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"Volkswagen Golf-3" station wagon: specifications, review and reviews

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"Volkswagen Golf-3" station wagon: specifications, review and reviews
"Volkswagen Golf-3" station wagon: specifications, review and reviews

"Golf" - a line of cars of the Volkswagen company, which first went on sale in 1974. This line has become the most popular among the concern "Volkswagen". According to 2007 data, sales of cars of this line exceeded 25 million copies, and as of 2017, they increased to 30 million. The most successful generation is the third, hatchback. But it is worth talking about the version of the Golf-3 wagon body, which also found its admirers. In addition to these versions, sedan models are produced, as well as a three-door hatchback. Photos of "Golf-3" wagon are presented in the article.

Image"Golf" station wagon green


In the third generation, the car no longer has angular shapes, the appearance has become more modern. The car had many modifications to both the engine and transmission. The most popular are gasoline engines combined with mechanicalfive-speed gearbox. A 1.4-liter engine with a capacity of 80 horsepower was installed on the basic configuration. You can’t ride at high speed, but this car is ideal for a quiet ride.

Review "Volkswagen-Golf-3" (station wagon)

With the release of the third generation, the car has changed both externally and internally. In the cabin, the most noticeable element that has undergone a change is the steering wheel, which has four spokes. All standard elements are located on the dashboard. Inside the speedometer there is a scoreboard with the total mileage, and inside the tachometer - the current mileage of the car. On the sides of the dashboard are indications of system errors.

The center console consists of a head unit, air conditioning deflectors and airflow control, air direction and temperature. At the bottom of the control unit is an ashtray, as well as a cigarette lighter socket. The gear lever has a non-standard gear arrangement.

The interior is made mostly of fabric and cheap plastic. But this car does not claim to be a representative of the business class, but on the contrary, confirms its efficiency. In the back row, there is only enough space for two passengers, the three of us sit quite closely, but tolerably.

Salon "Golf-3"


The car is the most reliable among used 30-year-old cars, owners say. Even today, "Golf" can be found on sale, and on the roads you can see it no less than the famous "Zhiguli". The owners talk aboutsuch advantages of "Volkswagen-Golf-3":

  • Incredible vehicle reliability. There are models with a range of 1,000,000 kilometers without visible signs of operation.
  • Easy maintenance. A large number of parts and components are available in almost every service station. If there are none, then donors will come to the rescue, of which there are plenty on the secondary Russian market.
  • Exceptional "survivability" - the car is able to work all 30 or even 40 years.
  • Trunk capacity (wagon body "Golf-3").
  • Engine reliability.
  • Economical car in terms of both maintenance and fuel consumption.

The listed advantages are the main ones, since the full list will be several times larger. "Volkswagen Golf-3" station wagon is an exception, since it has practically no flaws. These include:

  • when pouring antifreeze, it enters the air conditioner relay, thereby closing the contacts;
  • car body rots.
Image "Volkswagen Golf" lilac


The Golf-3 line is the most popular at Volkswagen. The station wagon version is not as popular as the five-door hatchback, but is also in demand due to its voluminous trunk, as well as the large interior space. In reviews of this car, everyone focuses on its reliability and build quality. And for good reason, there are a lot of 30-year-olds on the streetsmodels, which proves the popularity and reliability of this car.

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