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Installation of the "Solex" carburetor on the classics

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Installation of the "Solex" carburetor on the classics
Installation of the "Solex" carburetor on the classics

For 30 years, while the classic VAZ models with rear-wheel drive were produced, their design, in contrast to the style and design, did not actually change by the manufacturer. Therefore, the owners are trying to modernize the car on their own - they introduce various components from imported cars or more technologically advanced VAZ models.

For example, many owners do not like the way Ozone and Weber carburetors work, which are not capable of providing acceptable acceleration dynamics, uniform acceleration, and acceptable fuel consumption. Despite the fact that all this is already in Solex. That is why most car owners seek to install a licensed French "Solex" on the classics.

carburetor "Solex" on the classic

"Ozone" and "Weber" under certain road conditions unnecessarily impoverished the fuel mixture. This happened due to the fact that the float, when entering a sharp turn or when climbing a steep mountain, moved in the float chamber. In "Solex" there is no such minus - they are equipped with two-section float chambers, twin floats moving in other planes.The Solex device is more modern and perfect.

Which "Solex" to choose

The units produced by the Dimitrovgrad Solex plant differ mainly in the geometry of the jets. There is a difference in the diameters of the diffusers, as well as in the size and design of the air jets. The cam profile is also different.

However, without any unpleasant consequences and modifications, absolutely any "Solex" from the entire series can be put on a car for which the carburetor was never made. Many models and modifications of these carburetors were produced - they were equipped with VAZ-08, 09, AZLK-21412, ZAZ-1102. There are Solex for VAZ-2104, 05, 07. This all suggests that absolutely any unit from the named line can be installed on rear-wheel drive VAZs without alterations or almost without them.

The result of tuning depends on the choice of a particular Solex. But in any case, the engine will improve traction, the car will get smooth acceleration. To save money, it is worth picking up the Solex modification on the Tavria - this is DAAZ-2181. If you need increased acceleration dynamics, then select DAAZ-21073. It features larger diffusers. This carburetor was created for engines with a volume of 1, 7, and after installing this "Solex" on the classics, you should prepare for high fuel consumption.

"Solex" models 2108, 21083, 21051-30 are considered the golden mean by motorists. The units are able to provide better dynamic performance and lower fuel consumption when compared with Ozone.

Important little things

Any "Solex" (except21073) have jets with very fine bores. It should be noted that because of this, the jets are very sensitive to debris in the fuel, and the carburetor itself is often clogged with dirt. For this reason, fuel filters should be changed regularly. To increase reliability, you can install an injection fuel filter. It will come out a little more expensive, but you can increase the interval between unit revisions.

If the decision to install the Solex carburetor on the classic is made, then in addition to the carburetor, additional spare parts may be needed. The unit can be installed with or without recreating the EPHH system - only an unconnected solenoid valve will remain. The easiest way to get around this system. But experts say that although EPHH allows you to achieve 5% fuel savings, the system is unreliable and often fails. And this significantly reduces the reliability of the entire unit.

So that the solenoid valve cannot shut off the fuel supply to the idle channel of the Solex (after all, the EPHX block is not installed normally), it is necessary to remove the valve needle from the body. But the easiest way is to connect the valve from the ignition switch.

carburetor "Solex"

When installing Solex on rear-wheel drive VAZs, you need to plug the return line with a plug or connect it through a check valve to the fuel supply system to the fuel filter.

How to get the most out of it

It is not enough to install "Solex" on the classics, in order to feel all the benefits, you need to upgrade the ignition system. Instead of the regular one, a contactless one is installed.ignition. Any "Solex" is initially set up and designed for the preparation of a lean mixture. To effectively ignite it, a more powerful discharge is needed. A contact ignition system cannot produce such a discharge, but a non-contact one can. Its coil can generate voltage up to 25 thousand volts. The gap of the candles will be no more than 0.8 mm.

New or used?

You can buy a new "Solex" for the classics, but there is an opportunity to purchase a used carburetor. In the second case, it is necessary to revise it - carefully clean the channels, polish the diffusers. In addition, it is better to purchase and replace jets.

device "Solex"

But at the same time, you should not buy modern products - it is better to ask friends and acquaintances for those that were made in the USSR. Modern jets found in repair kits often do not match the calibration sizes.

In order for the diffuser to work effectively, burrs and protrusions are removed from its elements with a needle file. Such defects create air turbulence, and this does not have the best effect on filling the cylinders.

What you may need

First of all, you need to purchase spare parts that will be needed during the installation of Solex on a VAZ classic model:

  • Should buy thin paronite gaskets. But it is necessary that they be made specifically for Solex. The holes in the gasket for the diffusers are different from the "Webers" and "Ozones".
  • Instead of two gaskets, you can purchase one with two holes. It is placed between the carburetor andgetinax gasket. In addition, they take another one - with an oval hole. It is designed to be installed between the manifold and the getinax gasket.
  • They also get a return hose. Its length must be at least 80 centimeters. Otherwise, it will not reach the fuel line under the pump.

Installation process

how to adjust carburetor photo

Now you can proceed with the installation:

  • To protect the collector from dirt, the engine compartment must be thoroughly washed.
  • Then, the drives and cables, as well as hoses, are disconnected from the standard carburetor.
  • To remove the choke cable cover, remove the clip on the suction panel.
  • The collector surface is carefully cleaned, sealant is applied.
  • After these operations, you need to install gaskets in the form of a sandwich. At first, a thin one is placed, then a thick one, then again a thin one. The task of a thick gasket is to provide thermal insulation. And to make the installation process more convenient, the carburetor is installed on the manifold without a cover. The damper actuator must be in front of the car.
  • Mount the throttle link - it will be more convenient on the VAZ-2104 if it is on the side of the cylinder head. The rocker or "helicopter" is sometimes sawn through the center so that it lies flat on the carburetor. And so that in normal operation the damper does not jam on the spring, plastic tips are installed on the rods.
adjust the drive cable in length
  • Next, pull the suction drive cable over the cylinder head cover andadjust it to the required length. Adjustment is carried out by changing the length of the casing. Then the cable is connected to the carburetor.
  • The top cover can then be installed.
  • Further with the carburetor, the fuel supply, return, heating hoses are connected. The "return" hose is equipped with a check valve. The return spring clings to the axis of the old backstage on the cylinder head cover.
carburetor adjustment instructions
  • Now the solenoid valve should be connected to the lighting relay, to the positive contact.
  • Next, the air filter and its cover are mounted in place.

That's it, the installation of the unit is completed. But it's too early to start operating. The carburetor needs to be set up correctly. Below we will tell you how to do it right.

Advice from adjusters 21073

With standard jets, the Solex will not be able to impress with dynamics. In this case, you can replace the carburetor with 21073. Without changes, installation is quite possible, but as a standard, a lean mixture will be prepared in the first chamber. Therefore, on the first chamber, the motor will not be able to provide sufficient traction for acceleration. The car will pick up speed very slowly.

The pace of movement will improve dramatically when the second chamber opens. And the car will jump forward like a goat. But fuel economy is very poor.

The problem can be solved by selecting the main fuel jet in the first chamber of the carburetor. If you replace it from 107.5 to 110, you can get an improvedacceleration intensity. This is a compromise between economy and dynamics. Optimally - the 115th fuel jet in the first chamber. You can also set 117.5. But the consumption will increase even more. The mixture with this jet is over-rich, and the dynamics may deteriorate.

idle check

Air jets of the first chamber - 145, 150, 155. With fuel 117, 5 you can install air 165.

VAZ 21083 adjustment

The engine must be warmed up, then the level in the float chamber must be set using special templates. The best fuel level is about 23 mm from the bottom. As for the mixture, the best result is obtained if the quantity screw is unscrewed by 2 turns, and the quality screw by 4-4.5 turns. However, there may be other settings when idling is adjusted.


All those who know how to tune the Ozone will be able to solve the problem of how to adjust the Solex carburetor. And we talked about how to upgrade a classic VAZ in this article.

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