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HTM Boliger: owner reviews, specifications. Hawtai Boliger

HTM Boliger: owner reviews, specifications. Hawtai Boliger
HTM Boliger: owner reviews, specifications. Hawtai Boliger

In 2015, the automotive market was replenished with a mid-size crossover Htm Boliger. Its country of origin is China. Outside of their country, the company "Khavtai" is little known to anyone. We can say that we recognized it only thanks to the large B35 SUV, which was called Boliger for sale in foreign markets. The crossover, on the other hand, went through a difficult path to Russia (due to the fall of the ruble in 2014, the Chinese decided to postpone the release of the car in our country).

car htm boliger

New "Boliger"

In August 2018, the Chinese presented an already updated model of the Boliger, and, as they say, it has everything to conquer Russian roads. Well, we'll get to that later, but first let's take a look at the outside of the car.

He looks great. A big, powerful car that will surely appeal to many off-road enthusiasts. Exterior notcompletely original, in some parts you can see the influence of cars such as the Porsche Cayenne, as well as the spirit of the Bentley and Jaguar. However, this is clearly visible in the photo.

However, the Chinese did not just say that the car is adapted for difficult road conditions: this is evidenced by at least an increased ground clearance of 172 mm. Many owners of Hawtai Boliger note that it performs well in Russian realities, even a very modest number of dealers in our country does not interfere.

Other changes

What else has changed after restyling? The roof received roof rails, the slope of the windshield has changed slightly, due to which visibility has become better. There are also changes in the front of the crossover: the lightweight bumper, which had previously been distinguished by somewhat puffy shapes, got rid of them. The huge air intake windows also attract attention. Massive car give new wheel arches and a bulging hood with two sweeping ribs.

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Hawtai Boliger after restyling received a more modern halogen filling. Flattened headlights and strips of LED daytime running lights perfectly emphasize this shape. Hawtai engineers slightly changed the shape of the radiator grille, it still has a black steel mesh, but the chrome trim has become wider.


If the front part of the exterior, judging by the reviews of the owners of Htm Boliger, is liked by many, then the back looks somewhatrustic. She's a little chopped off and doesn't look that powerful. The rear bumper after restyling became smaller, the dimensions and lights remained unchanged. But the tailgate window could have been made bigger, given that part of the view also covers the rear spoiler.

Havtai company


The interior of the Htm Boliger car has also changed a bit after restyling. They tried to make it more premium, in which, apparently, it seemed to Chinese engineers, light colors would help a lot. However, in Russia, motorists are unlikely to like this, because a light color is impractical. In general, the interior can be called quite restrained. There are few trim elements, decorative aluminum inserts only on the gearbox panel and on the door handles.

The seats are quite firm, and the side supports could be stronger. The dashboard looks quite stylish, although it does not have any special design solutions. In the Russian automotive community, all these shortcomings may be covered by the trunk volume - 610 liters. The rear seats fold down to increase volume to 2,100 liters.

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The technical specifications of the Htm Boliger in the 2018 model have not received any changes. It's still a 1.8-liter petrol engine with 160 horsepower. With. Average fuel consumption is 10 liters (about 12 liters in city mode and 8 liters on the highway). With a top speed of 190 km/h and acceleration to hundreds in 10.6 seconds. Or diesel turbocharged engine 2 l, power150 l. with., with acceleration in 9.5 seconds, consumption of 11.3 liters and a maximum speed of 200 km / h.

The equipment on the Russian market is the only one. It includes 18-inch alloy wheels, ABS, fog lights, climate control, heated front seats, dual front airbags, an eight-inch trip computer, rear parking sensors, a rearview camera and full power accessories.

How much will you have to pay for this car? The price is quite affordable - about 750 thousand rubles. The version with automatic gearbox costs about 870 thousand rubles.

htm boliger test drive

What are they saying?

Reviews from Htm Boliger owners in the Russian automotive community are mostly positive. Although, of course, there are a number of nuances. For example, there are not so many dealers in our country, so you will have to go to larger cities to get a car.

It would seem that it would be the same problem with the passage of scheduled maintenance, so as not to lose the warranty. In a review of the Htm Boliger, the owners write that they bought a car in Rostov-on-Don, and scheduled maintenance took place at Hyundai dealers, for example, in Voronezh, after ordering branded spare parts from Rostov.

Many people had to change their daytime running lights under warranty, and this seems to be the case for almost every owner of this car. So in other reviews of the owners of Htm Boliger they write that for 41,500 km of run the daytime running lights were changed twice, so this is a clear defect of the car.

Except for thismost owners are satisfied with their Boligers, believing that this is one of the best options for their money. However, you should know that the car body is not galvanized, therefore, given the not very good paintwork (alas, this is a general trend in the modern automotive industry), it is better to do galvanization immediately after purchase, so as not to fight rust later.

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Pros and cons

In general, it can be noted that the car has undeniable advantages. They feature high ground clearance, average handling, a spacious interior and, probably one of the most important, an affordable price. Boliger's closest rivals, Honda-Pilot and Toyota-Venza, cost more than two million rubles, that is, almost two and a half times more. But in terms of quality, it cannot be said that "Boliger" is inferior to them as much as it wins in price.

Some of the shortcomings, such as constantly burning out daytime running lights (but the solution to this problem, apparently, is not far off), hard seats and weak lateral support that does not save on sharp turns, we have already mentioned. To these should be added poor soundproofing of the cabin and a frequently broken stove, easily soiled upholstery, and, as some owners note, a rather tough gearbox.

In the end

Htm Boliger test drive shows that the Chinese have launched a good budget crossover model on the Russian market. Now many motorists who previously could not afford such cars will be able to afford"new toy" The car is far from perfect, rather it is "average", on a ten-point scale it can be given no more than seven points. The interior comes in only one color option, and beige is likely to turn off many buyers. Perhaps in the future, the option to choose the color of the interior will be added to the package.

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