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Amtel Planet EVO tires: reviews
Amtel Planet EVO tires: reviews

Russian car tires are sometimes able to surprise with unexpectedly high quality and pleasant cost. Thanks to local production, it has the necessary qualities and is designed specifically for operation in domestic weather conditions. Such a series of models is the Amtel Planet EVO. Reviews about it emphasize a fairly large number of positive aspects. To understand why drivers liked these tires, you should familiarize yourself with their main features and characteristics.

Brief information about the series and its purpose

This series was developed specifically for small passenger cars. It is available in a large number of sizes for rims with a diameter of 13 to 17 inches. This assortment hints that the main types of cars where Amtel Planet EVO tires are used will be domestic and foreign budget foreign cars, as well as some types of station wagons and family minivans.

amtel planet evo tires

Tire developmentwas carried out under the leadership of the Italian company Pirelli, and much of the knowledge accumulated by professionals was used during international cooperation. It is the application of modern technologies in the development and production process that has allowed these tires to become one of the best options in their class.

The dream of many drivers is quiet tires

The main focus of the developers was on eliminating unpleasant noise effects resulting from the interaction of the rubber working surface with the road surface. It can be a hum at high speed, or an unpleasant vibration during measured movement.

To avoid these problems, the tread pattern has been redesigned in such a way as to soften the process of rolling Amtel Planet EVO tires from block to block, which led to good results. The manufacturer was able to supplement the positive effect with the help of a special rubber compound that increases the elasticity of tires during movement. However, their softness is not excessive, as even on very hot days, the tires retain their shape and do not blur on the rim, which allows you to maintain sensitivity to the controls.

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Elaborate drainage system

Torrential rains are a fairly common weather phenomenon in the summer. After them, deep puddles remain on the asph alt, and the road completely changes its properties. In order to move along the track without unnecessary risk when it is in such a state, high-quality drainage is required from the point of contact of the workingpaved tire surface.

In order to achieve the best effect, the manufacturer decided to make a large number of narrow grooves that collect moisture from the entire surface. Due to their semi-circular shape, it is directed towards the wide sipes, which ensure the removal of water outside the tire. Rainy summer with Amtel Planet EVO may no longer frighten drivers, because the result of the work done is a high-quality fight against the effect of aquaplaning even in difficult conditions. A car equipped with these tires can be called truly safe, as the risk of skidding due to water is minimal.

tire amtel planet evo reviews

Peculiar tread pattern

For summer tires, the best option is the asymmetric arrangement of the tread blocks. They were chosen as the basis for the development of the tread pattern for this series. If you look at the photo of Amtel Planet EVO in the article, you can immediately notice that a distinctive feature is a clear distribution of tasks over certain areas of the working surface of the tire.

Thus, the side tread blocks received a rather massive structure and wide slots, which provides good rowing characteristics while driving on dirt roads. Additionally, they are able to take on most of the shifting load during high-speed maneuvering on the track and continue to provide reliable contact with the road.

Tires Amtel Planet EVO 19565 R15 91H are resistant to deformation due to loads due tostrong central rib. It allows them to retain their shape under any mechanical impact, and also provides reliable directional stability. The presence of transverse slots on it forms additional gripping edges that improve the braking and dynamic properties of the tires.

amtel planet evo description

Economy of the fuel mixture

The model received another feature that is pleasant for all drivers. By reducing the noise effect due to a decrease in the rolling resistance coefficient, the rubber received a better roll, which had a positive effect on fuel consumption. According to the official description of Amtel Planet EVO, depending on the driving style, motorists now have the opportunity to save up to 0.2 liters of gasoline for every hundred kilometers traveled. This is a fairly significant indicator that helps to quickly recoup investments in rubber.

amtel planet evo 175 70 r13 82h


It's time to sort out what drivers write in their reviews of the Amtel Planet EVO. Among the most popular positive aspects of this rubber are the following:

  • Affordable value. Rubber belongs to the budget class, and due to domestic production, it has practically no competitors with the same high performance for its price.
  • Balanced from the factory. During the process of mounting tires to rims, users have little to no need to add additional weight, which indicates the strict control at the exit from the conveyor.
  • Low noise.The manufacturer managed to minimize unpleasant noise effects, so we can safely say that Amtel Planet EVO 17570 R13 82H tires do their job well.
  • Acceptable level of softness. Tires are able to "swallow" small bumps on the road without using the suspension, which increases the comfort of driving.
  • Quality drainage system. The tire well removes water from the contact patch with the track and allows you to not worry about hydroplaning when driving at high speed on the road during heavy rain.
  • Good wear resistance. According to Amtel Planet EVO reviews, rubber is able to travel several tens of thousands of kilometers and at the same time retain its dynamic properties until the last, if used carefully. The tread and cord protect it well from damage.

Negative sides

This series does not have too many disadvantages, but it is still worth knowing about them even before purchasing tires for your car. The main negative feature can be called problems with emergency braking. If the car is not equipped with an ABS system, then when the brake pedal is pressed to the floor, the rubber is very likely to break into the skid, which will lead to a skid, especially if the movement was quite fast. As advised in the Amtel Planet EVO tire reviews, to avoid this situation, even in an emergency, you should brake in steps so that the wheel can maintain confident grip.

The second minus is the low cut strength of the sidewalls. They handle punches well, butthis can be easily damaged by rebar or other sharp objects sticking out at the edge of the road. Therefore, you should carefully choose where to stop and park.

amtel planet evo summer


The presented series of Russian summer car tires is a good option for budget car drivers who want quiet and durable tires that can ensure driving safety, especially during rains. Reviews about Amtel Planet EVO say that this rubber will save on fuel, and will also be able to provide easy driving, because the shape of the tread makes it very responsive to commands given by the driver.

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