Stage gear box, backstage adjustment

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Stage gear box, backstage adjustment
Stage gear box, backstage adjustment

Some parts and mechanisms of automotive technology are often hidden, and drivers do not always have an idea about them and their purpose. One of these mechanisms is the backstage of the checkpoint. This part of the mechanism is sometimes confused with the gear lever itself. It is a complex, multi-part mechanism of automotive engineering.

Checkpoint backstage

The rocker is a complex compound mechanism designed to transfer movement from the gear lever to the rod of the box itself. Judging by the purpose, the gearbox rocker should be made of hard materials and have a strong enough mount to avoid malfunction, as this will lead to the failure of the car.

checkpoint backstage device
checkpoint backstage device

The linkage is prone to damage, due to lack of or a small amount of lubricant. And also damage can be caused by dirt and dust or mechanical damage. Therefore, during the operation of the car, it is necessary to constantly monitor its cleanliness and good condition. During operation, the gearbox wings should be paidattention to some factors under which the mechanism should be replaced or repaired:

  • Increased play in the gear lever, and this is noticeable in neutral and at a position at speed.
  • Confusion when switching gears, when instead of one, another speed is switched on the gearbox.
  • Shifting becomes tight, more effort has to be applied.
  • The appearance of uncharacteristic noises when switching, the presence of a crunch.

If the above symptoms of a malfunction of the transmission stage appear, it is necessary to contact specialists to eliminate them.


The design features of the gearbox backstage are constantly changing. Manufacturers are trying to improve the device of the mechanism, to facilitate the efforts applied when switching speeds. They strive to reduce the cost of the unit by using modern materials and improving the mechanism.

elements of the scenes of the checkpoint
elements of the scenes of the checkpoint

The main parts of the checkpoint backstage are the following elements:

  • shift lever;
  • gearbox linkage;
  • fork and fork finger;
  • gland retainer.

And do not forget: the backstage mechanism includes a cable, a return spring, the body itself, as well as the gearshift lever. The tuned operation of all components of the mechanism ensures the correct and uninterrupted functioning of the gearbox.


Often, inexperienced and novice motorists, in the event of problems with the backstage of the checkpoint, without understanding, tend tocompletely replace the mechanism. This is a big mistake used by unscrupulous craftsmen in service centers, earning good money on it.

Very often, a simple adjustment of some parts of the gearshift mechanism helps. In this case, the adjustment will only help with the working link, you first need to make sure of this. To adjust the gearshift stage, drive onto the overpass, providing access to the lower part of the car.

gear lever
gear lever

After you need to carry out the necessary manipulations described in the operating instructions for automotive equipment:

  1. While on a hill or overpass, put the car on the handbrake, substitute wheel chocks under the wheels.
  2. With the engine off, move the gear lever to the extreme left position, then tighten the clamp under the car. Often a few millimeters are enough to eliminate, for example, the backlash of the gearbox.

Do not forget about the preventive maintenance of the backstage - removing dirt, foreign objects on the elements of the mechanism, replenishing a sufficient amount of lubricant, but do not exceed the required amount.


Gearbox yokes are designed to properly transmit translational motion from the gearshift lever to the gearbox stem. Good condition will allow uninterrupted operation of automotive equipment and will not disable it.