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Positive and negative reviews: Fuelfree - fuel saver
Positive and negative reviews: Fuelfree - fuel saver

With the development of technology, modern motorists every year have more and more opportunities to upgrade their own car, and there are more and more offers on the net to purchase new devices or any substances, and countless reviews are attached to them. FuelFree is just one of such tools that appeared on the market relatively recently and is positioned as an absolute novelty and a breakthrough in technology that allows motorists to save huge amounts of money. But many first try to figure out whether such a remedy really works and how effective it is.

Most often, many car owners are looking for more information about what developers offer to buy, and what reviews leave about this product: do people like FuelFree or not? Here we will cover the same.

At the moment, a sufficient number of responses have already appeared on the network about the operation of this tool so that everyone can understand for themselves how effective it is. Managed to respond about him asthose people who have already purchased such magnets, as well as professional specialists studying the work of this tool.

What are the creators saying?

fuel free reviews

The official website of the dealership says that FuelFree is a specialized fuel saving tool that has become widespread in the European and American markets. The operation of this device is based on the use of magnets, and below you can see countless positive reviews. FuelFree, meanwhile, has a literally symbolic price, so many simply cannot help but be tempted by such an offer.

Every driver knows how expensive it is today to maintain a good car, but at the same time, it is unlikely that anyone, even against the backdrop of a constant rise in gasoline prices, will want to part with a fast and comfortable vehicle. That is why various companies offer alternative ways out of this situation - saving gasoline, increasing the durability of parts, and much more.

What does he give?

The official website says that the tool has proven itself in the process of application on a variety of modes of transport, and it can be used with both gasoline and diesel engines. Of course, for each individual motor there can be very different efficiency, but on average it is possible to achieve savings of about 20%, and this is a very good result.

Where can I use it?

fuel saver fuelfree reviews in belarus

Using the toolallowed in the following vehicles:

  • cars and trucks;
  • gazelles and buses;
  • water transport;
  • motorcycles and ATVs;
  • special equipment for construction and agricultural areas.

How does it work?

fuelfree reviews scam

Every driver would like to save fuel (and therefore their money) without causing any harm to the propulsion system and other mechanisms, and that is why many want to know if this can really be done using this tool by reading various reviews. FuelFree, according to the representative, will allow every car enthusiast to significantly reduce the budget required to purchase fuel, and at the same time is absolutely harmless to installed equipment.

The main working force of such a device is two neodymium magnets with extremely high properties. When the fuel begins to pass through the magnetic field generated by these devices, the hydrocarbon link begins to split into small particles that become activated.

As you know, heat, cold and high humidity eventually lead to the fact that the characteristics of any fuel mixture deteriorate significantly, and it expands and contracts. It is hydrocarbons that act as the basis of any modern fuel, the molecules of which, due to the influence of temperatures, begin to attract each other, thus forming full-fledged moleculargroups.

Operation principle

Due to the impossibility of oxygen to cover all densely accumulated molecules, a certain part of them eventually does not burn out, but when the fuel mixture passes through such a device, exposing it to a strong magnetic frequency resonance, molecular clusters begin to dissipate into individual elements that receive a positive charge.

Due to this, oxygen has access to every single molecule, which ensures complete combustion of fuel, which allows you to achieve not only significant savings, but also reduce the amount of harmful gases emitted by your car into the environment. Feedback from car owners about FuelFree on the official website for the most part confirms the effectiveness of this method.

What are the benefits?

fuel saver fuelfree reviews scam

In the practice of using this tool, many foreign drivers have identified a variety of positive qualities of this tool, among which the main ones can be called an increase in the overall service life of piston rings and candles, as well as the following:

  • Extremely simple installation of this device allows such procedures to be carried out without any intervention of professional car service specialists. There are also no difficulties in using it, since the device operates independently.
  • Immediately after installing this device in the car, fuel economy begins, that is, the effect is promised to be instant.
  • Consumptionfuel is reduced by more than 20%, thanks to which the product pays for itself in the first month of use.
  • The engine receives reliable protection against low-quality fuel.
  • The operation of the device is absolutely safe for any units and assemblies.
  • Significantly increases the mileage of the car until its next gas station.

Recently, the fuel saver has been actively used by domestic motorists.

What are car owners saying?

fuelfree expert reviews

Despite the words of the developers, for the most part, users have the same opinion, leaving their reviews: FuelFree is a scam, and this tool has no effect.

Positive feedback about the operation of this device can be found far from so often, and at the same time there is practically no information in them about how this element positively affects the car. Mostly on the forums, users leave the following reviews:

  • FuelFree - divorce.
  • The effect of this product is invisible or completely absent.

Also, many note that the size of such an economizer is too small to provide the desired magnetic frequency resonance. That is why, in most cases, reviews (“scam” and similar content) are not written under lengthy texts that advertise the FuelFree fuel saver, but they can only be found on free sites or various specialized forums.

Decreaseconsumption, increase in power, reduction in total emissions of harmful substances - in the vast majority of cases, consumers have not been able to notice at least any of these effects. Of course, there are positive reviews for FuelFree, but most likely, most of them are just a marketing program of the developer aimed at increasing sales.

Thus, judging by the reviews of real people, this product is not an effective means by which you could improve engine performance or save on fuel purchases. About FuelFree, expert reviews also indicate that everything said by the developer is a lie and cannot have any actual evidence. At the same time, everyone has the right to check this statement on their own in order to make sure of it.

Why is this a scam?

fuel saver fuelfree reviews in Ukraine

FuelFree is far from the first invention that offers motorists a huge benefit at a minimal cost. Providing a savings of as much as 20%, the tool has a cost of only 3,600 rubles, and given that each user, by a happy "accident", gets to the seller's website during the promotion, the device can be bought for 1,750 rubles.

Many people think this way, and buy such funds, allowing scammers to come up with new schemes again and again. In fact, it’s enough just to remember the basic rules of school physics in order to understand howuseless is the installation of FuelFree. Reviews are only confirmation that this device is useless. If we talk about what else may indicate the futility of this purchase, we can cite a few facts.

First of all, the commercial says that the patent for this system of magnets belongs to General Motors, one of the world's largest concerns. But at the same time, real expert reviews about FuelFree often include a completely fair question: "For what reason did GeneralMotors not install such devices on their cars initially, because such a strong fuel economy is a significant advantage of their products over other concerns."

The advertisement also says that depending on the type of transport, the number of magnets that need to be installed on them also changes. And what happens if you install not two, but several or even several dozen such magnets at once? Is it really possible to get a practically free ride? In principle, nothing would stop the world's largest concerns from making the fuel tanks of their cars entirely from such magnets, providing five-liter SUVs with a consumption of only 3 liters per 100 km through this system, because technically such production is not difficult.

Every person who delved into the study of physics at school knows that fuel is an organic compound that is a dielectric. The dimensions of its molecules are so small that even for themthe minimum rebuilding would be to use a magnet, the dimensions of which would be equal to a 16-story building, not to mention how powerful equipment is needed to change intermolecular bonds, but here we are offered ordinary magnets.

Raises a lot of questions and how the FuelFree fuel saver is advertised. Reviews in Belarus, Russia and other countries say that this tool works great, and the developers themselves write that the same responses are found in the advanced countries of Europe and the USA. In fact, the company is located in Moscow, and the commercial was filmed entirely in Ukraine. The use of foreign commercials is not so uncommon these days, but we are talking about advertising filmed in another language and translated by a representative, and not shooting in Russian in order to sell the product in Russia, where it first appeared.

It is also worth noting that in the commercial, the girl says that the device "works wonders based on advertising information." In other words, the seller immediately gets rid of any responsibility regarding the goods he presents and says that he is guided only by advertising information, and the consumer decides for himself whether to believe it or not.

Among other things, it is worth saying that there are materials on the net that the opinions about the "divorce" on FuelFree are actually false, and these are the tricks of the competitors of this tool. First of all, it is worth noting that this tool has no competitors at the moment, since no one has simply offeredmotorists save 20% of the cost of gasoline for less than two thousand rubles. Secondly, the only argument in defense of this tool in such articles is that the opinion about the "divorce" is contrary to the principle of operation of this device and its responses from people using the FuelFree fuel saver. Reviews of specialists from specialized forums speak very directly, and, as mentioned above, even in theory this tool cannot be effective.

Why do people buy it?

fuelfree real owner reviews

You don't have to be a professional auto mechanic or physicist to understand what the so-called FuelFree fuel economy is. Reviews ("divorce") in plain text will not be left just like that, even though this device has official registration and a whole set of various certificates.

First of all, you need to correctly understand that a weak magnetic field is simply not able to interact with gasoline, as it is said in the advertisement of this product, and if you understand the problem more deeply, you can find many other technical inconsistencies. But at the same time, there are people who still buy such funds, and this is not at all surprising, because a huge number of advertising moves are used to sell it.

How is this happening?

The main reasons for buying are as follows:

  • In the vast majority of cases, people get to the official website of the seller by reading some fake reviews about FuelFree by specialists orreal car enthusiasts. Thus, even before reading the material, they already believe in the work of this saver.
  • It is customary to use superlatives in the materials on the site, and fuel economy with this tool for the authors is a fait accompli, despite the fact that they do not offer to familiarize themselves with any tests of respected organizations.
  • The client is immediately offered to buy the product at an incredibly low price, but the promotion is valid for only 14 hours. Buyers try to save as much as possible, so they purchase the product as soon as possible, in time for the promotion, but in fact they simply do not have time to gather their thoughts, think soberly and read real reviews of car owners about FuelFree. This is what is a critical mistake for many.
  • The site contains fake reviews of car owners about FuelFree, who praise this tool and its effectiveness in every possible way. For example, the owner of a prestigious SUV says that he has purchased this product and is very happy with his purchase, although he does not monitor fuel consumption (that is, according to him, he did not even determine whether the product works or not).
  • Also in the material on the site it is mentioned that the manufacturer and developer of this tool is General Motors, which is also not true. It is currently impossible to find any information on the network confirming the connection of this company with this tool.
  • The last factor influencing the consumer is certificates and official registration. Many people believe that the state will never allow citizens to be deceived, butin fact, this is not the case, and the FuelFree fuel saver is a prime example of this. Reviews in Ukraine and other countries from the forums indicate that this tool is sold with fake documents.

If you understand all these tricks, you will never get such a tool and will not become victims of any other frauds of this kind. First, just read reviews about the FuelFree fuel saver, and then you will understand how effective this tool is, and whether it is, in principle, worth the money invested in it.

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