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How are the rear shocks arranged?

How are the rear shocks arranged?
How are the rear shocks arranged?

One of the main functions of a modern shock absorber is to provide comfort to the driver and passengers. This element also serves to reduce the load on the body when hitting pits and all kinds of speed bumps, because the impact is first transmitted to the wheels, and then to the body. To somehow reduce this load, the front and rear shock absorbers soften this force by compressing several centimeters in length.

rear shock absorbers

What is this part? The front and rear shock absorbers are small cylinders that have oil inside. It is this component that reduces the load and effort on the chassis of the car. If this mechanism was not manufactured according to the appropriate technology, it is no longer able to provide such smooth running. Therefore, when choosing these parts, always focus on the manufacturer and composition of the part. Now gas shock absorbers have gained wide popularity. Although they are tougher than oil, they are more reliable in operation. Whatconcerns manufacturers, every year more and more motorists purchase Japanese racks from KYB.

Regardless of whether it is a hydraulic or hydropneumatic shock absorber (oil or gas), its main function remains unchanged. Any of the above struts dampens vibrations caused by the inertial force when the vehicle hits bumps.

In general, this mechanism is intended not only to make the interior softer. Now we will give a number of the main functions of shock absorbers for cars and trucks:

  • Control over the movement of suspension parts, including springs.
  • Ensure effective braking in all road conditions.
  • Control vehicle stability (rear and front shock absorbers control vehicle roll and vibration while driving).
  • Reduce wear on other undercarriage systems.
  • rear shock absorber
  • Also, the VAZ shock absorber provides the car with optimal tire contact with the road, thereby the wheels, in turn, do not wear out so much. The braking system, by the way, also has an increased service life thanks to these mechanisms, since the latter reduce the load not only on the tires, but also on the pads.

If all of the above functions apply to both shock absorbers (rear and front), then below we will note the functions that only the rear mechanisms perform.

  • Firstly, they prevent the unsprung mass from oscillating relative to the body.
  • Second,The rear shock absorbers absorb vibrational energy and convert it into heat. This reduces the load on the rear wheels.
shock absorber VAZ

Based on this, we see that the front and rear shock absorbers are mechanisms that provide not only comfort to the driver and passengers, but also safety. Therefore, every 60-80 thousand kilometers, this part should be replaced. Upon reaching this value, the front and rear shock absorbers will no longer perform all of the above functions, which means that it will be bad not only for you in terms of comfort, but also for all parts of the car's suspension.

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