Self polishing machine at home

Self polishing machine at home
Self polishing machine at home

Polishing the car is necessary to maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance and protect the body from environmental influences and microcracks. Small cracks formed on the varnish coating can provoke metal corrosion. Car body polishing is divided into two stages: first protective, then restorative.

The technology is quite laborious and expensive. In order to save your money, the procedure can be carried out independently. To do this, you must have:

  • professional polisher;
  • two foam circles (coarse and soft);
  • abrasive paste of three types: coarse, with fine abrasive and non-abrasive (cleaning);
  • polishing compound;
  • cotton napkins or rags;
  • if necessary - white spirit.
  • polishing machine
    polishing machine

Polishing the car with your own hands will take about 2 hours. First you need to thoroughly wash the car body under running water (from a hose). If all the dirt is not washed off, use mineral spirits or a special abrasiveclay. Wipe the surface of the machine dry with a clean and dry cloth. After preparing the car, you can start the polishing process.

A small amount of coarse paste is applied directly to the surface of the polished area of the car. For a plot of 4040 cm, 10-20 grams of the solution will be required. Polishing of the car happens gradually, at the expense of quickly drying abrasive. A polishing wheel with a rough surface is put on a special machine. Without turning on the apparatus, smear the paste over the area. Turning on the machine on the slowest mode, polish the surface with cross-shaped movements. First horizontally, then vertically. This will make the polish even. Such movements are repeated several times: with a slow mode of operation of the machine and with a fast one. The remaining traces of the paste are wiped with a clean soft cloth.

Do-it-yourself car polishing
Do-it-yourself car polishing

Having finished the first section, work on the next one follows the same pattern. After 3-4 sections passed, the foam circle is washed in warm water.

The wheel is dried at the maximum speed of the polishing machine.

It should be noted that when polishing a car, a low and medium speed of the machine is used. Turning on the maximum speed can damage the body.

With the help of a fine abrasive paste, the procedure is repeated. Having finished with it, we can consider that the protective polishing of the machine is completed.

You can go to recovery. This procedure is much easier.

Machine body polishing
Machine body polishing

The typewriter changes roughfoam rubber circle on a circle for soft polishing. A protective paste (non-abrasive) is applied to a cotton cloth or napkin. It rubs the body of the car in a circular motion. As soon as the paste begins to dry, the machine turns on at medium speed, the surface is polished in a circular motion. After that, a protective polish is applied. The same actions are performed as with non-abrasive paste.

Polishing the car is over. It is recommended to carry out the procedure regularly, once every 3-4 months. Such prevention will allow the car body to always be protected and beautiful.