Who to call if the car was evacuated? How to find out where the car was towed?

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Who to call if the car was evacuated? How to find out where the car was towed?
Who to call if the car was evacuated? How to find out where the car was towed?

No one is immune from traffic violations. Unfortunately, most drivers do not know where to call if their car has been towed. Meanwhile, there are certain numbers by which you can find out exactly which fine parking lot the car was driven to. There are special city tow truck services where they can tell the driver by the license plate of his vehicle where exactly he is being driven or has already been driven. This will be discussed further.

who to call if the car was towed
who to call if the car was towed

Where to call in Moscow?

If you evacuated the car in the capital, then first of all it is worthwhile to understand that there are about two dozen impound stations. To find out which parking lot the vehicle was driven to, you need to visit the website of the Administrator of the Moscow Parking Space and use the special form "Search for a car in a special parking lot". You can also find a contact number on the center's website. In the contact center, you can find out exactly where the car was taken, as well as the traffic police department, whose employee drew up the report. This will come in handy when returning the vehicle.

Given that there are quite a lot of toll stations in Moscow, it makes no sense to list all their addresses. In any case, you only need one specific address, which you can find on the above site. You can also call the duty station by numbers: 02 or 112 from a mobile phone. So, if the car was evacuated, we already know where to call in Moscow. But what about the rest of the cities?

evacuated the car where to call spb
evacuated the car where to call spb

If the car was evacuated in St. Petersburg

Where to call and what to do in this case? In principle, the algorithm of actions will be approximately the same. People on the forums advise different numbers, but you can clarify information about your car by calling 102 from your mobile. By dictating the license plate to the dispatcher, he will be able to tell you what time the transport was taken, to which impound lot, and even tell you what to do next.

Detailed information can also be provided by the number listed on the website of the St. Petersburg Parking Space Administrator.

Note that the same numbers can say that there is no information about the evacuation of the car. This may mean that the car was simply stolen. But don't panic right away. Usually information in the database appears within an hour after the evacuation.

evacuated the car where to call moscow
evacuated the car where to call moscow

There is also an information and dispatch service in St. Petersburg, which is available at number 004. There, the operator will be able to tell where the car is and what is needed to free it. If you wish, you can specify for which particular violation the vehicle was detained, although the answer can be assumed.

So, it is not necessary to know where the car was evacuated in St. Petersburg. Who to call is what really matters. Therefore, just in case, write down such phone numbers, because, given the heavy traffic on Russian roads, you often have to park your car in the wrong place.


If your car was evacuated in Tyumen and you don't know where to call, then just follow the standard algorithm. Dial 102 and describe the situation. The dispatcher, if there is information in the database, will explain everything in detail and give the address of the impound lot and the traffic police department, where it will be necessary to obtain permission in order to pick up your car.

evacuated the car where to call Yekaterinburg
evacuated the car where to call Yekaterinburg

If the number 102 does not help, then you can call the offices of the following parking lots:

  1. "Veteran".
  2. "SpetsStroy".
  3. "Auto Help".

You can always find the actual numbers of these parking lots on the Internet, or check with the city's information service. If calling from a mobile, you must first dial the area code (3452).


If a car is evacuated in Khimki, then 6,000 rubles can already be prepared to return it, of which 4,500 rubles will have to bepay for the service of transporting a car, 1500 - for the time at the impound. You also have to pay the fine. But if the car was evacuated in Khimki, who should I call?

The easiest way is to dial the number of the Parking Space Reference Service in Moscow or visit their website and use a special car search form. There is also an option to call the number of the main parking lot in Khimki, which changes frequently. Therefore, you can find the current number on the official website of the impound.

evacuated the car where to call tyumen
evacuated the car where to call tyumen

As for the general telephone number 112, practice shows that the search for a car is very delayed if you call it.

Other cities

So now we know where to call if the car was towed. Given that there are many cities in Russia, it is almost impossible to list all phone numbers. But in whatever city, the car is taken to the parking lot, you can safely dial 112 and continue to describe the situation to the operator. He will either indicate the numbers of the impound stations themselves, or help determine whether the transport was really taken away on a tow truck. They can also indicate the part of the traffic police, the inspector of which compiled the protocol.

112 - universal number for all cities. Therefore, if the car was evacuated in Yekaterinburg, now you know exactly where to call.

Procedure of actions

So, to return your car you need:

  1. Call the above numbers.
  2. Check the information with the dispatcher. In particular, you need to find out for what violation the vehicle was detained,what is the address of the impound lot and the number of the traffic police department.
  3. Contact the traffic police department and find out how you can return your car.
  4. Get permission from the traffic police to issue a vehicle.
  5. Arrive at the car impound with the following documents: permission to issue a vehicle, CTC, driver's license or passport.
  6. Need to pay for car towing and parking. In the event that the car can be picked up on the same day, then you do not need to pay for a parking space. Only at the end of the day, a fine is charged for storing the car in the impound lot.


We figured out who to call if the car was towed. But often drivers face certain problems. Some complain that money or personal items were missing from the car after being transported.

Khimki evacuated the car where to call
Khimki evacuated the car where to call

And although this is very rare, there are always unscrupulous traffic police officers. It is almost impossible to prevent this, but if you caught the inspector drawing up a report and you don’t have the opportunity to drive the car away (and this is allowed), then you need to follow the drawing up of the report. Alternatively, you can list in the protocol all personal belongings in the cabin at the time of his detention.

Also in this document it is necessary to describe the condition of the vehicle body. And if the car is intact, then the traffic police officer must record this in the protocol. If, after paying all the fines, it turns out that the car was hit during transportation, then the company that evacuated the car will pay for the repair service. But if inthe protocol did not record the absence of damage, then the driver will not be able to prove anything, and he will have to pay for repairs on his own. Therefore, it is not enough to know where to call if the car was towed, it is important to understand the whole process and take into account its subtleties.

In closing

In large cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg, there is often nowhere to park, so you have to choose a parking spot that does not meet the requirements of traffic rules. Therefore, do not be surprised if suddenly you do not find your transport. Considering how much you sometimes have to pay for the evacuation service and a simple car at the impound lot, you must always keep your car in sight if a friend has parked in the wrong place. If you saw an inspector or a traffic police car next to your car, then it’s better to immediately go to your transport and drive it to another place. In this case, you will only have to pay a fine, but not car transportation services.

If the car was evacuated, where to call in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities, the driver is not required to know. Just the number 112 is enough, by which you can find out either information regarding the evacuation of the vehicle, or the numbers of impounds. In general, in the conditions of the 21st century, when everyone has high-speed Internet on their phone, finding out the number of impound sites or the traffic police on duty in your city will not be any particular problem.