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Restyled Hyundai Solaris: owner reviews and a review of the new car

Restyled Hyundai Solaris: owner reviews and a review of the new car
Restyled Hyundai Solaris: owner reviews and a review of the new car

Appearing in 2011 on the Russian market, Hyundai Solaris quickly gained success and is now in stable demand among motorists. But time does not stand still, and after 2 years, the engineers of the Korean company decided to update this "state employee", presenting to the public their new restyled "Hyundai Solaris" in 2013.

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Owner reviews and car design review

"Hyundai Solaris" and "Hyundai Accent" - what unites them? At first glance, nothing. However, if you look more closely, you will say: “Yes, these are two identical cars!” In fact, it is. Accent and Solaris are really the same car, only the first is supplied to the European market, and the second to the Russian one. The only thing that distinguishes them is the suspension on the Hyundai Solaris sedan adapted to Russian conditions. Owner reviews (2013 Solaris) claim that the Accent is indeed less resistant to pits and bumps than its "twin brother". WhatAs for the design itself, there are no differences here. The new car "Hyundai Solaris", however, like its colleague "Accent", received a different design of the headlights of the main light, a bumper and a radiator grille. Now relief has been added to the hood, side doors and trunk lid. The new foglights integrated into the streamlined plastic bumper also turned out to be interesting. If other companies practice mainly round fog lights, then in our case the “state employee” received vertical optics with a slight continuation at the end. The roof on the Hyundai Solaris sedan has also changed. Owner reviews note its high aerodynamics, which is achieved through well-calculated angles and inclinations of body parts.

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"Hyundai Solaris": owner reviews on technical specifications

Despite the fact that many Korean cars have a fairly wide variety of engines in their lineup, the Russian version of Hyundai is equipped with only one engine. This is a gasoline 16-valve unit with a capacity of 123 "horses" and a displacement of 1591 cubic centimeters. However, do not be upset, because this engine is one of the most powerful that can be installed on budget-class sedans. With its curb weight of 1110 kilograms, the novelty accelerates to 190 kilometers per hour. A dash to a hundred is estimated at 10.2 seconds. This is one of the best indicators of dynamics for the new Hyundai Solaris sedan.

Hyundai Solaris 2013 owner reviews

Owner reviews aboutcost

With the advent of a new restyled version of the four-door Korean Solaris, the manufacturer did not increase its cost. Moreover, now between companies there is a severe struggle for the right to exist in the world market. And since the Hyundai Solaris belongs to the class of budget cars, the price for it in 2014 remained unchanged. The basic version with a manual transmission costs from 459 thousand rubles, the maximum - about 689 thousand. For the box "automatic" will have to pay 40 thousand rubles on top.

Now it is not at all surprising that the Hyundai Solaris-2013 has only positive reviews from the owners.

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