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Car battery "Tornado": reviews, specifications, prices
Car battery "Tornado": reviews, specifications, prices

In the world of cars, the battery, or, in simple words, the battery is also abbreviated as battery. The battery is the most important element, without which the car will not be able to start and, as a result, will not budge.

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Today, there are three types of the most popular batteries in the auto parts market:

  • low antimony batteries are lead-type batteries that do not have additional additives inside the lead plates;
  • hybrid batteries are batteries made up of plates of different composition;
  • calcium batteries.

But experienced motorists prefer only the hybrid type of battery, which includes the Tornado battery. Reviews about the model come in large numbers. In them, people indicate that this type of battery is sufficiently resistant to such unpleasant phenomena as self-discharge, self-boiling.

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TORNADO battery production

In the Ryazan regionthere is a factory. There, according to English technology (from the manufacturer of flooded batteries TungstoneBatteries with a hundred-year history), Tornado car batteries are produced. Their price is much lower than imported counterparts, and the quality of work is no worse. For example, models 55 and 60 cost 2900-3000 rubles.

History of Tungstone Batteries

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Tungstone was opened in England in the middle of the 19th century. The plant already then began to produce batteries for such equipment as tanks, cars and boats. TungstoneBatteries is deservedly one of the top three manufacturers of flooded batteries of that time. For the impeccable quality of products, the plant won the Golden Disc award from the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry. At the beginning of the 21st century, the production was sold to investors from Russia.

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British colleagues, together with Russian specialists, carried out a number of works to launch and debug production by introducing nanotechnology and new equipment at the plant, which is now located in Ryazan.

Today, the plant manufactures batteries for cars of various types and sizes, both for domestic and foreign ones. The production capacity of the plant is more than a million batteries per year.

A little about production

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Everything starts from the factory laboratory. A number of chemical and spectral analyzes are carried out in it, so all raw materials for the manufacturebatteries undergo strict input control. Using the method of absorption and emission spectrometry, lead and its alloys are carefully studied, and using the physico-chemical method of analysis, other types of raw materials are studied. All semi-finished products at all stages of production - from the processing of raw materials to the final assembly of the battery - are controlled by employees of the central laboratory.

Current conductors are cast only from high quality lead alloy. The result is a monolithic down conductor with an extended service life.

Production of lead oxide powder:

  • Lead oxide powder is made from pre-melted refined lead.
  • Particle sizes, bulk density and oxidation parameters are rigorously tested.
  • Lead oxide powder is stored until complete cooling and stabilization of all indicators.

As a result of such production actions, the Tornado battery, user reviews confirm this, has a low self-discharge, uniformity of all indicators, as well as a significant service life. And this plays a very important role for the end user.

Manufacturing the active mass for such a unit as the "Tornado" battery, the manufacturer uses synthetic fiber. Temperature, penetration and density are carefully controlled at every stage of production, plus a higher frequency acid is used. As a result of this, the battery is resistant to temperature changes, and this is very important for the domestic finalconsumer.

In the process of predrying and pasting of electronic plates, double-sided spreading is used, during the initial drying, a low temperature is maintained and parameters such as weight and thickness are controlled. This strengthens the electrodes.

The maturation of electronic plates, as well as the verification of humidity and phase composition, is automatically controlled not only by the computer, but also by laboratory staff.

The assembly of elements and the battery itself is under special supervision. Employees of the quality control department of the Ryazan plant fully monitor all stages of the production of a car battery, which means that the output is a high-quality product.

Battery functions

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A car battery has three main functions:

  • start car engine;
  • "help" the generator if it can't handle the load;
  • Power off electrical type devices such as telephones or alarms when the engine is off.

Battery requires care

For many motorists, the information that the battery requires maintenance is genuinely surprising. But a drop of attention and care will help the motorist save not only a lot of money, but also time.

Charging the battery at home

All motorists know that if the car's battery runs out, the engine simply won't start. The issue becomes especially relevant with the advent of the cold season. The main reason for this is that the batteryIn the cold, it holds a charge much less. As practice shows, if a car stands in the cold for several weeks in winter, it will be difficult to start it.

In this case, the question arises - what to do? The most common option can be called "lighting" from the battery of another car. But it should be said that this option is suitable if there is a long road ahead. If you need to drive several kilometers, then it is better not to use this method - due to the fact that the battery simply does not have time to charge. Therefore, below we will consider how to charge the Tornado 55 battery at home, since this will be the most correct solution.

Safety rules and preparation for charging

Before you start charging the battery, it must be removed from the car. Charging is recommended to be carried out in a room with adequate ventilation, because during charging, an explosive mixture of oxygen and hydrogen enters the air.

During charging, the battery on the VAZ should be kept as far as possible from flammable objects and open flames. At the time of charging, it is also necessary to completely disconnect all electrical cables. The terminals must be thoroughly cleaned.

It should be remembered that you need to charge the battery only when it is completely discharged.

Tornado battery charging process

Reviews from motorists indicate that battery charging is a responsible process in which certain rules must be followed.

There isseveral charging options, most car enthusiasts prefer only one of them.

Every motorist, when planning to charge the battery, should take care of respiratory protection - in a word, wear a respirator. To protect the organs of vision, special glasses are required. Protective gloves will save you from getting alkali on your skin.

How to understand how long it takes to charge the Tornado battery at home? Reviews, which are many on the Internet, say that for this purpose you need to use a special device - a hydrometer. This device will accurately show the time to fully charge the battery.

You should pay attention to the fact that the lead plates must be completely covered with electrolyte, since the current conductivity depends on it.

Battery Care Tips

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We all understand that it is thanks to the battery that the car receives the necessary power supply. And we all know that the battery has the ability to self-charge while driving. But there are such unpleasant cases when the car battery is completely discharged and requires a charger to be connected. Below we will consider how to properly connect the battery to the charger, since not only the further performance of the battery, but also the safety of the user depends on this.


First of all, you need to carefully study the specification of the battery and the charger itself.

Proper battery charging

To properly charge the Tornado 60 battery, it is recommendedcarefully monitor all movements of the arrow on the ammeter. It should be remembered that its movement should be towards zero. Do not forget about the control of the electrolyte temperature. If during charging the temperature rises to +40, it is necessary to reduce the current at least twice. The battery for a car is considered fully charged if, after a full charge after two hours, the voltage and density of the electrolyte have not changed. As a rule, it takes 10-12 hours to fully charge the battery.

How to check the battery performance?

Experienced motorists often talk about cases when failures occur when starting the engine, but, as a rule, no one pays due attention to them. But such failures may indicate the first problems with the battery. Therefore, when the slightest failure occurs, you need to check.

Such verification consists of two stages:

  1. It is recommended to check the electrolyte density with a hydrometer. To do this, a sample is taken from each battery bank. In this case, the temperature of the electrolyte must be carefully controlled. If in the cold season the discharge of one bank is more than 25%, and in the summer more than 50%, then this is the first signal that TORNADO batteries require charging.
  2. Use the load plug to check the voltage level. It is tested both with and without load. If the battery is fully charged and in good condition, then the voltage in the bank is 1.7-1.8 V. It follows that the battery charging at home is done correctly.

When working with batteries, you need to understand that you yourselfthe battery does not produce energy, it can only accumulate it in itself and only then give it away.

During the charging process, the electrical form of energy in the car battery is converted into a chemical form. This transformation process can be easily expressed in a simple chemical formula, but not all the details of the reaction that occurs during the charge or discharge of the battery have been studied to the extent necessary for this.

Also, do not forget that in the warm season, the automatic can be started without problems from a 50% charged battery, but in the cold season, as a rule, the battery capacity decreases by up to two times. From this it follows that with the onset of winter, the probability of not starting the car engine increases significantly if the battery charge is far from 100%.


Every car enthusiast should remember that only proper car battery care can increase its service life.

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