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Minibuses "Nissan": models, review and photos

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Minibuses "Nissan": models, review and photos
Minibuses "Nissan": models, review and photos

Nissan manufactures a variety of vehicle options, including both sports and cargo models. Minibuses are versatile vehicles capable of carrying both cargo and passengers. Nissan has minibuses (so-called minibuses) in its lineup, which can also be found on Russian roads. Photo minibus "Nissan" is presented below.

minivan nissan

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Nissan minibuses are not often seen on Russian roads. But nevertheless, the company produces these car models on a par with serial passenger cars. The most popular Nissan minibus is the Primastar model, produced since 2002. The two main production facilities are located in Spain and the UK.

Models of minibuses "Nissan"

In addition to the Primastar model, the company produces an equally popular model"Nissan Serena". It also appealed to motorists. Minibus "Nissan-Serena" is produced from 1991 to the present. Only front-wheel drive versions are produced, and depending on the body, the car has from five to eight seats. The first generation was presented to the public in 1990, went on sale a year later. Produced until 1999.

Because of its low speed, the car was included in the anti-rating of the British edition of Auto Express. This minibus "Nissan" was in the top ten worst cars of the last 25 years. This model was equipped with gasoline and diesel engines. Transmission - four-speed automatic. The car had both four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive.

The second generation received an updated design, as well as a new sliding door, the automatic transmission lever was moved to the dashboard. The possibility of passage from the driver's seat to the rear rows was also added. The model was equipped with both diesel and gasoline engines. A new transmission has been added - a variator. Drive - full or front.

The second generation was replaced by the third generation in 2005, and the fourth in 2010. The latest generation is the fifth, produced since 2016. It can be called the most successful, as the car received a more pleasant design, as well as technical characteristics.

The Nissan Primastar minibus has been in production since 2002. This vehicle is predominantly a cargo vehicle. Structurally, it is a similar model"Reno-Traffic". The latest generations are designed for both freight and passenger traffic. Externally, the car resembles most minibuses, with the exception of some individual elements. The roof overhead has a small protrusion that slightly spoils the appearance of the car.

There are many options for interior design, including a row of seats next to each other, as well as two rows opposite each other. In this configuration, a small table is located between the rows.

Minibus Nissan

Model Reviews

The company is not even among the top ten manufacturers of minibuses, but despite this, it keeps its bar in the automotive market, releasing new and updating old models (Nissan Primastar and Nissan Serena are examples). If we talk about the latest generations of these cars, the company took into account all the mistakes and shortcomings and produced excellent cars that are not inferior in quality to Mercedes minibuses. Outwardly, they have become much more attractive, and the interior has also changed beyond recognition - many functions and innovations have been added.

Salon minibus Nissan


For twenty years, the company has produced many cars that have become popular not only on Japanese, but also on Russian roads. Nissan can now easily compete with the most popular manufacturers. Moreover, now the company's machines are designed for both the Japanese market and other countries.

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