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Knuckle rotary on the "Niva": installation features

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Knuckle rotary on the "Niva": installation features
Knuckle rotary on the "Niva": installation features

"Niva-Chevrolet" is a domestic budget-class SUV. The rotary knuckle on the "Niva" can be installed with your own hands or contact a car service. In this article, we will describe the features of installing this element.

Part installation

The swivel knuckle for the Niva needs to be modified for installation - bored out to a diameter of 73, make grooves for the retaining rings. You will need to additionally install the Iveco-3551 bearing. After that, you need to put the gland, replacing the standard model. There is a fully through hole with a diameter of 73 mm. Accordingly, all oil seals have an identical bore diameter on both sides.

Due to the large overhang of the diameter of the ball joint, it is necessary to prepare the stop part, first wipe the place for its installation. The emphasis will also need to be finalized, press in a red-hot fungus with a hemisphere and grind it to a depth of 6 mm. It is necessary to zero from the ledge, while zeroing the longitudinal limb. A 6 mm tile is placed under the stop in accordance with the depth of the gland.

Car repair

Machine work

Let's bring the cutter closer, turning on the machine at low speed, feedlet's take less. We turn on the feed, having previously prepared the emphasis. Safety precautions require the removal of unnecessary parts. All obstacles must be removed. The part will rotate in different directions. With a small longitudinal feed, the cutter is fed to the stop. We work until there is a touch. Then we remove the tiles. It is necessary to get 74.2 mm from size 73, and the gland - 74.35 mm. We continue by tangent to zero the transverse limb.

Installing the steering knuckle on the "Niva" requires a thorough cleaning of the surface. It is important to set the inner diameter relative to the outer diameter. Next, you need to bore out the detail of the steering knuckle on the Niva, deepening by 0.5 mm. Turnovers must be made smaller, grind another fist after turning on the feed.

Machine repair service

Detailed description of the process

The Niva-Chevrolet steering knuckle with hubs, casings, lever, bearings and seals is a component completely removed from the machine. How to disassemble and grind bearings and reassemble the elements?

The Niva's reinforced steering knuckle requires disassembly of all elements and their thorough cleaning in the future. The main problem is rust damage to parts. Then they are very difficult to work with.

Continuation of work implies the following actions. After removing the casing, you can get the bearings and clean the bases. All the insides before installing non-adjustable knuckles on the Niva will be thrown out and machined. Therefore, it makes no sense to take care of their safety.

Fixed hubs

In the endthere are two inner clips that also need to be removed. It also makes no sense to keep the outer clips. Now you need to wash and clean the bases, process them on a lathe.

Clean up the planes of the base and perpendicular to the axis of rotation. It is important to remove rust and other types of dirt and dust before installing the steering knuckles on the Chevrolet Niva car.

Setting the fist

Install a larger faceplate. We grind the surface to set the runout. After that, you can proceed to install the fist on the cleaned bases. It must be pressed against the plate and set in the rear center.

After that, you need to find the holes of the fasteners and clamp them. The fist is installed, the rear beam can be removed. It's time to install the indicator. It must be carefully lifted at the top point.

You may need to tighten the fasteners. With their help, you can adjust the reliability of the installation of the fist. At the end of the work, the indicator is removed and the process of turning begins. It is necessary to achieve indicators of 200 revolutions by placing a boring cutter. By adding approximately 1.5 mm, the desired boring result can be achieved. It is necessary to remove an extra layer from the central part of the part.

Bearings "Niva Chevrolet"

Final works

At the end of the work, you need to measure the result with a micrometer. The zero indicator will be the point inside the swivel feet. Then you will see how much is left until the desired size is obtained. It is necessary to put the rack on the cross feed and fix the press holder. Then continue machinework to achieve accurate measurements, repeat measurements.

After that, grooves are made for the retaining rings. To do this, you need to use a homemade cutter. The bearing rests against the stopper. For an error-free result, simply draw a line around the bearing and make a groove. Mistakes in this situation are not allowed. There are two retaining rings installed in the finished part. This completes the turning work. At the end of them, do not forget to check the result with a micrometer.



Next comes circlips, four oil seals, four rings, new locking plates and super grease. The press is used. Fitted retaining ring and bearing. The seat is treated with a thin layer of super grease. It is important to keep the parts clean. Residual grease must be removed.

The bearing is carefully placed under the press and thoroughly processed. Finished parts are carefully lubricated with oil. Everything is put in place, unnecessary details are removed. Finally, put on the casing and assemble the system in reverse order.


Work on the installation of the steering knuckle "Chevy-Niva" will significantly reduce the size of the ground clearance. The installation of steering knuckles can be combined with the use of lower ball joints. The work described in the article is performed by motorists on their own. You can, of course, entrust car repairs to car service specialists, they will do everything quickly and according to the rules.

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