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Peugeot 306 station wagon: specifications, review and photo

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Peugeot 306 station wagon: specifications, review and photo
Peugeot 306 station wagon: specifications, review and photo

In 1993, the first Peugeot 306 hatchback model went on sale. This version of the car began to belong to the golf class because of its size. She was able to compete with such cars as Opel Astra, Ford Escort and many others.

Peugeot 306 station wagon specifications

The car was produced from 1997 to 2002. The wagon was sold with four engine options:

  • gasoline: 1.4 liters 75 horsepower, 1.6 liters 88 horsepower and 1.8 produces 101 hp. p.;
  • 1.9 liter turbodiesel with 92 horsepower.

The car was produced with front-wheel drive, and a modification with an automatic transmission was also available. Back in 1997, the hatchback was restyled. In the same year, a station wagon was released.

peugeot 306 front view

Peugeot 306 Review

Then followed the release of the model in the back of a convertible. The model was produced in a three-door version, was equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, as well as a fifth-generation anti-lock system.

In 1994, a hatchback version with five doors was released. In the same year, the convertible body version received the title of "Best Convertible of the Year". After 3 years, the car was restyled, and the Peugeot 306 station wagon was released, which received the designation "break". However, like other Peugeot station wagon models.

After restyling, the car became more attractive, the front end received a dynamic outline. In addition, the taillights were subject to change. Thanks to the modernization, the car body has become safer by introducing front and rear deformation zones in frontal and rear collisions, which helps to reduce the number of accidents during traffic accidents. Front airbags have also been added, which used to be optional.

With its appearance, the car says that it was designed by French and Italian designers. Thanks to the work of the Italian studio "Pininfaria", the model turned out to be attractive, pretty and interesting.

The interior of the car is the same as most Peugeot models of the same year. The steering wheel has no control buttons. But in the models of the last year of release, they nevertheless appeared. The dashboard consists of standard four ellipsoidal indicators such as speedometer, tachometer, fuel level andoil temperature. At the top is a clock, and at the bottom is a small screen with readings of the total and current mileage. Deflectors "Peugeot 306" station wagon have a slight bevel towards the glove compartment, under them is a head unit, which can be replaced without any problems with a more functional and high-quality 1 DIN radio.

Under the radio there are air flow, temperature and direction controls. Also in the center console, a small display shows the temperature readings both outside and in the cabin.

The car is equipped with an anti-theft system as standard, a sunroof is an optional extra. Also, fog lights are an integral part of every Peugeot model, because in foggy morning weather they allow you to increase visibility of the road.

peugeot 306 saloon

Advantages and disadvantages of the Peugeot 306

Pros of the 306 Peugeot model:

  • attractive appearance (like a twenty-year-old car);
  • capacious luggage compartment;
  • dynamics, stability and handling of the car;
  • machine reliability and build quality;
  • reliable transmission with no major problems;
  • compact, making the car fit in any parking space;
  • undemanding to fuel quality.

The disadvantages of this model are:

  • high fuel consumption of some modifications;
  • small clearance, which makes the car suitable for driving only on asph alt;
  • quality of interior materials;
  • poor cabin capacity;
  • relatively high maintenance cost.
peugeot 306 top view

Other Peugeot models

Almost all models of Peugeot cars have a prefix consisting only of numbers, for example, Peugeot 406, Peugeot 1007, Peugeot 504 and many others. Models with the usual letter prefixes are also produced: "Peugeot Boxster", "Partner", "Expert", "Beeper" and many others.

In addition, the company produces not only cars, but also trucks, such as Peugeot J9, mopeds, bicycles and other vehicles.

The latest statistics for 2007 states that sales amounted to 2 million vehicles. In 2017, sales of Peugeot vehicles almost halved due to strong competition from other companies.

peugeot 306 green


During the period of operation, the Peugeot 306 car managed to establish itself as an inexpensive and fairly reliable station wagon. The car served as a prototype for the development of an improved Peugeot 406 station wagon model, which also gained its popularity due to its merits. "Peugeot 306" wagon is one of the best cars in terms of price-quality ratio in the secondary car market.

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