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Review SUV "Toyota Surf"
Review SUV "Toyota Surf"

"Toyota" is traditionally present in our car market. Cars of this brand are considered reliable and relatively cheap to maintain. Today we will talk about Toyota Hilux Surf. Also sometimes the model is marked as Toyota 4Runner (North American market).

There is a misconception that Toyota Hilux Surf and "Toyota Master Ice Surf" are the same car. This is not true. It should be understood that "Master Surf" is an all-wheel drive compact minivan. The Toyota Master Surf is a great car, but we won't talk about it today.

First generation (1984–1989)

The first generation Toyota Surf had three doors and a removable top (hard top). The model had two modifications: a two-seater with a platform for cargo at the rear and a five-seater car with an extended base, with a shortened cargo platform. The machine was developed for the American market.

The model is rare, almost never found, it is difficult to draw a conclusion about it without having enough objective feedback from the owners.

Toyota Hilux Surf 1

Secondgeneration (1989–1995)

In 1989, the new Toyota Hilux Surf was released. The second generation did not have a removable top, the body was all-metal. The model had the ability to quickly disable all-wheel drive. The body could be with three doors, and with five. There was also a rare cargo version with four doors.

Another version of the Toyota Surf of that time was a popular modification with a wide body, this model had an additional marking - Wide Body. In the US market, the model was called the Toyota 4Runner. Sometimes you can find another name for this model - "Toyota Surf 130".

The interior of this car was modern and rich. You could choose leather or velor interior. The car had full power accessories, cruise control was also provided, and an audio system with a CD player, which was expensive for that time.

Toyota Hilux Surf 2

The rear door of the car was of the "drop" type, that is, it opened like a pickup truck, but at the same time an automatic window lifter was installed on the rear door (you will not find such a solution on modern cars).

The trunk of the car was simply huge, it could be used as a sleeping place without any problems, it is convenient, because such a passable "tank" often goes out of town for fishing or hunting overnight.

Salon Toyota Hilux Surf 2

Restyled model of the second generation

In 1992, the Toyota Surf SUV was restyledbody, the changes affected the optics (front and rear) and the grille. Restyling was precisely to change the appearance, no structural changes or improvements were made.

There were several engines for Toyota Surf (the same power plants for pre-styling and restyled models). The most purchased was a petrol V6 with a capacity of 145 hp. with., the second most common was a two-liter gasoline with a capacity of 97 liters. s, from diesel engines, a power plant with a capacity of 95 liters can be distinguished. With. (2.4 liters). On later versions of the car, a new diesel engine with increased power (130 hp, 3.0 liters) was installed. If this engine was paired with a machine gun, then its power increased by an additional 20 hp. s., the automatic machine of this machine had a certain mechanism for switching between "hanging power" and "normal power". A five-speed manual was supplied.

The second generation of "Toyota Surf" had a front independent suspension, rear suspension dependent (spring). The car's suspension is just incredibly strong, if a little firm, but it's a matter of habit.

Third generation (1995–2002)

Hilux Surf has become a city dweller in the third generation. The model came out on an updated platform with a new line of engines. The body has become stylish with streamlined and smooth lines. The suspension has become softer. A system with an automatic differential was implemented, which independently decided to turn on the all-wheel drive, depending on the weather and road surface. Separately produced model with 2WD(rear wheel drive).

The equipment of the car was good, especially in the top trim levels, which included wood trim, leather inserts on the door cards, luxurious seats with side support. In the area of ​​​​the interior rear-view mirror there was an inclinometer, an altimeter and a compass, only they reminded from the inside that you were in a car that drives almost everywhere, and not just on the roads.

Toyota Hilux Surf 3

Third generation facelifts

Improvements took place in two stages (1998 and 2000). The work concerned the body, especially in the front of the car and the interior. No structural modifications have been made to the chassis, transmission or engines.

At the start of sales of Toyota Hilux Surf 3 it had three engines. Petrol 3.4-liter V6 with 185 hp. with., there was also a more modest gasoline engine - a 150-horsepower engine with a volume of 2.7 liters. The third engine was diesel, its volume is 3 liters with a power of 150 liters. s., on later models they installed the same engine, but modified, it already gave out 170 “mares”.

Fourth generation (2002–2009)

It was a modified city dweller. In the cabin, everything has become even more beautiful and more convenient. An on-board computer monitor and a climate control display (two-zone separate climate control) appeared on the tidy. In the top versions, it was possible to take a leather interior, power seats and illuminated thresholds.

Salon Toyota Hilux Surf 4

Engines for this generation of "Hilux Surf" were installed as in the Land Cruiser of those years. Gasoline - 2.7 liters (150 hp)s., after completion 163 l. s.) and 4.0 (185 hp). Of the diesel engines, an aggregate of 3.0 liters (170 "horses") was available. On the later cars of this generation, they also began to install a modern 4.0-liter power unit from Toyota with a capacity of 249 hp. s.

Toyota Hilux Surf 4

The rear suspension of expensive versions had a pneumatic stiffness change system. This is inherent in cars of the highest category of class. There was one restyling that touched the exterior and interior of the SUV.

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