. In winter, 5w40 is better. Although semi-synthetics are somewhat cheaper, if you have a foreign car, do not skimp on a synthetic base. Then the heart of your car will last even longer, and you will see savings when refueling and there are no serious breakdowns in the internal combustion engine system. Motorcycle owners unanimously recommend using Agip or its successor Eni.

In largeIt is not difficult to find such a lubricant in cities, and if you think it over in advance, you can also save money by ordering through an online store. However, before a long trip to the remote corners of the vast homeland, it is better to stock up on several bottles of oil, otherwise there is a risk of not finding it.

We do not advertise, but there are really a lot of positive reviews about Eni oil. Don't believe? Try feeding it to your iron horse and write about his reaction.