"Toyota RAV 4" with a CVT: owner reviews, specifications, photos

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"Toyota RAV 4" with a CVT: owner reviews, specifications, photos
"Toyota RAV 4" with a CVT: owner reviews, specifications, photos

"Toyota RAV 4" is an ergonomic and stylish urban-type crossover that not only looks attractive, but also has excellent performance. Many people drive this car. And a considerable part of motorists own Toyota RAV 4 models with a CVT.

Reviews about these crossovers are different, and now we will talk about them, because only from the comments of real owners you can understand whether the car is good or not.

2006 Edition: Virtues

This is a pretty "adult" model. Despite its age, it is quite common on the roads. And these are the qualities this car differs in, judging by what the owners say about the Toyota RAV 4 with a CVT in the reviews:

  • Despite the fact that the car is a crossover, it can be called maneuverable. She performs overtaking smartly, the driver does not have to strain.
  • Together with a 2-liter engine andThe 7-speed automatic CVT "undermines" perfectly. Lots of speakers.
  • In winter, when driving on a steep icy slope, you can simply press the mountain brake button and take your foot off the gas, then do not brake. So the car will slowly but surely move down without skidding and slipping.
  • The car is quite unpretentious in maintenance, but reliable.
  • Parts can be found easily and at affordable prices.


The advantages of the 2006 model were listed above. But there are also significant drawbacks. The reviews left about the Toyota RAV 4 with a CVT indicate the following disadvantages:

  • Cheap plastic was used in the interior trim.
  • The suspension is very weak. On poor pavement, drive as slowly as possible. If the car gets into a hole, then there is such a blow, as if the pillar came out through the hood.
  • The car holds the road uncertainly. It "talks" in different directions, especially the back. It feels like the crossover is about to leave the track.
  • On sharp turns the car skids a lot. The anti-skid option saves, albeit belatedly.
  • When driving at high speeds, the engine simply “devours” oil.

2011 Edition: Virtues

This is a model of another, more modern generation. There are a lot of reviews left about the RAV 4 released with a variator in 2011. Here are the benefits people talk about in their comments:

  • Pleased with the appearance. It's not flashy, but it's not boring either. The lines are strict, without any pretentiousness, the look is taut. A special "zest" in appearanceadd tapered headlights.
  • The rear seatbacks fold very comfortably to form a spacious area.
  • The dashboard is simple and ergonomic, the button is not overloaded.
  • A good multimedia system is installed with good speakers - the bass sounds very "juicy".
  • Variator is very good. Smoothly, without sharp shocks and jerks, shifts gears, significantly saves gasoline.
  • Fuel consumption of a 2-liter engine is only 5.7 liters per 100 kilometers on the highway.
  • On the road, the car behaves obediently. The rear-wheel drive is connected automatically when slipping, which is very convenient.
  • The car drives especially well on the highway. Road holding is excellent. You can quietly accelerate to 140-150 km / h, but it will feel like the arrow on the speedometer is at 90.
  • The car is moving confidently along the blurred road. It also rides through the snow, but only if the snowdrifts are low - 20 centimeters.
toyota rav 4 2018 variator reviews
toyota rav 4 2018 variator reviews


There are quite a lot of them in the 2011 Toyota RAV 4 with a CVT. In the reviews, people note the following disadvantages:

  • The car is very expensive not only to buy, but also to maintain.
  • The suspension is too stiff. Yes, the crossover rides off-road, but at such moments it causes a lot of discomfort to its owner.
  • Noise isolation is poor. The rigid suspension complements this minus, and it becomes even louder in the cabin. By the way, the Japanese made a tricky option: the higher the engine speed or the faster the motorist drives,the louder the music plays. And the noise is almost inaudible.
  • In the package there is no sunroof, no head unit, no reversing camera, not even a glove compartment light. Despite the fact that for residents of the East and other European countries, these options were included in the "base".
  • Heated seats are not very comfortable. Turns on and off by pressing the same button, but there is no adjustment of the heating level.
  • The seats are not as comfortable as we would like. For fast trips, this is normal, but if you drive for 3 hours without stopping, then your back starts to get tired.

As the owners of the Toyota RAV 4 equipped with a CVT say in the reviews, you can drive long distances, but comfort will be very much missed.

2013 Edition: Virtues

And this model is worth paying attention to. She, like all the previous ones, also has a variator. "RAV 4" received good reviews in 2013, here are some points that the owners of the car talk about in detail:

  • The design of the car is very brutal. Interestingly, the cars produced in 2013 are mostly owned by men. Compared to previous models, the crossover has changed.
  • The interior is very reminiscent of the Lexus. Everything looks nice and expensive, but the plastic is still oak.
  • The steering wheel is very comfortable. Trimmed with pleasant leather, the diameter is perfectly adjusted, the buttons are convenient to use, the electric amplifier works perfectly.
  • Fuel consumption in the city of a car with a 2-liter engine varies from 9.4 to 12.3 liters. The improved engine is flexible, with a sufficient supply of thrust. Paired withsmoothly running variator behaves well.
  • Noise isolation: the newer models are much better. The developers have finalized this nuance.
  • It's very spacious inside. This applies to both the front and back row. The front seat adjustments are also pleasing, especially in height. If you wish, you can sit almost under the ceiling, or sink to the floor.
  • Overview is excellent, the mirrors are large, and in bad weather they are not flooded.
  • The chairs are good, moderately hard, with lateral support. Unlike the previously mentioned model, you can drive long distances in this car with comfort. But the passengers will not be very comfortable. The rear sofa is too flat and the backs are not comfortable enough to support.
  • The engine is great. Even two liters in tandem with a CVT is enough for a dynamic ride. The box works flawlessly. A fraction of a second is enough for a response to the accelerator to occur. And the "sport" button really works - the crossover becomes faster.
toyota rav 4 variator reviews
toyota rav 4 variator reviews

One of the most important points, the mention of which can be seen in many reviews of the Toyota RAV 4 (2.0) with a CVT, is the clearance. The ground clearance is really great. On such a car, you can drive safely - neither the edges of the pits, nor the curbs will hurt.


In the 2013 model year, motorists are frustrated by the following points:

  • Buttons in the cabin in the dark are not highlighted. Some people have this option. But the buttons are highlighted so that it is absolutely not convenient to work with them. Take tofor example, the heating control key. Glowing in the middle, but pressed along the edges.
  • The windshield is, to put it mildly, low quality. Many owners have scratches after two or three cleanings with a plastic ice scraper.
  • Wipers leave streaks on the glass. They don’t cope with total pollution at all - the downforce of the brush is not enough.
  • The suspension is too stiff. On small bumps, the car shakes like a washing machine in the intensive wash mode. On large pits, it breaks with a characteristic knock.
  • The work of exchange rate stability strains many. The car does not skid, but it does not easily turn into a turn. This option helps only on slippery roads.
reviews Rav 4 2017 2 0 variator
reviews Rav 4 2017 2 0 variator

Judging by the reviews, "RAV 4" with a stepless variator, released in 2013, has few drawbacks. Especially in technical terms. The previous model, as motorists assure, at speeds over 120 km / h seemed to rest against an invisible wall. This car is much more dynamic.

2016 edition

This RAV 4 model can rightfully be considered modern. Here are the features that make it different from its predecessors:

  • In the cabin there is a lot of space. Especially from behind. Some jokingly compare this Toyota with a trolleybus in terms of space. There was a sense to use the slope of the backs.
  • The trunk has become deeper. Huge suitcases of avid travelers fit with ease.
  • Heated seats finally made a two-level. The grip zone is heated at the steering wheel and on the sides.

Technically, the 2016 RAV 4 is as good as the previous models. And in terms of handling - even better. The speed keeps great, it enters the turns well (surprisingly to many), the back does not blow.

rav 4 2 0 variator reviews
rav 4 2 0 variator reviews

And overclocking is a separate issue altogether. By smoothly pressing the pedal, you can safely and adequately accelerate in accordance with a predetermined mode. But if you press it sharply, the speed will soar to 4,000, and the car will instantly, even somewhat aggressively, overtake.

Of the shortcomings, motorists note the following nuances:

  • The windshield has received a large slope. Because of this, when landing, it has to be lowered.
  • The cigarette lighter socket was removed from the trunk. For many, this is a problem - there is nothing to connect the auto-refrigerator to.
  • The steering wheel has become round and thin, the cut at the bottom has disappeared. A small thing like this has taken away the enjoyment of driving early Toyotas for some motorists.

2017 Edition 2.0L Highlights

Now we can talk about new models, which are by far the most popular and technically modern. In the reviews of the "RAV 4" with a variator (2.0, 2017), many advantages are listed. And here is what is mentioned most often by motorists:

  • Navigation. An excellent, well-researched option. The maps are modern, car owners get to unfamiliar places by short routes and on the first try.
  • There is blind spot monitoring that really works. But is he needed with suchhuge mirrors and excellent visibility?
  • Lane control works instantly. The car is not something that signals the exit from it - it even taxis itself.
  • The collision avoidance option works instantly. If the driver does not have time to apply the brakes, the collision will still not occur.
  • All other options (auto light, sensors, active radar, keyless entry, power 5th door, etc.) also please with prompt response and conscientious service.
  • One of the best options is the 2-zone climate, equipped with temperature compensation speed selection. And there are three speed modes. You can decide for yourself how quickly the interior will cool.
  • 2-litre engine is enough for this car. Yes, in 2017, many people want a crossover with at least 2.5 liters, but this car cannot be called sluggish. Up to 120 km / h rides confidently, and then you can use the sport mode. And the dynamics will be comparable to that given by 2.5 liters.
  • Consumption in the city is 10 l.
  • The variator works consistently well, gives smooth acceleration without jerks.
  • Suspension, which is surprising for many (considering their sad experience with early RAV 4s) is excellent, one feels a well-balanced balance of handling and energy intensity. To punch, you need to try.
  • The trunk of the car is large, and you can open it with a key, from the passenger compartment, or by pressing a button from the outside. Under the floor there is a section for small items.
, reviews Toyota Rav 4 2 0 variator
, reviews Toyota Rav 4 2 0 variator

And these are just some of the benefits notedby owners in reviews of the Toyota RAV 4 with a stepless variator manufactured in 2017. The car is really worthy, and the developers managed to eliminate many of the shortcomings that existed in previous models.


The car still has certain disadvantages. In the reviews left about RAV 4 with a CVT in 2017, you can find references to the following shortcomings:

  • Buttons in the cabin are inconvenient. The DAC key is to the right of the steering wheel alone. Clutch lock button - next to the heated steering wheel, on the left. The key in sport mode is very far from the gearbox.
  • The 7-inch display is frankly weak for a 2017 car. The graphics are bad, the icons are small. Pleases only the smart pairing of a smartphone with Bluetooth.
  • Noise isolation remained at the level of previously released models. That is, the Japanese did not improve it. Modern motorists want perfect silence, and therefore additionally put noise.
  • Paint coating is weak. A considerable number of motorists who own the RAV 4 released in 2017 with a variator complain in the reviews that in just a month chips are found in some places.

The car has few cons, and I am glad that they do not touch the technical part.

2018 edition

Now motorists are actively purchasing the latest generation model. About the Toyota RAV 4 released in 2018 with a variator of reviews, so far, not very much. But certain conclusions can be drawn from some comments.

New generation
New generation

Here are the benefits thatnoted by motorists:

  • The lateral support of the front seats is much better than in previous models.
  • The moving armrest is divided into two parts - the main and additional compartment. He also got a little taller. This is a plus, since now you do not need to “reach” down after him, as it was before.
  • The display was installed much more modern, better and more informative. than in the previous year's model.
  • Added 2 more speakers: now there are 6 of them, and this has a positive effect on the quality of sounding music.
  • Made a glove compartment for glasses.
  • Front doors covered with ecological leather, made the inside of the door handles rubberized.
  • The lights appeared in the legs. It lights up as soon as the motorist opens the door in the dark or twilight.
  • The trunk has become much larger - and all the owners of the new Toyota RAV 4 with a CVT in the reviews repeat this. The manufacturers decided to replace the full-fledged spare wheel with a dokatka and put it in the “hump”.
  • The clock was removed from the middle of the panel. The time can now be seen between the tachometer and speedometer.
  • The radio no longer accepts CDs - only flash drives.
  • Install LED headlights.
  • Suspension has become much more energy intensive. This is noted by all owners of the new "RAV 4" (2.0) in the reviews. She “swallows” pits easily, does not break through the rear suspension. In general, finalized for the better.
  • The car drives quietly and smoothly, it still accelerates adequately.
rav 4 2011 variator reviews
rav 4 2011 variator reviews

If we draw conclusions, we can say that the new version in terms of the operation of the engine and the variator has remained at the same decent level, but the manufacturers have significantly improved other technical aspects and equipment.

Only the insulation is still unfinished. Experienced motorists believe that this is not only a Toyota problem. On most cars under 3 million, the insulation is poor.

What about the other nuances? If you believe the reviews about the "RAV 4" with a variator in 2018, then the new car is worthy in all plans. The best proof of this will be the absence of significant problems in the course of further operation.