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New Mercedes Coupe Class S

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New Mercedes Coupe Class S
New Mercedes Coupe Class S

The motor show held in 2013 in the German city of Frankfurt presented the concept of "Mercedes" S-class coupe to the public court. Rumors about the development of this prestigious car have been around for a long time. Employees of the company did not torment the public for a long time and posted detailed information about the model, which received the designation "C217 Mercedes-coupe". Photos from 2013 are still circulating the Internet. The presentation of the car took place on February 11, 2014. The first major event at which it will appear before a wide audience will be the Geneva Motor Show, scheduled for March. The model should go on sale this summer.

mercedes coupe

Car appearance

The CL-Class is considered to be the prototype of the novelty. The car has acquired more refined features. The silhouette also features elements of sporty design. The body width was 1899 mm, length - 5027 mm, and height - 1411. The wheelbase is now 2945 mm. With the exception of minor changes, the new Mercedes coupe has retained the appearance of its prototype. A fully LED head optics was installed in the car, which, in individual design, can receiveinlaid with Swarovski crystals.

new mercedes coupe

Salon Interior

The interior design largely copies the interior of the sedan. However, there are slight differences. Finishing is made of other materials, the clock was removed from the center console, the appearance of the steering wheel has changed. A new data projection system has been added that displays an image on the windshield. The picture is broadcast with a resolution of 480x240, creating the feeling that the projection is located at a distance of two meters from the driver. The infotainment system is equipped with an additional touch pad. Chairs have several options for massage settings. The air ionization system is functioning. Acoustic support is provided by Burmester devices. Mercedes coupe can be equipped with a special panoramic roof with dimming technology.

mercedes coupe photo 2013

Engine and safety

The car is equipped with a 4.7-liter engine with 455 hp. A new 9-speed automatic, capable of bringing torque up to 1000 Newton / meters. Despite such "bestial power", the Mercedes coupe is easily controlled by the driver. High-tech hydraulic spring suspension gently passes all the bumps in the road. It also minimizes the centrifugal forces acting on the car when cornering. Built-in stereo cameras allow it to monitor maneuvering and adjust the body, tilting it in the direction of the turn. The maximum angle of inclination in this case can be 2.5 degrees. The function is active at high speed.range 30-180 km/h. In addition, the Mercedes coupe includes a number of other features to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. For example, keeping the car within the lane or the collision avoidance function with automatic braking. In general, the designers managed to implement in the car the maximum number of technical solutions that correspond to the level of development of modern engineering. The created model fully corresponds to its class S.

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